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I don't need you to clap for us.

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SuperlativeScrubs Thu 02-Apr-20 12:18:14

I don't need to be clapped for doing my job. There is a whole list of things that I need and clapping at the door isn't one of them.

What i need is to be given professional recognition with a payrise and better working conditions. All the therapists, physios and pharmacists need what I need. All the students aspiring to become nurses need to be given back their bursaries. All the HCA's and assistants working their asses off alongside us need payrises, professional regulation and recognition and better routes into nursing where a full time degree is impossible.

The forgotten Laboratory staff who do the actual testing for things like Covid-19, blood tests and other essential diagnostics (no, it isn't your doctor who does the actual diagnosing) need the same as us and their support staff need the same as ours. They could also do without people telling them they don't count as keyworkers because they "don't work on the wards" hmm

The PA's, office workers, medical clerks, clinical coders, receptionists, who keep the tons and tons of paperwork in order for us because none of us have time need to be treated with far more respect, by the public and their colleagues. They are putting their health in danger too.

The hospitality staff who feed us all, the porters who move equipment and notes and all kinds of requests from department to department, the maintenance team who make sure everything from medical equipment to electricity to the ceilings aren't falling apart, the cleaners who are fighting the spread of infection from one part of hospital to the next, they need more pay and support and respect too. They are the forgotten ones. Without them the hospital would not be able to function safely.

And the mortuary staff, who at the end of the line are overloaded with infected patients while trying desperately to support the bereaved who can't even view their own loved ones during their grief, need to be respected day in day out instead of being told that there is not enough funding for them to run efficiently.

And you know what? These are things you damn well could be doing when there isn't a national heath crisis.

So instead of clapping, fight for our rights. Sign our petitions for better working conditions, effective PPE and pay. Stop overloading A&E for minor ailments. Stop treating the domiciliary and hospitality staff like they mean nothing. Stop yelling at receptionists doing their job. Stop telling Lab staff the hospital could run without them.

Stop clapping and actually do something to help, regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not.

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TwoCatsSleeping Thu 02-Apr-20 12:19:50

Well said.

GoatsDoRome Thu 02-Apr-20 12:21:03

100% agree

Panicmode1 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:21:34

I agree completely with you, but can't we do both - say thank you in the only way lots of us can right now AND sign petitions, ask our MPs awkward questions, stop abusing the system, treat everyone with respect and stop voting Tory?!

bookish83 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:21:51

Well said.

Plus the shop staff, delivery staff, and care workers risking their health daily.

AHP here x

Bombaybunty Thu 02-Apr-20 12:23:30

100% agree.

MagentaRocks Thu 02-Apr-20 12:26:42

Agree. I expect a fair number of those clapping are not staying home as they are supposed to. Surely the best thing people can do to show respect for the NHS and other emergency services is abide by the rules and help stop this awful virus spreading.

Shortfeet Thu 02-Apr-20 12:28:32

Well said.
But we can clap too

SuperlativeScrubs Thu 02-Apr-20 12:32:00

@Panicmode1 Absolutely, but a lot of people out there clapping aren't doing that.

In one thread a medic who's neighbor clapped for the NHS can't respect his wished and stop playing loud music so they can sleep properly. One of the people on my street who clapped I have actually witnessed abusing staff at the hospital I work at because he couldn't visit his mother.

And yes. Please stop voting Tory for goodness sake.

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SuperlativeScrubs Thu 02-Apr-20 12:33:05

@bookish83 Yes, absolutely! I was a cashier in a previous life and it was horrendous then. I can only imagine what it is like now flowers

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Wewearpinkonwednesdays Thu 02-Apr-20 12:35:38

Completely agree OP. The first time, OK was nice to show gratitude, but to do it every week seems forced and pointless. Its not exactly productive.

sundowners Thu 02-Apr-20 12:38:13

Don't talk for every single NHS worker as if your views represent them all. Clapping is a little bit of positivity right now, a little way communities are coming together and trying- maybe in a silly way to you- but really trying to show how much we love, support, respect every worker in the health system right now.
A lot of us do sign the petitions, are paying for Deliveroo food for you guys in hospitals/extra charities right now. Dont be quite so bitter to simply an extra show of gratitude from the public to you.

SuperlativeScrubs Thu 02-Apr-20 12:38:40

@Shortfeet yes, but what is clapping going to do in the long term? What is it actually doing now?

I know that it is waking up Keyworkers sleeping for their night shifts at an absolute minimum. In some cases neighbours are standing next to each other to clap, risking infection spread.

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Bigpaintinglittlepainting Thu 02-Apr-20 12:46:35

I agree, clapping does fuck all

No one was paying them any attention when just before Christmas many people from the NHS were begging voters to not vote Tory. The NHS is on its knees and it’s only because workers go above and beyond their pay grade and hours that it works at all.

Fuck clapping it’s typical middle class, superficial, arrrrghhhh it makes me so mad

ukgift2016 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:49:10

Well said. I totally agree with you.

Helpmechangemymindsetplease Thu 02-Apr-20 12:51:25

I agree, though people mean well and I was in tears last week, what we really need is to get the Tories out. As for the sight of Boris Johnson clapping sadangry.

I hope they have an epiphany when this is over and plough back all lost funding, but judging by the amount of spin we are having to listen to now doubt it will happen.

And what HCPs are being asked to do, basically risk their lives due to not having adequate protective equipment sad. I think the clapping kind of masks the horror of that.

inwood Thu 02-Apr-20 12:52:06

AS far as I can see clapping is virtue signalling for people to post it on insta.

BuffaloCauliflower Thu 02-Apr-20 12:53:33

Hear hear. I’ve already been lambasted in a local Facebook group for pointing out much of this

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 02-Apr-20 12:53:48

The irony of a Conservative government asking us the protect the NHS has not been lost on me.

stophuggingme Thu 02-Apr-20 12:55:01

There is a hideous irony to all the Tory voters who are stood outside puffing their chests clapping for the NHS.

If you want to help the NHS stop voting for the Conservatives

Oh and observe the lockdown rules

bluewafflewithmayo Thu 02-Apr-20 12:55:35

Agreed. The clappers make me want to vomit.

They're doing it to look good on social media, not because they give the slightest of fucks about anyone other than themselves.

Holdingmybreath Thu 02-Apr-20 12:59:11

Once was enough Thank you.
Now do us a real favour ,forget that Easter is normally a holiday and stay in.

Coldtart Thu 02-Apr-20 13:01:09

I find clapping useless and embarrassing. Its not just us NHS staff that deserve it anyway. Refuse (bin) men and women, call centre staff, bank staff, retail and supermarket staff, lorry drivers, cleaners, volunteers, teachers going in to mind key workers childrens and nannies.

With corona its pretty much your immune system to sort it out or not anyway.

As nhs staff helping sick people is literally my job, i trained to do this.

I have a good pension and my salary is high.

Spare a thought for some poor key workers who never expected to rusk their lives as part of stacking shelves anx factories.

Police, firefoghters and nhs, its our job nothing new.

What we need is funding.

What we need is proper protective gear and more tests. Ffs...

MirrorGold Thu 02-Apr-20 13:02:39

COMPLETELY AGREE. I work in a hospital lab.

Wineislifex Thu 02-Apr-20 13:05:37

Great post! Last week was wonderful but let’s leave it there

Help us by washing your hands and most importantly staying at home! Please don’t come to ED for back ache you’ve had three years, recurrent haemorrhoids or with a vegetable stuck in your anal passage (all true examples by the way)

Stay safe and look after each other people!

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