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Has anyone had a false negative from a Clearblue Digital?

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completelybaffled Fri 21-Mar-08 17:17:00

My cycle is always exactly the same number of days but I am now 3 days late, and we are TTC, so I did 2 of those Clearblue Digital tests, and they were both negative. I know that my period might just be late, but I haven't been ill or very sytressed, and it is a bit odd for me.

Has anyone had false negatives from the CND tests?

cazboldy Fri 21-Mar-08 17:20:35

I hope not......... I am late, and have done 2 of these and both were negative...... I am 3 weeks late today. No other symptoms, except extreme tiredness, but with 5 dc I guess that is par for the course sometimes smile

MoosMa Fri 21-Mar-08 17:21:26

I think people regularly do, they're not the most sensitive tests around and if your hormone levels aren't high enough for it to detect it will give a -ve. If you can wait a few days and test again you may get a different result

beaniesteve Fri 21-Mar-08 17:25:48

completelybaffled I am 2 days late and have had a negative on a cheap test. Have a clearblue digital but am going to save it until at least Monday.

It may be that you are pregnant but have ovulated late so any egg might not have implanetd yet.

Fingers crossed that if you try testing later in the week you'll get a BFP.

no1putsbabyinthecorner Fri 21-Mar-08 17:41:08

I too waited until i was late to use this digital test as they are expensive. It was negative. I still wasn't convinced so bought a cheap one from local chemist and was positive. I am now 17 weeks.
I know people say if you dont do them properly they wont work but really how hard can it be to pee on a stick we are not silly are we.grin

no1putsbabyinthecorner Fri 21-Mar-08 17:42:19

Also should add I did the second test the next day.

belgo Fri 21-Mar-08 17:44:07

I've had false negetives during two pregnancies at about four and a half weeks (can't remember which tests they were though)

nowwearefour Fri 21-Mar-08 17:46:14

me too with false negatives at four weeks in two pregnancies. both fine at 5 weeks

completelybaffled Fri 21-Mar-08 18:56:22



completelybaffled Fri 21-Mar-08 18:57:34

sorry - I meant to say thank you to everyone who replied!

completelybaffled Sat 22-Mar-08 14:49:49

4 days late now...

beaniesteve Sat 22-Mar-08 15:47:47

3 days here smile

have you tested again?

completelybaffled Sat 22-Mar-08 16:12:17

No, I am trying to hold out until Tuesday!

I am a bit aggrieved at having wasted all that money on the Clearble one. i read that it might be because they need a lot of HCG to respond so i might buy a FirstResponse instead.

Good luck to you beaniesteve!

artichokes Sat 22-Mar-08 16:21:07

With DD I got a negative with a First Response and a positive with Clear Blue Digital. I did both tests in the same afternoon.

tinkerbell2 Sat 22-Mar-08 16:23:21

hi artichokes formerly pinkgirl here how r u? happy easter
i got af today after 5 day cycle
changed my name

artichokes Sat 22-Mar-08 16:30:15

Hi Pink Girl/Tinkerbell - I am well thanks. Still TTC number 2. Got a positive OPK yesterday but DH has a seriously bad back so not much chance to take advantage of it.

How are you? Do you really mean a 5 day cycle? I thought you were on something like CD 5000 wink. Sorry AF got you but a least you know what is happening now.

tinkerbell2 Sat 22-Mar-08 17:51:52

great thanks. hope that you are well
glad that you got + opk sorry about dhs back hope it gets better soon
oops meant after 55 day cycle
i have never been so pleased to see red in pants

beaniesteve Sun 23-Mar-08 20:42:29

completelybaffled - any sign?
Am still waiting for mine.

completelybaffled Sun 23-Mar-08 20:49:01

Not yet... 5 days and I am crossing all my fingers and toes, and DPs as well!

beaniesteve Sun 23-Mar-08 20:51:30

Isn't it frustrating!

becaroo Mon 24-Mar-08 16:54:25


I am now nearly 15 weeks pregnant and I did 3 CBD tests that were negative. Had one left so decided I might as well do it before bed one night and it was positive.

Think I must have been testing too early...had only just had a miscarriage too which may have affected my hormone levels.

becaroo Mon 24-Mar-08 16:55:36

oh, and Good luck smile

completelybaffled Tue 25-Mar-08 16:10:46

A week late.

I did a First Response test today (not wirh first urine) and it was negative. I also bought a clearblue one (not digital) and will test again in the morning.

I really am completely baffled now.

beaniesteve Tue 25-Mar-08 16:25:20

completelybaffled how long is your cycle usually?

My Dr told me today to test again at the end of the week. My work mate says if you have a short cycle (Mine is 24) you shouldn't start counting it as late until you've got beyond 28 days. I don't know if she's just talking out of her arse but that would only make me 2 days overdue.

I am seriously clutching at straws here :lol:

Idobelieveinfairies Tue 25-Mar-08 16:30:20

I have had negative results before when they should have been positive, wasn't with the digital ones though.

I conceived on the 25th day of my cycle so a positive result didn't show until 2 weeks later and it was very faint(and it was twins too), so a lot does depend when you actually concieved. Hope this helps and good luck.

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