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April 2ww

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PassTheAfterEights Thu 05-Apr-18 09:47:41

2dpo & staring down another abyss of symptom analysing, early test resisting, date calculating, FW debriefing crazy brain.

Anyone care to ride it out together? Welcome spotters and distractors alike x

MaGratgarlik1983 Thu 05-Apr-18 19:24:13

Me please! I'm either late or about 9-12dpo depending on when I oved. Have been driving myself mad with early testing, which I swore I wouldn't do as it drove me bonkers last time. I'm 34 and DS is just over 2.5. We're not actively ttc but think I might be this month despite the bfps and possible vvfl. I feel sick, bbs hurt, creamy cm etc etc etc but who knows really?!! I'm happy to keep you company.

PassTheAfterEights Fri 06-Apr-18 12:07:01

Well hey @MaGratgarlik1983 thanks for not leaving me hanging! grin

Any news today?

I'm 33 & v much actively TTC first DC since Dec, had a chem in Jan - in a weird way gives me hope that it worked once - a stressful house move since & would really like some good news now. March was last chance to sprog before 34 but there's always some arbitrary measure to wind oneself up with so trying not to think that way. If April's our month we conceived at Easter & would be due Christmas Day..!

vickywood3 Fri 06-Apr-18 15:40:38

Am on the tww too, cycle 3 and in the midst of decorating the whole house x

winterwarmers Fri 06-Apr-18 15:47:41

hoping on been doing the clearblue study and i am yet to ovulate so it’s going to be a late one as already on cd18 think it will be over night / tommorow that ovulation happens so fingers crossed smile

how are you getting on

MaGratgarlik1983 Fri 06-Apr-18 17:33:04

Hi @passtheaftereights, I had a chem the cycle before conceiving DS, it's hard but I did take comfort from the fact that at least I knew I could get pregnant.
Hi @vickywood3, ooh fun project with the house! Hopefully it will prove to be a distraction!
Good luck with ov @winterwarmers!
I don't know what's going on! No af, still got symptoms, more creamy cm but I don't think I am. Resisted testing today so far! If I'm not, I'm not, it's OK but I still feel a glimmer of hope!

Stephisaur Fri 06-Apr-18 19:23:28

I’m 8-10 dpo. Seem to be coping better with this 2ww! Had some cramps earlier but don’t think we dtd at the right time this month so not getting my hopes up too much. X

MaGratgarlik1983 Fri 06-Apr-18 19:28:39

The waiting is a killer isn't it?! I'm CD36 now but no real idea when I oved. Just took this ic. Pretty sure it's negative but my hopeful line eyes keep catching something!

helloworld88 Sat 07-Apr-18 08:54:16

I'm on my tww also! Hi!

AF due on Tuesday according to my apps...which would only be 11 dpo...with frer saying 6 days before your missed period I'm itching to test but it's just def going to be bfn right? Only 8dpo now!

Chattein Sat 07-Apr-18 15:37:58

@PassTheAfterEights joined here instead of old one.

Had an eptopic last month and on my 2ww. Cycle is all over the place so not sure when I ovulated as I didn't have a period just the mc bleeding. From my bbt chart I'm now 9dpo. Doctor told me you are extra fertile after a mc so thought we would give it a try!

This morning took a hpt even though I knew it would be BFN as yesterday it was!! but it was a BFP!!! Faint line but definitely clear and pink. Took another one just to be sure and same again!

I feel like I can't be this lucky so soon but fingers crossed it's a sticky bean!

flippychick Sat 07-Apr-18 16:06:51

I've never joined one of these threads before...

I'm 38 and we've been trying for 6 months for our first (and probably only). Currently 9 dpo, and had watery bleeding and slight cramps last night and today. It doesn't feel like the start of my period so keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm angry with myself, work has been shit this week, so really not taken care of myself (got drunk (I never drink), ate crap, forgot to take folic acid). Grrrr

peachesarenom Sat 07-Apr-18 16:13:05

Hi PassTheAfterEights!!! I think I'll be 8 dpo tomoz so gonna test using frer! Are you gonna test?

peachesarenom Sat 07-Apr-18 16:51:31

Acrually Monday!

Lavendersblue42 Sat 07-Apr-18 16:59:14

Think i’m 4dpo, boobs pretty sore, fallen asleep on the sofa twice this afternoon! Obvs too early to be actual symptoms but the crazy ttc me is hopeful haha

Good luck all xx

helloworld88 Sat 07-Apr-18 17:10:36

@Chattein congratulations that's a great line!! Fingers crossed it all goes well for you 💐

HidCat Sat 07-Apr-18 17:12:01

@Chattein that looks good to me, congratulations!

Hope everyone is doing ok. Waiting for ovulation here so not in 2WW yet but hoping to not be far from it. Fingers crossed for everyone testing in the next few days!

helloworld88 Sat 07-Apr-18 18:06:59

I failed to wait and did a test...obviously bfn. Why do we do this to ourselves?

lolacola13 Sat 07-Apr-18 18:27:57

Anyone ovulating the last few days and about to start the tww ? Mine starts tomorrow . Dtd studying and working is literally exhausting . Wouldn't mind a year off 😂😂 . here's to the bfps!!!

PassTheAfterEights Sat 07-Apr-18 18:45:57

hi chaps, happy weekend!

@Chattein you utter legend, congratulations - flying the flag for post loss fertility cape!! shortest tenure on any thread ever?! fx it's a good and sticky one x

@helloworld88 it was early, don't lose heart. I sometimes wonder if I enjoy the agony of waiting more than the sodding answer but give yourself a couple more days.

@vickywood3 how lovely, what are you having done? v jealous of your paint fumes. @hidcat happy DTD! @MaGratgarlik1983 and @stephisaur reckon you're about the same dpo, any news? fx for you both x

@lavendersblue42 also 4DPO, soooo sleepy, or I was til awoken by DH with another day of packing boxes to contend with :/ couldn't get going before midday with last BFP so OBVIOUSLY preggo 🙄 roll on next week. When will you test?

@peachesarenom HI! How are you?? Monday sounds v reasonable, fx fx fx for you. Four days behind you. Plan to survive the remainder is to a) scan for symptoms and refresh Glow hourly to see if my dates have magically leapt forward and b) order cheapie / FRER bundle on Prime on Tuesday to arrive Wednesday to POAcheapie immediately and POAFRER with Thursday's FMU. #pro

@winterwarmers how bloody annoying, maybe their software's dodge? i'm in the control arm second cycle so if no luck this month will get to try it next. hope you have ovulated today anyway, you must be exhausted!

huge welcome @flippychick that sounds massively temptingly like implantation?????? fx tightly crossed for you, are you going to test before AF? don't be cross with yourself, as long as you're not smoking crack i had a happy meal for supper last night 🙊

PassTheAfterEights Sat 07-Apr-18 18:47:51

welcome @lolacola13 happy 2ww, we'll keep you sane x

lolacola13 Sat 07-Apr-18 18:51:01

Thanks @PassTheAfterEights !!! I'm dreading it as last month I really really got my hopes up . I am just exhausted from shagging 🙈 excuse the language .

Chattein Sat 07-Apr-18 18:56:05

@helloworld88 thanks so much! Fingers crossed!!

@HidCat thanks!!

@PassTheAfterEights oh my god I know!!! I can't even believe it. I'm not even 100 percent yet. Gonna POAS again in a couple days and see if it's still the same. Just been out and bought a digital so will do that Monday 🙄

PassTheAfterEights Sat 07-Apr-18 18:58:31

No excuses required, we've seen it all ;) and been there - FW finished for us this month on the third consecutive weekend of a major house move for us and my PIL; I swear my DH deserved a medal for the last bonk, I was catatonic. We laughed through this FW, aching and exhausted, more than anything else. do know what you mean though, I was certain in March and all the boobs and twinges were just progesterone. have only been a bit more relaxed to date this month thanks to having the move to think about, fx April's your month and for an easy 2ww - if all else fails, box set marathon xx

PassTheAfterEights Sat 07-Apr-18 19:05:16

Ah bless you @chattein will keep everything crossed for you. It must be very surreal - I sometimes wonder how different a second BFP will be after the first went west, so hard to control emotion. Will be thinking of you!

MaGratgarlik1983 Sat 07-Apr-18 19:20:13

Still BFN so think I'm out. Worked out we only have nine months until the window for a second child closes (as four years is really the max max max age gap I want). DH just keeps saying never say never and he'll have a think but isn't keen. Really rubbish. Feel almost grief for the family I thought I'd have although we are ob lucky beyond words to have DS. I'm an only child, and whilst there are positives to this, it breaks my heart to think of him wanting a sibling as much as I did and still do. Congrats on the Bfps, wishing you all a happy and healthy nine months and beyond. I'm going to drink my own bodyweight in wine.

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