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TTC 1st Baby - Thread 17!

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MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:50:33

Hi everyone! I’ve started a new thread as we are dangerously close to 1000 posts in the last one! I’ll add a link to it now smile Here’s hoping it’s a lucky one!

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:54:50

@FlapJackered Here’s my Ava link -

I’ve really found it useful this month. Psychologically too I just like wearing it as it makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile! It had my O day exactly as my app and OPKs had it, too.

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 15:56:58


FlapJackered Wed 08-May-19 15:58:05

Great, thanks so much @MrsEG I am going to order it now. 🤞🏻

starkid Wed 08-May-19 15:59:21

Wahoo, tagging my place! Age 29, Cycle 9, CD16, 1DPO, in case people like to see stats on a new thread smile

cupcakesandglitter Wed 08-May-19 15:59:30

Placemarking - hi everyone x

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 16:00:17


So sorry if I’ve missed anyone hopefully everyone will spot the link!

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 16:00:46

@cupcakesandglitter Hi lovely, how are you getting on?

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 16:00:51

Thanks @mrseg! Lucky number 17 all?

Reminder stats for me:
Age 30 (boo, was 29 on the last thread!)
Cycle 2
Cd 11

Dollywilde Wed 08-May-19 16:02:27

Sorry also @flapjackered missed your post on the last thread. Sorry that AF turned up flowers hope you’re feeling a bit more optimistic with the plan to use the Ava.

MrsEG Wed 08-May-19 16:03:19

@Lozzlepop Just answering from the old thread - I SO understand the DTD anxiety!! With SMEP this month my god I was sore, I was walking like an overworked Jockey by the end of it!!!

My stats too just as a reminder!
Age: 33
Cycle 9 but with two MC
9 DPO today and doing my best not to POAS or symptom spot!!

Lozzlepop Wed 08-May-19 16:13:04

@ Dollywilde haha I can just imagine the blood draining from his face lol

Thanks for the new thread @MrsEG my stats are
Age: 35
Cycle 2 after MMC
Not got a clue where I am in my cycle Glow says CD12 but thats a guess

Hahaha an overworked jockey 😂thats given me a right good giggle! We will be fine if OV day is over a weekend if not then effort will have to be applied, better dig the OPKs back out!!

Veevee457 Wed 08-May-19 16:13:36

I'll add myself too if that's ok
Age 33
Cycle 3
I had planned on doing the smep plan this month but not gonna lie, I'm waaay too lazy for that 🙈 just aiming for every second day/every 3 days. I'm opking so once that flashing smiley stays still we'll up our game!
Good luck everyone x

Veevee457 Wed 08-May-19 16:15:24

For some bizarre reason I just put myself at 2 years older there in my stats!!
I'm 31 (why am I making myself older?!) and on cd15

LokiCat Wed 08-May-19 16:17:19

Accidentally posted in the old thread 🤦🏻‍♀️

@MrsEG thanks for creating the new thread!

My stats:
Age: 28
Cycle 6, but mc in March
CD24 hoping ovulation is tomorrow!

I managed to get away slightly early and should be home in 20 mins 🤞🏽

@FlapJackered sorry to hear about AF. I hope the Ava bracelet helps!

@Meenabeena sorry about AF, as well! Understandable to feel disheartened by it. Hopefully a new cycle brings some positive news!

@Lozzlepop a night away sounds great, I hope it helps with the anxiety!
I had some spotting when we DTD at 5 weeks, then the heavy bleeding started.. so I've been thinking I'll be very anxious about having sex if I do get pregnant again.

purplefig Wed 08-May-19 16:21:02

@MrsEG so sorry to hear about your two losses. What an emotional rollercoaster you've been on. Glad to hear exercise has been positive for your mental health. I've been neglecting it for far too long so excited to get back to it. What do you do? I already do some yoga, but I'm going to be getting back into lifting. I love it. So empowering!

@Lozzlepop you sound like you've got such a good attitude. And hey, #FitMay can totally be a thing. Alliteration is overrated!!

@FlapJackered* hey! I remember you from before I took a break. I'd love to hear how you get on with the Ava bracelet. I've rarely used OPKs and never temped, so I'm giving the latter a go this cycle.*

Oh and as this is a new thread - I'm 28 and I'm on cycle 9 and day 2 (cramping and feeling very sorry for myself 😂).

purplefig Wed 08-May-19 16:23:08

Sorry if that message is all in bold - I've just downloaded the app and have had great fun with the formatting. What's that about millennials being digital natives?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Lozzlepop Wed 08-May-19 16:26:34

@LokiCat I am hoping that we will have DTD before then as we are planning to have a month off before actively TTC again! But it will be nice to have a little night away, we are going for my mums birthday so hopefully they wont be in the room next door lol! We had some prior to finding out I was pregnant and then when we attempted to DTD around week 7 (unfortunately around the same time baby stoped growing) so we just gave up! I will be exactly the same and telling DP its most likely to be off the cards until the 2nd trimester!

cupcakesandglitter Wed 08-May-19 16:29:44

Good thanks @MrsEG turns out I had a CP, but just focusing on being positive and waiting it all out. I keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and just to be patient... DH has his SA on Friday so fx we get some answers soon. How're you? X

Meenabeena Wed 08-May-19 16:34:20

Thanks for adding me to the thread smile
I just googled SPMEP and wow that's some workout 😅 we tried doing it every two days last cycle and then made sure we did it three days in a row when I got the smiley face on the ovulation stick. Sadly didn't work so let's try again this cycle. Will try the same as last cycle as it's Ramadhan I think the SMEP will be hard to stick to.

Lozzlepop Wed 08-May-19 16:36:04

@LokiCat good luck for a quick journey home 😉

cupcakesandglitter Wed 08-May-19 16:53:09

@Meenabeena hey Ramadan Kareem! Didn't know we had anyone else fasting on here.. we DTD last night, bloody knackering 😂😅 I don't think I could deal with SMEP this month but I think we're going to try our best!

cupcakesandglitter Wed 08-May-19 16:55:57

Oh also @Meenabeena my periods changed completely the month we started TTC, and have only just gone back to normal, I think stress definitely didn't help at all but I think I've figured out that my lighter cycles I wasn't ovulated which makes loads of sense now looking back. It isn't the case for everyone though, but I'd just monitor and keep and eye anyway smile x

Meenabeena Wed 08-May-19 16:57:23

@cupcakesandglitter Ramadan Mubarak 😁 I'm currently AF so not fasting yet. I should start on the weekend. I can imagine how knackering it must be haha but we gotta do what we gotta do 😉 loads of baby duas for you xx

Meenabeena Wed 08-May-19 17:01:05

@cupcakesandglitter How long have you been trying if you don't mind me asking? I've still only had 2 days bleeding this time but the flow was much more 'normal'. Hope I ovulate as normal this month. Will keep an eye on it. Thank you smile

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