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Films you will NEVER watch again as too disturbing

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LaurieFairyCake Wed 03-Jan-18 07:17:47

I have a looooong list:

The Green Mile
Schindler's list
The Colour Purple
History of Violence
American History X

All horror films - accidentally watched a Centipede one and was horribly disturbed

Consideringbeingamom Wed 03-Jan-18 07:19:51

The Devil Wears Prada......utterly pathetic grin

Ratinthehat Wed 03-Jan-18 07:21:33

The girl on the train - it was so bad
Vhs2 - not sure why but found it really disturbing

Ofthread Wed 03-Jan-18 07:21:53

Atonement isn’t a horror film.

Wolf creek

Margomyhero Wed 03-Jan-18 07:22:12

Django Unchained

I feel sick thinking about it envy

LadyCassandra Wed 03-Jan-18 07:22:53

American History X
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
12 Years a Slave

Mrscog Wed 03-Jan-18 07:22:58

Rosemarys Baby - awful even before coming a parent.

iklboo Wed 03-Jan-18 07:22:58

Requiem for a Dream

LaurieFairyCake Wed 03-Jan-18 07:23:02

I didn't say Atonement was a horror film grin

CauliflowerBalti Wed 03-Jan-18 07:23:40

AI. I found the Pinocchio theme utterly harrowing and could NOT stop crying.

BattleCuntGalactica Wed 03-Jan-18 07:23:44

The only film I've seen that I never want to see again was A Serbian Film.

I had no warning when I saw it.

TroysMammy Wed 03-Jan-18 07:24:28

Saving Private Ryan. There is one scene that disturbed me and it pops into my mind years later.

Mrscog Wed 03-Jan-18 07:24:35

I wouldn’t call The Colour Purple a horror... it’s a thought provoking and moving historical drama.

vvviola Wed 03-Jan-18 07:24:39

Once Were Warriors
(An NZ film. Disturbing domestic abuse. It is critically acclaimed apparently and was voted the best NZ film of all time but it was absolutely horrendous to watch)

LaurieFairyCake Wed 03-Jan-18 07:25:03

I was disturbed when someone posted the blurb from a Serbian Film sad

How awful you didn't know when you watched it

Mrscog Wed 03-Jan-18 07:25:33

Ah I see what you mean that list if films plus ALL horror films.

CauliflowerBalti Wed 03-Jan-18 07:25:57

There are films I’ll never watch either.

Dancer In The Dark. The one about the boy whose mum has cancer and invents a tree monster friend. (?A Monster Calls?) I don’t deal with sad well.

See also: PS I Love You. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. The Road. I read the books. Nope.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 03-Jan-18 07:26:56

Yes -PLUS all horror films grin literally all horror films

NSEA Wed 03-Jan-18 07:28:58

The Strangers creeps me out for too much. One viewing is enough.

Also the James Macavoy film where he’s a journalist who goes to Africa. I can’t recall the name. (Spoiler alert) But the scene with the woman who is mutilated affected me more than any film wver has. I couldn’t watch.

Vitalogy Wed 03-Jan-18 07:29:23

The Bridge (2006), had a profound effect on me, glad I watched it but never again, too upsetting. It's a documentary film taking in a year at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, about the people that commit suicide.
OP, one of the films you mentioned, The Green Mile, I would watch it again but I think I'd need to be in the right mood, it's so draining from all the crying.

DancesWithOtters Wed 03-Jan-18 07:30:02

I'm a huge fan of horror and only a few have made me wish I could unsee it.

Kidnapped was a recent one.

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 03-Jan-18 07:30:42

At NSEA think that's Last King of Scotland, about Idi Amin? Agree it's brutal, I wouldn't watch again.

NSEA Wed 03-Jan-18 07:30:45

Oh its the last king of scotland and hes a dr not a journalist!

NSEA Wed 03-Jan-18 07:31:21

Yes @rhinestonecowgirl! That is the one. I went for a google

Fairylea Wed 03-Jan-18 07:33:49

Le Rafle. It’s a French film about the round up and deportation of the Jews in France. I knew all about the holocaust and the camps having studied it at college etc but that particular aspect of it all hadn’t really been shown to me. I found the children’s aspect of it all absolutely gut wrenching.

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