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New Thread for The crazy gang!

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Katie1109 Tue 10-Dec-19 19:27:08

Hi girls, I have created new thread. Hope you’ll see it x


Katie1109 Tue 10-Dec-19 19:27:39

Tag anyone else I missed please! x

Quiffy Tue 10-Dec-19 19:32:31

Hello! I typed a great big long message for last thread but it must have reached the limit oops. Can’t believe we got through 1000 messages!

Katie1109 Tue 10-Dec-19 19:34:13

I typed an update too but then realised it’s full 😂 this was my update:
Nobody in my family knows. We haven’t told anyone to not give them false hope, looks like it was the right decision.
My bleed is light and dark red but panty liner is enough for now. No cramps anywhere now and my boobs are still very sore which is weird because they normally stop hurting within couple of hours from bleed starting x but hey, at least it’s not painful. I wish I did not have that horrible, last thread of hope that this might not be af - what an idiotic thought!
Thank you once again @ and @Quiffy, it really helped, you 2 are legends xx I feel better now x

Katie1109 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:00:06

@Quiffy have we lost the rest of the gang? I hope they find us x

Quiffy Tue 10-Dec-19 20:03:55

@katie1109 being hopeful is not idiotic in the slightest. Just shows that you have a big heart that wants to share that with a future baby. Just think, one month that hopefulness will result in a BFP. ❤️

For last thread, @mumofboys17 your story was total 😭😭 I’m so glad you got that bfp the next month. I totally agree with the personal level in our group. I can’t even remember the last time I spoke to my irl friends, nevermind confided TTC to them. It’s been absolutely wonderful having other women in exactly the same position who you can share every crazy little thought with, yet not feel totally crazy.

Can’t wait to see if those of you still in the game get your bfps, and none of you will be allowed to leave, you’re all to stay and keep us updated through every stage 😻

Quiffy Tue 10-Dec-19 20:04:52

Me too! Hopefully this will stay near the top and they’ll all spot it 🤞

MrsA2019 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:13:03

Yay found the new thread!

I'm an occasional poster but avid reader!

Pleased to see a couple of BFPs so far and fingers crossed for everyone else who is waiting. I felt ok about AF coming this month, I think because I'm excited for Xmas (don't get me wrong I dreamed of an Xmas pregnancy reveal but looking forward to spending time with family none the less) but previous months have been crap and so disheartening.

I'm approaching my fertile window soon, so my next TWW will be over Xmas and new year....not a massive drinker but would have loved a bit of Brie or Camembert!

Also got an appointment with the GP on the 17th just to see if they will do any initial checks.....just want to know there is nothing wrong!

As others have said, this thread is amazing. So glad people can be open and honest without made to feel crazy!

Baby dust x

Katie1109 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:13:40

@Quiffy I think we can send them a private message through MN too! x I’m out with my mum atm so don’t want to spent too much time on my phone x if they don’t appear soon we might have to do that tomorrow to keep us all together! x
Ehh...I hate that hope x but thank you, that’s a great way to look upon it x

Symptomspotter86 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:17:46

Found it!!!

So lovely to read these supportive messages. You girls are great. It is such a tough and lonely journey. I've been feeling really down this week and struggling. Have so many babies around me at xmas time - all my friends back in my home town, and my sister and sister in law have had babies this year.

I didn't test this morning. Have really weird cramps today though. Probably just af on the way though. Just want the new cycle to begin!

MrsA2019 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:21:29

@Symptomspotter86 try and stay positive, it is super hard when people around are popping little ones out with ease but when it's your time you little one will be so loved and it will be all the more sweeter! That's what I keep telling myself (whilst also asking myself why it's not my time yet!)

Mumofboys17 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:40:17

Saw the title of this thread and knew exactly where to go 😂😂😂

Hooray for the TTC crazies!! 😂

I also wrote out a massive long reply but I can’t remember it all now!! In brief, as all pp’s on here have said, so grateful we can all support each other going forward.
Now bring on the New year BFP’s!! ❤️

Symptomspotter86 Tue 10-Dec-19 20:43:02

Yep new thread, new year and new BFPs on the craziest MN thread there is! smile

Quiffy Tue 10-Dec-19 20:47:50

@Symptomspotter86 that sounds incredibly hard with so many reminders around you. Like @mrs@MrsA2019 says, it will be all the sweeter when it’s yours. Hopefully we’re all enjoying next Christmas with a little one or a bun in the oven.

@MrsA2019 I’m with you on drinking (I cba most of the time). Brie and pate on the other hand... hopefully it will be worth missing out! And hopefully you can get booked in for some tests, even it’s just your own peace of mind. Like you I dreamed of a Christmas tell to family, but looking forward to spending time with everyone.

@Katie1109 enjoy your time out with your mum!

Sunflower2019 Tue 10-Dec-19 21:01:34

Thank god for that! I was quite concerned 😟

Dp and I aren’t getting on tonight and he’s gone to bed and I’ve realised he has cracked and chipped the upstairs sink sad not even bothered telling me and the place is in my name so I’m going to have to replace!

He’s been in such a weird mood, I understand he’s poorly with a cold but his attitude has been awful, and even messaged me today saying I wasn’t replying quick enough when I was Xmas shopping!!! Not on!

Sometimes wonder whether ttc is the way forward atm! Xx

Sunflower2019 Tue 10-Dec-19 21:02:59

Ps love the title of this! X

Blondeandbroody Tue 10-Dec-19 21:42:13

Aww man I had written a long post and copied it ready to paste but it's not kept!

I basically said @mellymoo86 me too, I find my friend who knows is so negative and I'm fed up of her saying oh well it probably won't happen this time or stop thinking about it bla bla bla FUCK OFF! Running out of patience with it now and sick of saying yes I know that politely!

Quiffy Tue 10-Dec-19 21:47:56

@Sunflower2019 chipping the sink and not telling you is definitely not on. Is he stressed about something or the time of year making him a bit odd?

@Blondeandbroody she sounds like she’s not being understanding at all. That would drive you mad!

Fp30 Tue 10-Dec-19 22:00:29

Hey ladies!!

Wrote a massive message then it came up that the thread was closed, looking at the list of forums knew this had to be you guys! So glad I found you as this has been an absolute life line.

My mum and sister know (my sister was joking about what dh and I would call our kids if we had them and I just broke down and ugly cried and told them we were trying). My sister is fantastic, but I feel guilty going on too much with her, she would love a family but is single and very much stuck on an ex. My mum just shut me down saying 'I got pregnant first time trying so I don't really understand your problem '. I love my mum but sometimes...

@Mumofboys17 your message on the last thread was so perfect ♥ genuinely considering booking a massage or something over Christmas and doing some proper self care.

@Katie1109 the last two cycles I've tested after af started as I was convinced it had to be IB and just didn't want to give up. It's so hard but I think we're all here feeling this with you and sending you positive vibes.

Blondeandbroody Tue 10-Dec-19 22:22:55

@Quiffy it is annoying me, I know it's coming from a good place her not wanting me to be disappointed but news flash every BFN will be a disappointment no matter what so stfu and get excited with me!!

Ellsbells112 Tue 10-Dec-19 22:42:44

Hey everyone! Haha the PERFECT title for us 👌👌 yes I wrote a reply but dunno if it came up! Basically my sis and partner are only 2 that know and she thinks I'm crazy and obsessing so tend not to talk to her that much anymore about it! Glad I got you gals x

@Sunflower2019 Aww babes mem can be so stupid, mine and I had a stupid argument today 😒 I would say ignore it but I can't lol I go mental haha x

Quiffy Tue 10-Dec-19 22:51:34

@Fp30 you poor thing getting upset, completely understandable. Poor sister too, can see why you won’t mention it too much. Not so great on your mum, must be hard to relate if she got pregnant very easily.

@Blondeandbroody exactly! Sometimes you just need some blind optimism.

Katie1109 Wed 11-Dec-19 07:32:23

@Fp30 yep I can see myself testing tomorrow morning anyway, just to torture myself some more x sorry about your situation, it can’t be easy x
@Sunflower2019 men can be real pain in the ass, although I’m sure they think the same about us x
Well ladies, I know there is no hope for me anymore but...I had literally two streaks of dark blood on tampon overnight. I’m sitting at work wondering whether there’s something not right with me bacause this does not look like period or all! Boobs are still sore too which is not my usual x
Hope you’re all well today. Is anyone left to test still? x

Ange211 Wed 11-Dec-19 07:58:16

Good morning, knew this was the right thread due to the title!
Sorry your having such a rollercoaster @katie1109
I think I'm entering another tww as no sign of AF (also absolutely zero Pg symptoms & looots of bfn's) but I've ditched the opks & just DTD when I feel like it (or I don't have a toddler in my bed!) Might start the torture that is testing once my 20 pack of ic's arrives 😲

Quiffy Wed 11-Dec-19 09:34:37

@Katie1109 maybe stress has left you with a dodgy period this time?

@Ange211 when did you last have an AF?

How’s everyone else doing this morning?

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