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Giro d'Italia 2019

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FelicityLemon Tue 07-May-19 19:51:55

Route is here

League is here

League Owner: FelicityLemon

League Name: MN Peloton
League Code: 125499311

You know what to do ...

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ToftheB Tue 07-May-19 20:27:21

Girl time again - I’ll start working on my team.

ToftheB Tue 07-May-19 20:27:38

*giro confused

DramaAlpaca Tue 07-May-19 20:31:13

Thanks for the message & the thread Felicity.

Not sure if I'll get a team sorted in time, but will try.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 07-May-19 21:04:16

Hurrah - thank you for doing this, @FelicityLemon - I have made my team and joined the league - my team is called Up The Airy Mountain.

DoctorTwo Tue 07-May-19 23:38:27

Thanks for the PM @FelicityLemon, I've tried getting into the site but it will neither recognise my user name nor will it allow me to register a new one. Will try again in the morning.

FelicityLemon Wed 08-May-19 05:45:45

@DoctorTwo you may need to re-register since last year and all the problems with the site. I did but was able to re-use all the same details again

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MrPan Wed 08-May-19 07:19:08

We all got the bike sign then! Thank you Felicity. Will do the usual blighted under-performing bunch of misfits later today. 🤣

MrSlant Wed 08-May-19 07:29:34

Brilliant, no DS1 to talk cycling with anymore as he's off being a grown up so this will be ace. Might be subject to random name changes as I've a new main NN on the site and am rubbish about remembering which one to use.

Will go and make a team up but as I've not been following the cycling much it might be a bit random.

Any thoughts on Team Ineos?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 08-May-19 12:55:53

My team was pretty random, @MrSlant (love that nickname - am a huge Pratchett fan) - I just picked people whose names I knew, and who I remembered from previous Grand Tours.

I am reserving judgement on Team Ineos - I am glad that the Sky riders and management seem to be staying together, because I loved watching Froome and Thomas doing so well - we will have to see if the team stays as good under Ineos.

DoctorTwo Wed 08-May-19 18:31:18

I've re-registered and jinxed 9 riders Giro.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 08-May-19 21:06:35

Done! I'm a bit out of the loop too as to who has been going well and who hasn't - a bunch of random picks has occurred.

Team Ineos did a brilliant ride on the last day of the TdY. Not so fond of the fracking.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 08-May-19 21:07:42

The fracking is one of the reasons I am a bit unsure about them, @EndoplasmicReticulum.

MrSlant Wed 08-May-19 23:06:50

I have the same reservations about them. Also not going to endear them to the French when it doesn't look like their budget is going to take a hit at all. Don't they sponsor the British sailing team to the tune of 100m a year as well? Although I wasn't that enamoured of Sky as a company either, or at least the family. Glad ill gotten gains are at least going to some good.

Anyway I too have jinxed 9 poor riders, hopefully we'll all be jinxing different ones to even it out a bit.

MrPan Thu 09-May-19 13:47:03

M's People entered. A team of glorious winners!.....

Ineos - not really enamoured, the more I hear about them as a company. Bespoiling the environment and wishing to evade taxes and tariffs. Not good. I'd want a team sponsored by "Pink Unicorns-R-Us".

DramaAlpaca Thu 09-May-19 16:50:25

I've got as far as re-registering with Velogames and will sort out my team selection over the next day or two. I've not been following cycling much recently so I'll be picking random names out of thin air.

FelicityLemon Thu 09-May-19 19:18:58

Have tinkered with my team, I had a couple of placeholders just to sort the league out. Sadly though I suspect I have just jinxed some different people!

Don't delay @DramaAlpaca deadline is noon tomorrow

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MrSlant Thu 09-May-19 22:21:36

Well I didn't have Kittel so this one is not my fault. Kittel is taking a break from cycling. Who will be the poster boy for Alpecin now? (Also I hope he is ok, always comes across as a lovely man ).

DramaAlpaca Thu 09-May-19 22:42:21

Oh is it, Felicity? Flip, I thought it was Saturday... I'd better get on with it.

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 09-May-19 22:43:28

Was looking forward to seeing him in Yorkshire but he didn't make it here either, sadly.

MrSlant Thu 09-May-19 22:44:28

Just looking at some images of the team presentation and I can't get over that it's Giro time already, I'm just about ready for last Christmas.

MrSlant Thu 09-May-19 22:45:50

Didn't he Endoplastic? That just about makes up for not being able to go because of DS2's exams!

DramaAlpaca Thu 09-May-19 22:55:28

Done. It's very random hmm

MrPan Fri 10-May-19 11:45:41

Yeah sure no-one recalls when you magnificently rode off into the sunset with a maillot whilst we were all puffing up the last climb grin

Am taking my team away for some 'motivational training'.....well, that's what H&S say I have to call it....

Olinguito Fri 10-May-19 12:07:18

I think the deadline is 3.30pm on Saturday - if my understanding of converting Central European Summer Time to UK time is correct! I hope so, as I haven't got my team in yet.

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