Anyone else ttc #2? Thread 2

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Chanel05 Mon 22-Nov-21 09:51:39

New thread ladies!

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whatsthecraic91 Mon 22-Nov-21 10:51:37

Place marking so I can spy on you ladies 😊

Moonshine160 Mon 22-Nov-21 11:13:41

I’m still here! Negative test yesterday at 14DPO, still awaiting AF. Only onto cycle 3 now but it’s frustrating when we got pregnant straight away for DS.
I’ve phoned the doctors this morning and have an appointment booked with the nurse as during sex I keep getting a really deep pain on the left and I want it checked out just to rule out there’s not a problem as it’s playing on my mind and making me anxious that there could be a problem or blockage or something! Doesn’t happen every time but I seem to get it depending on sex position blush and it’s always in the same place. I did mention it to a nurse over a year ago when I had my smear test and she said everything looked ok but there was a fair bit of scarring presumably from the birth of my DS (it was quite a difficult birth, he was stuck and I had to have a deep episiotomy which then got infected). I think I’ll be more relaxed about TTC once it’s been checked, I’m not sure what the nurse will do. I’m assuming she will do an examination but the pain feels deeper than the inside of my vagina. Sorry for all that info!

FlyOnTheWall89 Mon 22-Nov-21 12:09:49

Hi @Moonshine160 - this sounds exactly like what I have and I was sent straight for an internal examination. They couldn’t find anything but confirmed I had ovulated. They said that it was likely to be pain from where the follicle ruptures around the time you ovulate - the fluid that comes with this can cause some irritation. For me, some months it was so painful in some positions that I had to sort of hold/press against my lower stomach. It was worse in any position where I was facing downwards / on my tummy. Might give you some hope that it isn’t anything for sinister. X

Moonshine160 Mon 22-Nov-21 12:13:39

Funny you should say that @FlyOnTheWall89 because mine also occurs when I’m facing downwards (when penetration is deeper I think!) and I definitely noticed it more around ovulation or straight after I’d ovulated this month. Hopefully that’s all it is then, I’m hoping that I’ll relax more about the process once it’s been checked. Thanks for the reassurance x

Chanel05 Mon 22-Nov-21 14:34:25

Is anyone temping? I did bbt last time and promised myself that I wouldn't this time but I'm now cycle 3 and I feel as though it wouldn't hurt to know when I'd ovulated and to keep dtd. I think I'm stopping too early.

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CShandy01 Mon 22-Nov-21 15:30:57

Still here!

@Chanel05 I've always wanted to try temping but with DD not sleeping well I just can't guarantee it's done well and accurate all the time.


FlyOnTheWall89 Mon 22-Nov-21 15:54:57

@Chanel05 You need to temp all through your cycle really to be sure. I have used temping for prevention but found it stressful now TTC. I think however I will be doing it this month now I am on month 8 of TTC. x

Moonshine160 Mon 22-Nov-21 16:53:20

I temped last month and won’t be doing it again next cycle. It stressed me out and was just something else to become obsessed with along with the OPKs! When the Fertility Friend app said I ovulated was several days earlier than when I got positive OPKs and my temp has stayed elevated despite starting my period today and having a BFN sad I struggled with being consistent with the time I woke up to take it, sometimes my little boy would wake in the night or id wake in the early hours to drink some water etc. So I don’t think I was ever accurate enough with it. That’s just me though - I’ve seen a lot of success stories on here.

Goodgoodthings Mon 22-Nov-21 18:51:32

Hi everyone, still here as well 😅 just about to get into my fertile window according to Flo so we'll see - hoping neither of us get poorly this month! Still plodding along with the same stuff (prenatal vitamins, OPKs) and enjoying the run up to December hoping that maybe we'll get a bit of Christmas luck.

I tried temping for DD1 and found it to be a nightmare as I'm not a great morning person. This time I have a toddler who still isn't sleeping through so think I've got no chance 😵‍💫

girafferafferaffe Mon 22-Nov-21 19:08:21

What app is everyone using? I used Ovia last time and downloaded it again but wondered if there were better ones?

Moonshine160 Mon 22-Nov-21 20:28:57

Last month was my first using Flo and I’m going to try it again this month. I only use the basic one though, I don’t pay for the premium one. Does anyone know if it’s any good?

Also has anyone given evening primrose oil a go? I’ve just ordered some from Amazon. I don’t get much EWCM so I’m hoping it could help.

GreenFlipFlop Tue 23-Nov-21 09:29:44

Wow I can't believe we filled a whole thread already!

xxfxx Tue 23-Nov-21 13:19:11

Day 8 still not AF, negative tests. No idea what’s going on. Going to stop testing and try and relax now and see what happens.

Chanel05 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:35:13

Thanks for the advice ladies, I'll forget the temping. My dd hardly ever sleeps though anyway. Last night she was up between 1-4 with a cough, cold and teething so temping would have been completely pointless.

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Tjsmjs Tue 23-Nov-21 13:38:58

Hi would I be able to join? 5 months ttc baby number two. DS is 2. I have a short cycle with a short luteal phase so it is proving difficult. I had a short luteal phase with DS but seems to have gotten shorter since I’ve had him.

Goodgoodthings Tue 23-Nov-21 15:21:08

@Chanel05 I feel your pain 😵‍💫 it's so hard watching them poorly! Last night we watched the snowman twice on YouTube at 2am and she did eventually drift off. Parent of the year over here, but I couldn't settle her any other way 😔

@Tjsmjs welcome! Hope you're feeling okay, do you use OPKs right now? I seem to have a shorter luteal phase too so not sure how long it will take but trying to stay positive.

Tjsmjs Tue 23-Nov-21 21:33:47

@Goodgoodthings you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to survive- don’t feel bad for using something that settles her

Yes been using OPKs to track. I seem to ovulate around day 12-13 then period comes between 9-12 days later. I’ve been taking high dose vit c as that is meant to help but thinking of trying conceive plus as I regard good things about them.

Chanel05 Tue 23-Nov-21 21:38:55

Welcome @Tjsmjs ! How long did it take you to conceive your ds?

@Goodgoodthings I am taking this tip on for tonight if I need it! I feel as though I will.

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ExPatHereForAChat Tue 23-Nov-21 23:55:15

Can I join?!
Like a PP, I have a 2yo and have been TTC for 4 cycles now.
DS took 4 cycles so now I'm getting antsy!
Currently on CD5 of cycle 5.
I have a short luteal phase which probably isn't helping things. It varies but was 10 days last month. I'm guessing the fact I'm still nursing isn't helping so I'm trying to cut down as I've noticed I've been ovulating a couple of days later than I did when first TTC.

Hoping this is our month and baby dust to all!!

Tjsmjs Wed 24-Nov-21 10:14:42

@Chanel05 and @Goodgoodthings I hope that you both had a more settled night.

@Chanel05 It took 5 months with my son. First month using OPKs and temping so went straight into it this time.

@ExPatHereForAChat I’ve found myself ovulating later since having my son so my luteal phase got shorter. Mine was 10 days last month to. I’ve read it could be due to a lack of progesterone so I’m eating lots of foods trying to boost them.

ExPatHereForAChat Wed 24-Nov-21 16:04:37

Oooooh @tjsmjs what are you eating? I'm definitely willing to try a diet change. I've heard B vitamins help so have been upping the marmite.

Tjsmjs Wed 24-Nov-21 20:56:20

@ExPatHereForAChat I’m trying bananas, lean beef, chicken, avocado and oat based stuff. Nuts are meant to be good but I’ve never been keen on them and DS has an allergy to them so I don’t have them in the house.
So breakfasts are now porridge (great for winter anyway), lunch is usually toast (I got a bread maker for my bday so make my own bread now) with avo or egg or cheese etc. Dinner is usually lean meat with veg. Still having chocolate etc on occasions but just trying these foods to see if it helps a bit. Who knows.

I’ve heard zinc is good and also vit C.

ExPatHereForAChat Wed 24-Nov-21 20:59:46

@tjsmjs Ah, OK! My diet isn't dissimilar though I could up the avocados (time for some guacamole!). My DS has a nut allergy too so I hear you on that front. I've got quite a lot of flax in the house for him so will start adding that to my smoothies too I think.
Even if we don't fall this cycle, we'll be healthier!

Goodgoodthings Wed 24-Nov-21 21:15:18

Welcome @ExPatHereForAChat I'm similar to you - still breastfeeding my 17 month old and noticing a shorter luteal phase. I've been having smoothies in the mornings and adding flax for the last couple of weeks so hoping this month it might help this cycle.

I'm only officially on my second cycle ttc as last month I was Ill in my fertile window so didn't dtd at the right time. But I'm so willing to try anything already 😂 one of the reviews for the OPKs I bought on Amazon said she got pregnant using them as well as regularly eating lentil soup and keeping her feet warm with 2x pairs of socks every day. I laughed at the time and showed my DH but yes I absolutely have been doubling up my socks and having soup for lunches. Ridiculous!

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