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Long cycle / short luteal phase

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Bows85 Mon 27-Mar-17 11:13:04

Hi all,
I was just wondering whether anyone might be in the same boat as me and can offer some advice/success stories?!

My DH and I have been ttc for several months now without any success.
Unfortunately my cycles have been really irregular (ranging from 31 days to 51 days) since coming off bcp last summer.

I have tracked ovulation and I do appear to be ovulating on my own but to add a big spanner into the works, it looks as though my LP is only 9/10 days.

I can find a lot of info about short cycles with a short LP, but not so much on long cycles with short LP. Anyone able to help?

CatMum87 Mon 27-Mar-17 11:47:38

Hi Bows......i can't offer any advice but I am in the same boat, long cycles but with a luteal phase of around 7 days shock. So following with interest! X

Bows85 Mon 27-Mar-17 11:55:09

Oh, it's good to know I'm not on my own with this!
Do you mind me asking how long you have been ttc @CatMum87?

CatMum87 Mon 27-Mar-17 13:51:54

I know, I thought it was only me! I came of the pill Dec 15 but it took about 5 and a half months before I got my first period, then they have ranged from 90 to 28 days! We tried for a few months and then had a little break as we are getting married abroad in June and so had to be careful with the timings etc. Now it's our first month back on it......I was hoping in the break that my cycles would regulate but no such luck sad

Day 32 and I had positive opks Saturday and Sunday.......let's watch this space, i expect spotting in a few days sad

Have you been to the doctors or taken any supplements or anything? I had bloods done which all came back fine, so I just don't know why I have long cycles/short luteal.

Bows85 Mon 27-Mar-17 14:08:21

@CatMum87 it's so frustrating isn't it?!

Yeah, I've had a few things done at GP. I had a scan for PCOS which came back all normal.

Had my 21 day progesterone bloods done (on day cd41, 6 days after OPK and BBT said I o'd) which have come back at 19.2nmol/l. GP said that normal levels should be over 20 to confirm ovulation but that she thinks reaching 19 confirms it too. She thinks that the test caught the level on the way up/down. I think it's definitely caught it on the way down as my period started 4/5 days later. Either way, I reckon my progesterone levels are too low hence the short LP.

Going to have the LH/FSH blood test when my next cycle starts (whenever that decides to happen!).

My DH has had his SA done which has come back fine. So at least that's one less thing to worry about!

We've got appt at fertility clinic in a few weeks so hopefully get some expert advice from them. I thought about taking agnus castus or B6 supplement but I don't know...I am in two minds about messing things about before seeing consultant. So just taking folic acid and vit d at the minute.

Have you tried anything? smile

Oh and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

CatMum87 Mon 27-Mar-17 14:56:27

Thanks! It really is frustrating isn't it - in some odd round about way, I could possibly get my head around it more if i knew there was a specific reason for it/diagnosis. At the minute it's like do i stop exercising, do I stop eating this or start taking that! Don't know what to do for the best! That's why I am also a bit wary about the vit b6/agnus castus. I did much reading about it and thought oooh i'll start taking a b-complex this cycle but then I panicked and stopped because i didnt want to make things worse!

It's my first official cycle using opks and so hopefully this will give me a much better idea of luteal length because i know it isnt right. Previous cycles have just been going off other symptoms.

It sounds like your GP is being quite helpful and moving things along for you? How many cycles have you been trying for? I really hope the specialist gives you some answers or avenues to explore.....It's such a mind field inst this...previous to coming off the pill i had no clue about all this stuff!

One thing i have been doing is having weekly acupuncture for the past few months. It's expensive but it makes me feel like i'm doing something in this helpless situation. And it's good to talk things through with someone as H2B doesnt have a clue!!!

harrietm87 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:01:05

Hello both. I was in a similar boat - 30-32 day cycles with 10 day LP. I took a vitamin B complex supplement and saw an immediate improvement - cycles lengthened to 34 days with a 12 day LP. I hadn't been ttc before though I had tracked my cycles for ages when waiting (for our wedding too!). I conceived the first month we tried, then miscarried at 5 weeks, then conceived again immediately and now 5 weeks again so fingers crossed. I don't think there are any negative effects of vitamin b so you may as well give it a go.

Bows85 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:30:32

@CatMum87 you sound exactly like me! I read up on the supplements and thought "ooh, a solution!" I convinced myself that I would start taking them but then panicked and changed my mind! Haha! In a way, I'm pleased I didn't change anything last cycle as it turned out to be my longest one yet (51days). If the supplements had made no difference, I would have been convinced they had been the problem when in fact they would have had nothing to do with it.

My GP has been really good. No issue with referring on for ultrasound for PCOS/blood tests/SA/fertility clinic so I'm really thankful. I know of women who have a constant battle to try and be taken seriously at their docs.

I came off the bcp in the summer after many years, then started tracking ovulation etc around December knowing my cycles were so long and random! I would definitely recommend using the OPKs (just the cheapie ones). I would literally have no clue as to when I would be o'ing without them! I did one full cycle of bbt checking as well but it was causing me full on anxiety! So I decided that I would only take my temp after my +ve OPKs so I could confirm ovulation. That's slightly less stressful!

I might look into acupuncture, anything is worth a shot, eh?!

I'm currently on CD13 and was thinking how a 'normal' cycle would mean o'ing tomorrow. That just seems so close to my period ending! It must be great having another chance of trying so soon 😂

@harrietm87 sorry about your mc but congrats on your pregnancy. I hope this one is successful. Thanks for the advice. It would be great to lengthen my LP to give me a bit of reassurance that I could sustain a pregnancy if I am lucky enough to get a BFP. How much do you take?

CatMum87 Tue 28-Mar-17 13:17:35

Ha, Bows I did exactly that but i actually started taking the B-Complex then two weeks down the line scared myself by reading negative things about can be your best and worst friend i have come to realise!

Thanks Harriet for the advise.....and congratulations on your pregnancy! Perhaps it is worth trying the vits for a full cycle....but it just seems so long! Too much time for me to start overthinking things [hmmm]

I think that i will stick with the cheap opks least that will give me some information when we decide to take things forward to the next has said she will refer us but as we had a break in trying we wanted to give it a further few months until after the wedding and then see where we are.

I definitely recommend the acupuncture.....I'm usually one who prefers the more scientific route but i have found that I look forward to my weekly cycles have all been under the 35 day mark since going so perhaps there is some benefit to it!

CD13....wouldn't it be lovely to just have a 'normal cycle'! I'm around 2dpo.........willing spotting to stay away!!! x

Bows85 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:46:09

@CatMum87 having cycles under 35 days is great. I'm kind of with you on the science side of things, but if it seems to be working for you then why not? If it is the acupuncture that's shortened your cycles, how long do you think it took before it made a difference?

Got my fingers crossed for you that the spotting stays away! It could be your month smile

MmmMalbec Wed 29-Mar-17 07:20:42

I used to ovulate around cd19-22 but then always had a LP of 10 days or less (usually less) with spotting from about 7dpo. When I conceived DS I had a 13 day LP. I was taking seven seas trying for a baby vitamins and they seemed to fix the problem.

This time round I tried the vitamins and I delayed my ovulation by a week and also spotted all month and still had a short LP. I tried b6 after ovulation to see if that helped and I started spotting at 4dpo. So totally had the opposite affect on me this time.

I ended up pushing for a referral to a specialist and they made me do a cycle on clomid. My progesterone results showed that my progesterone was dropping too quickly to me but they said it looked ok. 53 at 5dpo and 35 at 8dpo by which point the spotting had already started. I was about to start fighting for progesterone supplements when I got my BFP. I've absolutely no idea why the clomid worked, even though my progesterone was dropping. But if I had my time again I would try progesterone creams straight away whilst trying to get progesterone suppositiories as fast as possible.

Good luck to you both. I'm now 18+3!

Bows85 Wed 29-Mar-17 11:03:24

Congrats on your pregnancy @MmmMalbec I think I maybe remember you from previous boards. That's such lovely news.

It's great to know that there's hope for a short LP. I am definitely going to ask about progesterone cream/suppositories at my gynae appointment in May.

Can I ask *@MmmMalbec*, were you ovulating on your own, prior to going on clomid? I ask because I know it's prescribed for women who aren't regularly ovulating but wasn't sure if it was routinely given for those that are.

I believe I am ovulating but think my progesterone levels drop too quickly to enable me to sustain a pregnancy. There's the added stress of the long cycle too, but I think if clomid can bring my o day forward as we'll as releasing a "stronger" egg, that would help.

It's funny how you become a fertility expert when things don't seem to go quite according to plan!

Bows85 Wed 29-Mar-17 11:03:53

Sorry for all the bold there! Not sure how I managed that! 😂

MmmMalbec Wed 29-Mar-17 11:06:15


Yeah I always ovulated on my own. I think there's really mixed reviews as to whether clomid helps in those situations. It made me ovulate on day 17 and I know I had a decent sized egg as a good lining. But I can't swear whether that was any different to normal.

Yeah you definitely become an expert! Something clearly made a difference for me with clomid anyway!

Bows85 Wed 29-Mar-17 14:29:26

It's good to know that clomid can be used in those who naturally ovulate, so hopefully there's something that can be done to help me!

My appt at fertility clinic seems so far away...just want to know what's going on and find a solution now! Roll on May!

CatMum87 Wed 29-Mar-17 14:55:49

Bows- I am not sure whether it is the acupuncture that has helped to reduced my cycles or just a coincidence but I like to think that it has helped. Last time I saw her I was on CD 23 with none of my 'normal' ovulation signs......she said 'lets do something about that', stuck quite a few more needle in me than previous times and low and behold a week later I get a positive opk. Like i say could be a total coincidence but who knows!!! It isn't something that I can keep up long term due to the cost but hopefully working with her we can help sort my cycles out!

MmmMalbec, great news about your pregnancy, hope all is going well smile. It would seem that the vitamins are hit and miss, like everything work for some and not others. Trial and error. Thank you for sharing your does give me hope that we will get our little baby and that there are things that can be done to help!

Bows - its frustrating isn't it! I didn't have a clue about luteal phase etc for coming off the pill, very naive! Be good to get some answers from the experts at your appointment does seem like a long way off but its well worth the wait smile x

Bows85 Wed 29-Mar-17 16:08:20

@CatMum87 Yeah, I am pleased we'll hopefully get some answers when we go to our appointment. But yes. Very frustrating! Especially when everyone seems to be pregnant or announcing pregnancies all around me confused

boatrace30 Mon 03-Apr-17 08:36:23

This all sound exactly like me! On CD34 here a 3DPO.
I have a pcos diagnosis from 16 years ago but it seems less bad post pregnancy/breastfeeding with DD.

I've been having 9 day luteal phases since TTC and have tried AC to bring ovulation forward (fail) and now trying B50 complex. Too early to see if that's had a result. Also had a day 21 blood test on day 29 which was still too early! But doctor advised me to track ovulation and book a week from then so about to phone doctors to have an inevitable argument with the receptionist about needing it on a specific day!!

Can't help but wonder if my follicles aren't good enough to produce progesterone due to pcos so think Clomid or progesterone would help. It just takes so long to get these things prescribed! And I speak to doctor feeling like I know more about it than her!!

Sorry bit of an essay!!

Bows85 Tue 04-Apr-17 13:48:18

Hi @boatrace30
Sorry for the late response.

Did you manage to get your blood test booked in?

I know how you feel when you say your feel you know more that your doc! Hopefully the gynaecologist I'm seeing next month will be able to give me more specialist advice.

Did you get pregnant naturally with your DD?

I bought some vitamin B6 today and have once again changed my mind about taking it 😂 It's so annoying! I think I just want to feel like I'm doing something while waiting to see consultant...

boatrace30 Wed 05-Apr-17 11:36:24

I did, but can't help but feel it was a fluke. All I'd say is it proves anything is possible. I wasn't charting then (was about to start when I got bfp) so no idea what luteal phase was like. But I guess with a 9 day phase there is a chance.

Yep, blood test booked. Kind of hoping it shows my progesterone is low so they might do something about it. I'll be 7dpo. My temp always peaks at 4dpo then starts dropping and I get AF 9DPO

boatrace30 Wed 05-Apr-17 11:37:06

And I'll let you know what happens with the B50 and whether it has an impact

CatMum87 Wed 05-Apr-17 12:32:13

Hi ladies.....i got to a whole 7dpo! Then sorry if this is TMI but yesterday I had lots of brown blood followed by bright red today . I am a bit gutted but i think this is the longest luteal phase I have had since coming off the pill. It is still way too short for anything to happen though right sad. H2B did make me laugh this week though saying he didn't want to do the deed in case he upset anything in there! :D

I think i'll keep using the cheapie opks and then at least i have some sort of 'data' to throw at the doctors! I'm exactly the same with the doctor thing though- as nice as she was, i did feel like she was talking to me like i didn't have a clue about the whole process. She doesn't realise how much time o've spent googling and researching!

I had a little cry yesterday and spoke to H2B.....he said let's not let this situation tcc spoil all the good plans we have in the next few months. And he is totally right.....getting married is but once in lifetime and I should take the next few weeks to enjoy all things 'wedding'! He has agreed that once we are back from our honeymoon, we'll get back to the doctors and take things that has made me feel a little better smile

Ah the B6 Bows grin......i have a bottle of B50 complex rattling around in my bag! Do we, dont we.....?!?!??!!

Boatrace-let us know how the b-vits go, and hopefully the blood test will give you some more insight xx

Bows85 Wed 05-Apr-17 19:53:48

That's great you've got your blood test booked @boatrace30 Definitely let us know how you get on with that and your vits. I hope you get some answers.

So sorry AF arrived @CatMum87 That's totally shit for you. I always have a little cry when AF arrives but your H2B is so right. There's lots to look forward to and I'm sure your wedding will be amazing! I wish I could go back and do mine all over again. Best day of my life! You never know, a relaxed honeymoon could just be the ticket for your BFP 🤞🏼

I'm currently on CD22 and my OPKs are all bfns 🙄 No idea when it's likely to change to +ve. I hope this isn't another 50+ day cycle.

Anyway, keep in touch...hope we get some good news soon!

boatrace30 Sat 08-Apr-17 21:21:11

Pretty sure AF is on the way. Bang on time to suit my 9 day luteal phase. The only time in my life ever that my body has been regular! Brilliant.

Bows85 Sun 09-Apr-17 01:03:14

Ah sorry @boatrace30 flowers That's crap. I've never thought of it in that way, but you're right! The one thing we want to be longer is the only bloody thing that stays regular!

How did your blood test go?

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