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New thread for the crazy gang - part 4!

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Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 09:23:28

Hope you don't mind - I'm taking ownership this time ladies πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ old thread was filling up πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ here we go again!!


Plus our BFP's @Sunflower2019 @Quiffy

Apologies if I missed anyone!! ❀️❀️

Missgoldilocks Thu 12-Mar-20 09:43:38

Hey there lovelies, hope you're all doing well x

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 10:21:32


Fredthespider Thu 12-Mar-20 13:56:56

@WaitingOnThePositive sorry to hear they found mild endo, but pleased it's mild and that you'll hopefully have a plan of action soon!

Mrslane2019 Thu 12-Mar-20 15:23:55

Hi Ladies
Has anyone taken steroid for asthma while ttc ?

Beau20 Thu 12-Mar-20 15:36:29

Woohoo thanks @Mumofboys17

@waitingonthepositive sorry to hear about the endo, good news though that your tubes are okay! One of my close friends from work suffers with horrendous endo, I can't even tell you how bad she's got it. Anyways, she was told she'd never have her own children, started a relationship and 2 months in was pregnant! She now has a healthy 5 month old little girl. Try not to let it get you down, I'm sure it will be absolutely fine xx

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 16:22:38

@WaitingOnThePositive my sister in law also had endo, she went on to have a perfectly healthy little boy 😊 totally possible!! Xx

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 18:01:09

Sorry girls I'm STILL obsessing over my OPK's 😩
Had some ewcm this afternoon and was like YES here we go... so tested again now I'm home. IC is now practically non existent and CB digital is STILL flashing smiley 😠 whyyyyyyy!!
I had a darkish IC OPK about 2 days ago but no peak on CB digital. We didn't DTD last night so kicking myself now that it was my peak and we missed it 😭😭😭😭
Someone please tell me I'm being ridiculous! So pissed off with this now πŸ™

Fredthespider Thu 12-Mar-20 18:01:43

Ladies I need someone to give my head a good wobble. I've managed to convince myself that I'm pregnant. The spotting I had on Monday was just a couple of spots when I wiped, and the only other time I've ever had that was implantation bleeding which I had with both of my pregnancies.

I worked it back and the timing works perfectly! Start of bleeding for the ectopic would be CD1, DTD on CD13, assumed ovulation on CD14 then implantation bleeding at 9DPO. I've been feeling sick since Saturday evening, nipples are feeling weird, I even dreamt that I got a BFP.

However I've tested at 10DPO, 11DPO and 12DPO and all BFN. I even didn't trust the internet cheapies and wasted a CB digital on it! Seriously, wtf is wrong with me?!?!

I don't even know if/when I've even ovulated and tbh that's driven me mad. I'm going to chat to OH later and tell him that I need to use OPKs again, the unknown at a time where I can't even predict my cycle has just stressed me out no end. We don't DTD enough to not use them tbh. We've done it twice in the past 2 weeks so lets face it we've practically no chance of conceiving, but I also have no idea when to expect AF and therefore when I should test as I don't know if I'm late nor not..... argh!

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 18:01:50

P.s excuse the orange nail varnish on the CB test πŸ˜‚ I had 2 on the go at one point so this is my original test lol x

Beau20 Thu 12-Mar-20 18:07:15

@Mumofboys17 no you aren't being crazy your OPKs are being weird for sure! I'd ignore the CB one until you get a static! Mine have always been like yours, up and down on IC and 9 days of flashing smiley and then the day I got a peak I got static smiley.

@Fredthespider I think you are too early for a CB digital, they aren't sensitive at all! Deffo try a FRER because all your symptoms sound very promising! Keeping my fingers crossed for you x

Missgoldilocks Thu 12-Mar-20 18:08:12

@Fredthespider totally get your frustration. Good idea to talk to your OH and start the opks again just so it does give you peace of mind that you are doing it at the correct time! Especially if you aren't a couple that dtd 3 times a week, I think that's fair to do.
Hmmm when are you due?? It all sounds really positive, you haven't done a first response yet? It's long and frustrating but maybe wait for af due date and if it doesn't come then do a test? Fingers crossed for you that it's a shy one smile

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 18:11:57

@Fredthespider have you only tested with cheapies as well as the CB digital?
I don't want to give you false hope but it's always possible. Your body could also be playing tricks on you though. Maybe try a FRER to rule it out completely, I do genuinely hope it's a positive! Just try and keep a level head, like others have said DEFINITELY speak to your OH and start OPK's it's the only way you'll know for certain(ish) xx

WaitingOnThePositive Thu 12-Mar-20 19:01:11

Yeah I find OPKs keep me less stressed and we would be quite active in the bedroom anyway. So if you are the same @Fredthespider def keep them up. I really hope it is just too early but could also be side effects of hormones regulating after etopic.
Thanks ladies. I really dont know alot about it and the doctor who came round said it was small spots and he burned them off or whatever they do to get rid of them. Know a few with it myself that have gotten pregnant so not getting down about it. Have to meet him in a few weeks to come up with next plan of action so will see what he says.

Ok admission time and bear in mind I am in Ireland and there is loads of this kind of thing but it makes me sound positively crazy..... I went to a faith healer a few weeks ago. I just though nothing to lose. Didnt cost a whole pile and said feck it I would give it a try. Obviously too soon to say if it worked or not but if nothing else he relaxed me about the whole thing. I went with a friend who is also TTC for 12 months +. We had a right giggle at how crazy the whole thing was. But anyway gonna watch this space! Obv with me if it happens in next few months I wont know if it was lap and dye or him but my friend will if it happens for her. Only thing she has changed is him. He just put a new perspective on the whole thing. He was very much saying continue with whatever doctors say. He is to complement that! Am I a fully fledged member of the crazy gang now?!

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:07:30

@WaitingOnThePositive Absolutely! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ in all seriousness I think just do whatever works for you! And like you say, nothing to lose in trying! Xx

@Beau20 I remembered you said something about pregnancy and corona virus in the last thread, just saw this on fb thought it would be an interesting read!

Beau20 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:20:35

@Mumofboys17 thank you! X

Beau20 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:23:03

FFS girls!! Just done an OPK and I'm pretty sure this is going to be a blazing peak 😑😑😑 the line is already darker than the control and it's not developed yet. CD17 fucking 17!! God knows what happened CD12-13 but I've not DTD since then and if I'm honest I can't be fucking arsed tonight. Well. Goodbye to another cycle 😭😭😭😭 ovulation getting day later each cycle for me...

WaitingOnThePositive Thu 12-Mar-20 20:46:50

@Mumofboys17 my hubby thinks I have fully lost it! 🀣🀣
@Beau20 that is so annoying. Have you tried taking any supplements to regulate it?

Mumofboys17 Thu 12-Mar-20 22:41:27

@Beau20 is there deffo no chance of you DTD tonight? We DTD tonight anyway even though my OPKs looked crap.. because of the ewcm I had earlier, not as much as I've had before but I definitely feel wetter down below so figured πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ why not!!
Reeaally trying to not let the 'im out' feeling overwhelm me just yet 😬

Beau20 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:15:45

@Mumofboys17 OH wasn't even vaguely interested and neither was I so it no go last night. Never mindddddd

@WaitingOnThePositive I think I've tried every single supplement on the market going πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I suppose the plus side is that my body tried to ovulate at the normal time. I had alll the symptoms, it just clearly didn't happen. Where as now I have zero ovulation symptoms!

Mumofboys17 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:19:41

Morning all... true to OPK spamming style, here's this mornings OPK's. Shock horror CB digital is STILL flashing smiley. Think I'm admitting defeat. I've buggered it up again. My darkest OPK on CD21 (even though not a definite positive) must have been my surge. DTD CD18 and CD20.. then nothing til last night but I think it's too late. πŸ™
Just hope AF doesn't take forever to show up so we can get back on it again. GRRR.

How's everyone else doing? Xx

Mumofboys17 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:20:31

@Beau20 at least we're in it together!! Hugs and hand hold until AF shows for us both ❀️

Katie1109 Fri 13-Mar-20 08:26:24

@Beau20 come on girl, stay positive and have a nice Friday DTD x Peak yesterday means you'll ovulate by tomorrow, so still go for it x
I haven't realised you created a new thread, so this is my last post from the old thread:
Thanks ladies x I came clean to my OH and we had a good chat about why I haven't told him before etc. We decided to give it another go with opks now we're both on board with it x I doubt this will change anything but hey, let's see x CD12 today and I have done an opk this morning, not FMU as its not advised and my premom app is showing it as low, although it's slowly getting there. O day usually around CD15/16 x

Katie1109 Fri 13-Mar-20 08:27:58

@Fredthespider how are you? have you tested? All your symptoms sound very promising! Please keep us updated and definitely use FRER! CD digitals are much less sensitive smile

Fredthespider Fri 13-Mar-20 08:57:08

Thanks @Mumofboys17, @Beau20, @WaitingOnThePositive, @Katie1109 @Missgoldilocks I honestly don't think I could go through this journey without having you all to chat to. OH would think I'm absolutely nuts if I told him everything you lot hear!!

Tested again with a IC, it's all I have and still negative. I'm a glutton for punishment! I'm off to the shops later so will look at picking up a FRER. Still feeling sick allll the time sad

Katie - It's great that you were able to chat to OH and are on the same page about TTC. I think you mentioned adding in pre-seed or similar too? I found it makes things a little bit too slippery down there sometimes and OH isn't a massive fan, so I'd suggest using it sparingly!!

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