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TTC through Donor IUI or Donor IVF - weight loss spin-off thread

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witchmountain Tue 28-Mar-17 22:37:32

A few of us on the donor IUI/IVF thread have got some weight to lose, and rather than bore everyone else we thought we'd set up a spin-off thread. So, if you're doing or contemplating donor IUI/IVF and also have some weight to lose, join us here, newbies welcome.

I guess we do introductions/goals? I'll start, but obviously share whatever you prefer in your intro.

I'm witch, froze some embryos last year with donor sperm which are waiting for me to save up enough to fund a career change post baby. I'm fortunate in that I don't have loads and loads of weight to lose, but enough that I could so with some supportive friends to do it with.

I don't really like the idea of dieting per se, I think my aim is more around establishing a healthier relationship with food. I read Fat is a Feminist Issue years ago and I probably need to re-read it again now - it's about women's relationship with food. I'd recommend it, or a much condensed book by the same author, Susie Orbach, called On Eating.

My weight has fluctuated over the years, but the band it's fluctuating within is only trending in one direction. This is almost the heaviest I've ever been, I'm too fat for my fat clothes, and my thighs are getting in the way of each other. In BMI terms I'm a little way into the overweight category, but I carry it all on my stomach so I'm quite a way over the recommended maximum waist measurement. I have been offered a seat on the tube and on one occasion asked if it was my first baby grin

The numbers aren't the be all and end all - for me that point is that I am at this weight because I don't prioritise sleep and activity and compensate with carbs and caffeine! And for some other more psychological reasons which I'll get to, but this is already the longest intro in history.

I'm going to take Saturday as my starting point:
BMI 26.4
Waist 36"/91cm
Targets, let's see, but I'm guessing somewhere south of 11st/70kg - I'll head in that direction and see how I feel. I'll never be right at the bottom end of the BMI range, I'm broad!

Eating wise - I'm cutting back on high glycemic index carbs and trying to get some more protein in. I know I feel better and less hungry when I'm not struggling from one sugar rush then crash to the next.

Everhopeful76 Tue 28-Mar-17 22:52:15

Yay Witch well done for setting up.

I'm Ever, have had a pregnancy where I lost my baby daughter as a neonate and having extra weight on me when no baby to show for it is heartbreaking. Always had a bit of a weight issue but got my BMI right down for my last IVF (was on cusp of overweight from obese) and now am a bit of a disaster zone not able to lose more than a few pounds in a month or 2. I initially lost about 17 lbs after having Mabel and ate a lot of sugar in pregnancy as had horrendous sickness and it was the only thing that created a bit of energy
I did the sugar free feb and lost about half a stone.

I started being more careful from yesterday (as had a cocktail binge at w e) and trying to up my exercise intake and cut refined sugar and white carbs as much as possible. I followed the Deliciously Ella plan loosely before I underwent treatment last year and lost 3.5 stone in 4 months!! So trying to do this plan again but eat a bit more meat and fish, rather than doing pulses protein all the time. Also got very sick of avocado and sweet potato which seem to be staples on this plan.
Am really aiming for a stone loss before treatment and then if I do get pregnant again, will go onto slimming world and monitor myself really closely.
Its very difficult because I think the stress have been under has not been conducive to weight loss but really need to get my arse moving and my food intake monitored.

Am 40, 5 ft 8, and due to my ovarian reserve being low and time a ticking I really need a huge rush of motivation.

pickle162 Wed 29-Mar-17 03:23:50

Hey ladies smile

Just marking this so know where to come back too. I'll read ur post when not 3.21am

I am very much regretting my 4crisps and 4 popcorn binge (25g bags& still under 2000 calories) but feel very very sick- REMEMBER THAT FEELING PICKLE WHEN U DECIDE TO TRY THIS AGAIN 🤢

Anyway catch u tomorrow xx

Bear1980 Wed 29-Mar-17 06:21:53

Hey guys, I am 36 and starting my first IUI cycle in May. BMI 38.4. I would like to lose at least 5kg before my cycle (ideally would like a bit more but being realistic with timescales etc.

I have done many fiest over the years so am now just focussing on clean, healthy eating. The only thing I can't give up is my morning latte from Starbucks. Generally soup and a small roll for lunch and meat/fish with lots of veg for tea. Has been working for me so far as lost 5kg since mid-Feb but plan is to up the exercise now.

Good Luck to all who are trying its a tough task

pickle162 Wed 29-Mar-17 08:25:56


So I'm 5ft4 and 70.3kg-bmi around 26.4 too, I've lost 9lb using MyFitnessPal app and just need to keep motivated-need to loose around another 7-14lb.
I'm booked to start my first medicated iui in may....but want to go into it feeling more healthy.
I've given up booze to try and help boost how good my little eggs are. I'm not reducing fat just calories

kwick Thu 30-Mar-17 07:48:09

Thanks for setting up the thread witch

I have been TTC through IUI/IVF since September 2015. Had two BFPs, had to MCs.
FC now told me no more treatment of any kind until BMI at 35 - currently at 40. I have not gained weight since I started TTC.
I am 5ft4 - 158cms
101 kilos on Saturday
Reckon I need to lose 15 kilos...
This week I am trying to follow SW - so far so good - no refined carbs at all (started on Monday). Also using a hypnosis track.

witchmountain Thu 30-Mar-17 09:32:42

Hurray, we have a group. I just got very confused as to why Kwick's message wasn't highlighted in turquoise and then I remembered I started the thread! It's my first thread!

This week's going ok for me so far. I'm pleased with my breakfasts. Various versions of frittata/tortilla which I pack up and eat at work when I arrive. Monday and Tuesday were spinach at the bottom, beaten eggs poured over, then halved cherry tomatoes and cream cheese on top. Cool on job then stick under grill. Today was onions cooked with cumin, coriander and turmeric mixed into the egg with smoked haddock (which was frozen, I'm not organised into enough of a routine to cope with fresh fish!). Nuts as a snack if I get hungry, as long as they aren't salted I don't like them enough to gorge on them. Lunch is in work canteen - chicken or some other protein with salad or veg. Dinner has been various combinations of eggs/chicken/smoked haddock with salad/avocado. Starch limited to sweet potatoes, dark rye bread or lentils.

How's the hypnosis going Kwick?

Not getting quite as much sleep as I should do which risks me reaching for the sugar but haven't descended into my ridiculous five hour a night routine that I sometimes do. It's not that I can't sleep, I very rarely have difficulty once I'm in bed, it's more that I keep myself up doing things. Stupid!!

pickle162 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:23:22

Ooh get you witch those breakfasts sound fab

kwick Thu 30-Mar-17 18:24:33

Impressive witch! But please increase your sleep - your womble needs it too smile

I have tried "live" and "taped" hypnosis before but not this one - will persevere - just need to remember to play - normally when I wake up at 4am with a view to going back to sleep.

So breakfasts this week - either porridge or scrambled egg
Lunch - lentil/pea soup
Dinner - varies but last night I had grilled hake, baked beans, kefir and dried banana

I am having pasta tonight with pesto... not sure if that is allowed but have stuff to use up.

witchmountain Fri 31-Mar-17 13:44:39

I'm stuck in a meeting room filled with pret sandwiches, crisps, cake and fizzy drinks. I CAN DO THIS!

Bear1980 Fri 31-Mar-17 18:01:33

I struggled yesterday, wasn't too bad but did make a homemade chicken club sandwich confused. Back on it today, need to let lose once in a while smile

kwick Fri 31-Mar-17 18:47:43

<hangs head in shame> I ate 4 Anzac biscuits yesterday...

pickle162 Fri 31-Mar-17 23:48:26

I ate crap this evening, went out for dinner to a cuisine I don't even like. Need to be good again next week!!!

kwick Sat 01-Apr-17 09:43:59

So 0 weight loss in a week but also 0 gain...

pickle162 Sat 01-Apr-17 10:02:29

I need to go food shopping and make sure I don't buy my favourite crisps that I need to eat multiple packets of!!! I'm eating out today and birthday cake tomorrow for a friend so think my diet will resume on Monday 😣

witchmountain Sat 01-Apr-17 12:04:49

There is no shame on the Donor Weight Loss thread! It's food, that's all.

Keeping your weight stable is an achievement in itself Kwick, it's so easy for it to keep creeping up.

We have tins of biscuits at work. I've eaten enough of them to realise I don't even really like most of them, but that doesn't always stop me. Pickle if I had crisps at home I think I'd have to eat them to get them out of the house smile

I have started re-reading Fat Is a Feminist Issue. The title makes it sound like some kind of sociology text but it isn't, it's just about finding out why you eat when you're not hungry, why you eat certain things, why you can't stop, why you might have unconscious reasons for keeping yourself fatter. When I've re-read it I'll come back and explain how it's useful!

Saturday will be my check in day I think. I've been weighing myself every day because it does fluctuate and knowing that is helpful somehow. Today I weighed (first thing, after weeing!) 78.2 kg, which is a 1.1kg less than two days previously - that's what I mean about fluctuating (weighed at same point every day). Anyway if i take todays weight it means I've lost 2.8 kg or 6 lb in a week which is a stupid amount and it won't keep going at that rate I know. Waist has dropped 3cm but abdomen (which I take to be just below the belly button) is still the same.

I'm not counting calories, honestly have no idea what my intake is. Also not avoiding fat (e.g. the breakfasts I mentioned are cooked in oil). Just making sure I get plenty of protein and avoiding bread apart from the odd slice of dark rye, potatoes apart from sweet potatoes, rice and pasta. Not eating huge amounts of fruit (which I could live off give free rein), just grapefruit and cox apples because neither is too high in GI terms. No sugary things like sweets, cake or biscuits, apart from a few squares of dark chocolate (the Green and Blacks stuff with mint or orange flavour) and segment of someone's chocolate orange. Nuts for snacks (if I couldn't eat nuts would look at something else high protein, like baking little frittata type things in cupcake/muffin tins).

I'd read the advice about cutting down on sugars but I'd always though it was bollocks and that weight was mainly a question of calories in vs calories out. I then did an employee health/wellbeing thing at work a few months ago and the guy running it is one of our senior managers and didn't seem like someone peddling bullshit and he said the same thing. So I did the same thing back then and had a similar quick weight loss, but then got a cold, and then another one, and had no energy so reverted to my previous sugar fuelled ways. So lets see how it goes. One of the other things I learnt on that day was that when you drink a sugar free drink (diet coke etc) your body still interprets the sweetener as sugar and hence releases insulin, which triggers the body to store calories as fat. I had no idea about that.

I used to eat porridge from breakfast as a source of dairy and lower GI but I never found it filled me up unless I ate vats of it - I'm finding eggs work better for me and I can cook the frittata the night before, I get two portions out of small frying pan, so either eat one for dinner and one the next day for breakfast, or it does two day's worth of breakfasts.

Can honestly say I haven't been hungry apart from at times I would expect to be just before meals, or if earlier than that then it's been quelled with a few nuts. Also feel much better in myself digestion wise, to put it delicately!

Activity wise I've re-started the couch to 10K app that I've done before and am on week two, so run for 1.5 mins, walk for 1.5 mins type stuff. Again, it took me years to come round to using an actual training plan but it works and I enjoy running more than when I just tried to build up bit by bit myself. have also been trying to remember to use the stairs rather than the lift at work!

Right, I need lunch!!

kwick Sat 01-Apr-17 15:23:16

Amazeballs progress witch!!!

I try to reduce sugar too but it is so hard! I gave up alcohol 18 months ago and rarely have diet or full fat fizzy drinks. But I just had half a pasteis de nata - I could easily scoff 5 in a row (but at my mum's and she bought 2 which we shared amongst 4).

I am sure there is a subconscious reason why I remain a fatty.

witchmountain Sat 01-Apr-17 19:05:02

God I love those things!

CautionHormone Sat 01-Apr-17 21:52:04

Hi ladies - just realised there's a spin off weight loss thread... Sometimes I don't see what's under my nose!!

So, I'm 5ft3(ish), or 160cm, and my BMI is about 35.4. I weighed myself yesterday, which is eight days post op (I haven't exercised and done nothing but eat rubbish blush) and I've only put on a pound - god is good!!

I have a very love/hate relationship with food... I'm really fussy; I know what I like, refuse to try anything new, and only stick to select things. Very often - and I'm quite ashamed to admit this - I eat the same meals day in day out because I go through fads. I know, I know, its bad for me, I should have a variety, but I can't help it! 😂

I'm trying my hardest to change this though because I know I'm probably not getting the right nutrients/vitamins etc...

I have thought about going on SW, but I don't know whether it would be beneficial to me because of my fussiness. The only thing I can do is do what I did last time - limit my calorie intake (I eat around 1500 a day, limited it to around 1000 a day) and exercise more, plus cut out everything sugary and bad for me. I've done it once with really good results, I can do it again!

witchmountain Sun 02-Apr-17 07:49:58

Hello Caution! Glad you found us. I think I put it up whilst you were recovering and I was about to remind you because I thought you must have missed the link in the other thread as it has been galloping along.

I was on holiday a couple of months ago and someone staying in the same place was so fussy, I kind of felt sorry for him - it's quite inconvenient not being able to just eat! What goes through your mind if there is something new to try?

I'm planning to look at recipes and pick one new one each week but not got around to it yet.

As if to prove my point about fluctuations, today I'm almost a kilo heavier!

Bear1980 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:59:24

Not been a great weekend for me food wise and gonna finish it off with a couple of glasses of wine in the sunshine confused. First alcohol in about 6 weeks though so not too bad. I find it much easier Mon-Fri when I am at work

witchmountain Sun 02-Apr-17 11:01:12

Enjoy the wine Bear, it's a lovely sunny day here too!

CautionHormone Sun 02-Apr-17 19:12:28

Thanks witch; I found you in the end!! I think this group is going to be of a great help to me, because nobody I know wants to/needs to lose weight, so it's kind of like I'm doing it solo... And everybody knows that doing it solo means that you're more likely to fall off the wagon! grin

I'm not 100% sure what goes through my head when it comes to trying something new, but I know I feel anxious. I'm not sure why, either, but I think the biggest thing is because I like to be able to control what I eat. And being able to control what I eat - in a sense of denying or choosing food - gives me some sort of satisfaction.
I'm not sure if that makes sense at all (my mind is a mess anyway half the time!) but that's what I think it could be.

My fluctuations were the same; I remember weighing myself every day and fluctuating with more than 3lbs! It's so strange what our bodies decide to do and when... But what it boils down to is what the scales say on Saturdays 😘

witchmountain Mon 03-Apr-17 14:42:12

It actually makes perfect sense Caution. The very first thing we have any chance of controlling when we are tiny is food, so I think as a result food ends up being partly about control for lots of us. Especially when it feels like so much of life can't be controlled!

Just munched through three very nice chocolates before remembering that wasn't really my plan. Oh well, never mind, I enjoyed them!

Everhopeful76 Mon 03-Apr-17 15:40:19

Well ladies I ve lost a whole pound!!! Go me!! My bmi is 35.6, am taller than wider imho but if I lost my full baby weight I d b down to around 31.5 bmi which is more ideal clearly. Am not going to get there but I do have to shed 9 lbs to get it to the threshold, and at the point am weighed at start of cycle ( which could be in 3 weeks time) .....but then I ll have 19 days before pill popping and then a further 3 weeeks or so before any egg collection, so in my head that's another 6 weeks to get it down before they do the invasive treatment, they will not have it. 9 weeks to lose slightly more than half a stone but in 3 weeks time it's a bit iffy. Cycles are all over but it would b my luck if period returned again in 2 weeks
It's so difficult to lose weight isn't it? You d think by walking dogs by day and trying to do more exercise it would make a difference but I think following grief it's even more tricky. As motivated as I try to be, I was far more so last time round when I was preparing for treatment

My diet seems to consist one of the following for breakfast:-
Eggs ( either boiled or poached, occasionally scrambled) porridge made with almond or rice milk and with banana or raspberries, with a spoonful of Greek yogurt and a bit of either maple syrup or date syrup or sometimes toast on own or beans on toast

Lunches: salad with protein, stuffed pepper with cous cous or rice, houmous or a bit of goats cheese on cracker, usually oat cake. Soup if cold

And dinner usually; veg curry or potato/ peanut curry ( both homemade) stuffed peppers or butternut, chicken with veg ( roast or otherwise) sometimes pasta with pesto but maybe once a week.
Ohhh I eat mussels for lunch or dinner maybe twice a week ( good source of iron and definitely lacking in that)

Limit sugar severely, little to no alcohol, eat handful of nuts for energy sometimes and probably about 4 fruit a day and plenty of veg and avocado x2/3 times a week.

Am wondering if sometimes am not eating enough and other days the odd biscuit is counting against me.
Will try the fitness app to see if am not clocking the calories correctly.

Only naughties I had were 3 biscuits, half a scone with jam and maybe 6 squares of dark choc

It's hard xxx

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