Festive Frugaleers gather round the (best value and carefully researched) Christmas Tree for support, advice and chat. All welcome.

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needastrongone Tue 12-Dec-17 17:49:21

New thread.

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mammymammyIRL Tue 12-Dec-17 18:01:04

Great title need

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 12-Dec-17 19:12:18

Thank you Need sorry to hear you've all been ill.

Em Just do it. It doesn't sound like it'll affect your long term plans. Em boy sounds a little chunk now.

Welcome newbies all are always welcome. I'll find my collection of useful threads & post it.

£1.95 sains
50p wilko.

I think I have cracked home made soya milk. It's 80g of soya beans, soak overnight, cook in slow cooker for a few hours, blend, add 1l water, strain through muslin bag. I need to do it again tm to make sure.

What app do I need to get £5 off Amazon please?.

Girliefriendlikesflowers Tue 12-Dec-17 19:17:15

Thanks for new fred need manic day here, works gone nuts.

Hope ds is okay sunny

Ouch for your dh em am laughing at how unsympathetic you are fgrin I'd be the same, his head is still attached after all.... fwink


lifelongfrugaleer Tue 12-Dec-17 19:17:21

Excellent title

lifelongfrugaleer Tue 12-Dec-17 19:24:24

Got a bit of a shock today as went massively over drawn at the start of the month. The back have waived the fees as I can't recall the last time we did. £1.27 interest charges. Have moved savings for the test of the month. Miss judged dh pay cycle (lunar) and spent far too much on Christmas.

Have to look at savings account in the new year as we have balanced our offset savings and mortgage. No more mortgage interest but no savings interest. Paltry 1.1 is the best rate I can find at the minute.

Must must budget properly next year as taking pay cut.

£40 matalan and £30 sainsbury

SnugglySnerd Tue 12-Dec-17 19:34:55

Love the title Need. Thanks for new thread.


Fluffycloudland77 Tue 12-Dec-17 19:38:15


Useful threads. The chat links are dead.

LittleDorritt Tue 12-Dec-17 19:52:53

Thanks for the lovely welcome.
Excellent title Need.

ememem84 Tue 12-Dec-17 19:56:06

Thanks need and fluffy for the useful threads.

girlie I am sympathetic to dh. Not so when he flat out refused to help, ignores ds then complains he’s crying and he’s cant hear the tv.

Ds is bulking up for sure.

Also. How can you not love this face.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 12-Dec-17 20:06:40

He's soooo gorgeous Em, he looks very knowing. Like he's been here before.

Think it's the eyes.

Loveabaconsandwich Tue 12-Dec-17 20:13:24

Thanks for the new thread need

Sorry to hear of those with poorly DC and DHs. Glad your DH is ok after his accident em. He does still sound like he is adjusting to the reality of parenthood though!

Welcome littledorrit, lots of help and good ideas here

Not very frugal here with all the Christmas shopping going on and still probably another six more to buy. But I did get a 50% refund on a Christmas present that came in a battered box fgrin

I got all excited thinking I was going to get a box of chocolates to test for a survey site. Instead they sent the equivalent of about three chocolate fingers and they were weird fhmm

WreckTangled Tue 12-Dec-17 20:15:27

Thanks need.

Will try to keep up.
Em he's so cute!!
Have been spending too much and still have stuff to buy. Got caught up in the shit at Waterloo yesterday and then had to navigate out of the first floor car park at the station. Frugal win should get 100% of my train fees back because it was so bloody delayed. In fact they kicked us all off at Wimbledon.

LonelyOversharer Tue 12-Dec-17 21:35:28

em your little boy is just beautiful!

Went on the turbo, have been eating like a horse, so thought I should. While I was pedalling I bid on and won the sloth fingerling I wanted for dd1 me £21, so only £6 over retail, but they are unobtainium. They were £30ish last week.

Lots of work to finish tonight, so had better get on.

LonelyOversharer Tue 12-Dec-17 21:36:46

Thanks for the thread need think this one will take us through Christmas fsmile

I'm still not feeling very festive yet though.

ememem84 Wed 13-Dec-17 02:58:10

I don’t feel that festive either. I’m impatiently waiting to get our tree. I can’t do it without dh and realistically we can’t bring it home with ds in the car as it usually goes over the back seat where his car seat would be. Sigh. Also need to finish shopping. Dh is off thurs and fri so will go into town by myself then and get the rest done.

Annoyingly am awake. Ds was snoring away in the basket and also wiggling around so much. I had no idea before I had him that babies were so bloody noisy. I knew they cried but snoring?!

I’ve left him and dh to it and have escaped to the spare room. Dh is out tomorrow night (Wednesday) so if I don’t get some sleep it’s going to be a looooong day.

mammymammyIRL Wed 13-Dec-17 03:36:46

Hi em I'm also awake grin went to bed at 8pm so have a lot of my nights sleep got at this stage grin was feeling miserable with my cold & dh was feeling unusually sympathetic so I took advantage of that & went to bed before dc grin

lifelongfrugaleer Wed 13-Dec-17 06:22:00

Ah he is so cute em

Cagliostro Wed 13-Dec-17 06:47:31

Thanks for the new thread need what a fab title fgrin

Aaaah em he's so so lovely!!!

lifelongfrugaleer Wed 13-Dec-17 07:17:57

I think I'm getting frustrated flu. Thanks kids

lifelongfrugaleer Wed 13-Dec-17 07:18:16

Fru not frustrated

Girliefriendlikesflowers Wed 13-Dec-17 09:09:57

Morning all 😊 em gorgeous baby boy! My comment was very tongue in cheek, not sure if your dh has worked out that it doesn't matter if he is ill, injured etc now - babies still need sorting out! It is a tough new reality.

I've got a few days off now, have put myself back to bed for a little bit while I work out what I'm going to do today. Dd just text asking if I would take her science book down to the school 😞 I said no as she has to learn to get more organised in the mornings, feel a bit mean now tho!

Will pop to town and lidls at some point today but hopefully not too spendy. ..

Bornlazy Wed 13-Dec-17 09:16:36

em he is beautiful! Enjoy every moment of him as time goes so quickly.

Should be a nsd today as staying in because I'm not well. As if anyone's got time to be ill at this time of year... Totally inconvenient shock

LonelyOversharer Wed 13-Dec-17 09:31:41

Jobs today- paint the living room ceiling, start to make lists of things to prep for Christmas, finish work I didn't get done last night, and knit a couple of etsy orders. I have 6 open orders, made $124 so far this month. It could be so much more. I will have the time next year to make christmas stock in advance.

Dd2's christmas play is after lunch, so must not forget to go! Hoping for a lsd at least, will do a freezer rummage for tea now.

Absolutely pouring with rain here.

Cagliostro Wed 13-Dec-17 09:57:35

Nooo girlie you are being kinder in the long run! It’s really important NOT to step in too much IMO, or they won’t learn. Yesterday DD couldn’t find her tap shoes, I made her go and tell the teacher herself even though she was embarrassed, hopefully it’ll make her more careful!

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