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AF Due 20/07

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candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:37:41

Continuation from thread AF due 20/06

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Kaybobx Wed 24-Jun-20 10:40:15

@candycrush2298 🖐🏻

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:58:15

@Kaybobx yay you found it xx

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snapple21 Wed 24-Jun-20 13:29:55

Here we are!
Period finishing today. Clear blue monitor and sticks on the way. I think I've decided against temping.
Gonna be away in Cornwall the week before AF so hopefully will stop me being crazy!

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 13:40:02

@snapple21 hahahah. That is great, I bought a fememoter (arriving today) - whether I remember to use the dam thing or not is another story. But I will try my best. My ovulation sticks arrived yesterday and my CB monitor should be arriving tomorrow.

Question for both you and @Kaybobx have you guys seen people using menstrual cups to keep the sperm near the cervix when lying with your legs up? I have just seen this - blew my mind LOL!!!!

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Kaybobx Wed 24-Jun-20 13:47:10

Mine will finish Saturday. Luckily they only last 4 days max.

@candycrush2298 Sorry what? Hahaha!! I've never heard of that before. Does it work?

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 13:51:07

@Kaybobx thats great news! glad it will be done by Saturday.

LOL no freaking clue - people are saying it helped them conceive. Like after BD then when you lie with your legs up afterwards well as soon as he has ejaculated you insert the menstrual cup as the only place for the sperm to go is up. Just watched YT videos LOL!!!

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Kaybobx Wed 24-Jun-20 14:00:33

@candycrush2298 @snapple21 Oh my god shall we try it? Haha! 😂
I've absolutely no experience with those cups, does it fall out if you go for a wee? I always need to pee after BD 😂
How long do you keep it up there?

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:08:07

@Kaybobx @snapple21 lets try it!!!

LOL I think you can pee with it people use a menstrual cup for like 12 hours during AF and I assume they pee during the day so I am going to say yes you can pee LOL!!! The tricky part is practicing to insert it so best practice before you BD LOL. I have never used them before so this is gonna be exciting and interesting. Just going to order one off Amazon lol.

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candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 15:35:10

I decided on a cheapie from eBay for £3 if we go without it the first few days of BD I am sure it will be fine LOL. Going to be interesting to see if it does anything.

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snapple21 Wed 24-Jun-20 15:48:47

I have a cup! It stays in like a vacuum, you have to break the seal to take it out. It would be a bit gross inserting it with a vagina full of spunk tho not gonna lie 😂😂😂

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 16:03:13

@snapple21 but think of the rewards grin. It is going to be disgusting hahahahahah. You could also have him ejaculate into the cup and then insert if it would be less gross for you hahahahaha. I cannot believe we are even talking about this LOL!

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Kaybobx Wed 24-Jun-20 19:28:23

@snapple21 hahaha!! 😂 what have we come, this is so funny!! I can't wait to tell my husband. He will probably divorce me though lol.

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 19:44:41

@Kaybobx I told my husband and he shook his head like I have truly lost my mind 😂 he is still game though such a trooper to my wild ideas 🤣

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Kaybobx Wed 24-Jun-20 19:55:07

@candycrush2298 my husband will do anything if he's getting sex out of it haha 😂 I'm going to do some research now, i don't even know how that thing goes in! 🙈

candycrush2298 Wed 24-Jun-20 19:59:26

@Kaybobx thats exactly it. Going to try every day this month. Previously we have always done it every other day during fertile window.

Hahahaha I also have no idea im going to have to watch tutorials 🤣🤣🤣

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Kaybobx Wed 24-Jun-20 20:11:55

@candycrush2298 erm, can i ask what size you have ordered?!?! 😯 haha this is mental but reading up its actually a thing! Im going to try it.

snapple21 Thu 25-Jun-20 09:00:05

If it's your first baby you just need a small. Otherwise the bigger one.

candycrush2298 Thu 25-Jun-20 09:16:33

@ Kaybobx what @snapple21 said. I bought a small it said if you haven't had kids or never tried it before or if you under 25 get a small. I think you have a child @Kaybobx? Maybe a large then or since you only going to be lying with your legs up and not walking around with it maybe try a small so you can get the hang of the thing. Hahaha. Entirely up to you. I just bought a small and if its too small I will buy a large one (as I am over 25 so maybe the thing won't stay put LOL even lying down)

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Kaybobx Thu 25-Jun-20 09:24:18

I had a c-section so my foof is all in tact still 😂 i am over 25 though too.
I'm going to get a medium, they've got them on Ebay for a fiver.
When is your expected ovulation date girls?

candycrush2298 Thu 25-Jun-20 10:54:06

@Kaybobx yeah also got a cheapie of eBay LOL! thats great medium sounds like a good in between hahahahhaha too funny. Still can't beleive we are even discussing this. LOL mine is predicted 1st July bu think it will be later. I usually have it quite soon after AF as I have such a short cycle but yeah think it will be later this month hopefully my little Clear Blue monitor is going to be telling me for sure hahahaha. When do you ovulate?

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Kaybobx Thu 25-Jun-20 18:23:05

@candycrush2298 people reading this thread will be like nooooope not joining this one 😂 I'm scheduled to ovulate 11th July! Wow your cycles are short. Jealous! The CB are so good, you'll get a better idea with those.

candycrush2298 Thu 25-Jun-20 18:36:02

@Kaybobx whahahaha yep I think so too. Like nope next thread please hahaha. Yeah 24-26 days and maybe once or twice a year 27 days but very rarely. Have you used the fertility monitor or just the CB ovulation sticks?

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Kaybobx Thu 25-Jun-20 18:44:02

@candycrush2298 mad how different we all are. I like a big gap between my AF usually but not when trying to conceive! Ive only used the CB advanced digital, they work really well so happy to stick with those. What does the monitor do differently?

Boc86 Thu 25-Jun-20 19:00:03

I’ll be due on July 23rd, when’s everyone due to ovulate?

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