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Shrewsbury High falls again

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AndreaJ1976 Thu 08-Sep-16 11:13:40

I have been trying to avoid the gossip over the ups (I have actually heard no 'ups' for quite a while) and downs at Shrewsbury High School as it invariably causes upset but news of the latest poor Gcse and A level results (locally and on another thread) is causing some consternation. To be completely blunt this situation is a sad indictment of the running of the school. So many more good people have left during the summer adding to a crisis that will be long and difficult to recover. Like a train crash in slow motion, the outcome is obvious but it would seem no one dare reach for the emergency cord. Crucially the High School will now struggle to be recognised as a place of academic rigour, even though its marketing clumsily attempts to claim as much. In essence its identity as one of the best performing schools in Shropshire has been completely erased while many non selective and historically less academic schools outperform and overhaul the High School year on year. With local state schools such as Belvidere and Priory equalling the High School's results and being awarded 'Outstanding' Ofsted reports many parents are rightly demanding 'where' their fees are being spent. What must the Gdst be thinking with school now consistently at the bottom of its own league tables. Perhaps this offer of a more rounded education and the tedious publicity is important to some, but when the time arrives to compete for the best universities it will help little. Against this difficult background many girls still manage to perform admirably and they should be very proud of themselves, but I am very worried about the future.

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