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Whipps Cross Hospital/Maternity Unit

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tadpolesmum Mon 11-Feb-08 09:58:47


I love to hear from anyone that has given birth or is considering Whipps Cross. I went for one of their tours the other day and have come out thinking that maybe I should have a home birth. Am not sure if I went in with unrealistic expectations of an NHS hospital though, so i would like to here the point of view of others on here.

MumOfStan Thu 14-Feb-08 21:22:23

All I can say is I felt the same having been to Whipps to look around, but that, in the end, I opted to birth there and had a wonderful experience.

I was induced as well, but even so, it was wonderful.

Yes, some of the rooms are a little elderly but I could not fault the care I received.

I understand they now have a natural birth unit on the magnolia ward with pool and other relaxing items! have you been to have a look at that as well?

I wish you all the best

strawberrycalpol Fri 15-Feb-08 13:24:14

I gave birth in Whipps in November - I was unfortunate that it was the middle of the night so no birth pool in the magnolia ward... I had a ventouse delivery and the midwives in the delivery suite were brilliant although the birth wasn't. Unfortunatly I then had to stay in for 5 days in the Mulberry ward which is pretty grim and unfriendly. It is a very busy hospital and while I was unhappy with the after care I had absolute confidence in the medical staff and care.
Other people I know had positive experiences in both Whipps and King George's if you wanted to change hospitals?
Best of luck

AntandBee Fri 15-Feb-08 19:21:45

hello, I gave birth there last year. It was ok, not brilliant. Agree with strawb calpol: medical care was fine, but aftercare on the ward was minimal and I had no help with getting breastfeeding going. But others in my antenatal class gave birth there too and thought it was great, so I think it just depends on who you get on the day. FWIW, I go the feeling that if you are assertive and stand up for yourself, things go better than if you are meek and quiet. Hope that helps, I remember it's hard finding a place you're happy to have your baby!

toomanyshoes Fri 15-Feb-08 19:27:01

I had my second baby there 7 weeks ago and they were fabulous! It was an induction and was in for 4 days overall but delivery suite was brilliant and the midwives couldn't have been better. I booked a private room on Forest Suite afterwards and highly recommend it.
I had my first at the Royal london and Whipps was much better.
Good luck!

LalaNicola Tue 26-Jan-10 17:44:01


I would like to hear from anyone whos been to whipps cross recently to give birth. I havn't had a show round as it was having some work done at the time. I am booked to have baby there but feeling alittle nervous as hav read som bad reciews...


squiby2004 Tue 26-Jan-10 18:06:10

well they have currently closed all wards to visitors due to a very bad diarrhea outbreak....

I had the choice of Whipps or King George so went privately as didn't like either. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear though.

barbareebaahumbug Tue 26-Jan-10 21:07:30

I was induced at Whipps in November 08. Had a mixed experience. I have nothing to compare it to so don't know if it was good or bad iyswim.
Felt a bit abandoned when my contractions kicked in on the antenatal ward. Then the labour and delivery wasn't bril (ventouse broke!) had blood loss that wasn't spotted for 3 days - had blood tranfusion.
I thought the after care was really good. One midwife, I wil never forget her - she was so kind. The night after I gave birth she was like having a mother there. Just what I needed. Had fantastic breastfeeding support. Still feeding ds now!
Is there anything specific you want to know?

Have moved back to Yorkshire and won't be giving birth at Whipps again and feel a bit sad about that. So that might be a good thing!

barbareebaahumbug Tue 26-Jan-10 21:10:29

p.s the labour was tricky as ds was back to back and big! Not because of midwives. Always felt listened to and got what I requested (an epidural!)

Emster30 Thu 28-Jan-10 18:33:36

Hi Nicola, I'm due to give birth at Whipps Cross in July. I'm hoping to go to the birth centre which sounds nice. I don't think they're doing tours at the moment because of swine flu (though the whole place is closed just now because of norovirus!). When are you due?

chegirlsgotheartburn Thu 28-Jan-10 19:26:18

I havent given birth at whipps but have had HB under the community midwives and am planning to have another one. I have been pleasantly suprised at how supportive they have been of my decision.

All of my friends have been under Whipps and I havent heard anything bad about the hospital.

But yes - its on lockdown right now due to Norovirus breakout.

TheBB Fri 22-Oct-10 13:25:32

Hi All.

Do you know about show round arround that hospital?

My due day is comming and I would like to see where and how.


MrsFC Fri 22-Oct-10 17:23:08

I gave birth there in 2003, and am due again in Jan 2010. It was fine. But I did opt for a private room and I would do the same this time I think.

Interesting about the birth pool though - I didn't know that - I shall investigate...!

jollytummywobbles Fri 29-Oct-10 21:01:38

I was induced there in June 2008 and had a terrible time, resulting in a crash c-section.

Aftercare was appaling too, but I hear this has got a bit better.

Buba21 Fri 17-Dec-10 22:19:09

I had my baby in Whipps Cross this week. Mixed feelings - they didn`t look at the Birth plan at all. The baby was back to back but that wasn’t noticed by the midwife so i was tortured for hours (couldn’t have an epidural although in the birth plan as they were very busy and the anaesthetist in theathre all day)until the doctor came and said it is a back to back and i had a C-section. The hospital was very busy and I ended up in the Maple Ward instead of Magnolia so had women in pain all night (didn’t sleep at all during the night. The midwifes weren’t great, people were asking for pain relief but they were taking their time. One woman almost gave birth in the toilet as they ignored her telling them she had regular contractions(they were checking their machine which was incorrect. The poor woman was really distressed as it took them 5 mins to deliver the baby and her husband missed everything. I found a bed bug on my pillow on my last day - had to wash everything when i got home. Toilets were dirty (blood around) although `cleaned every day`. Took them a whole day for a doctor to come and discharge me as they were busy but at the same time people were waiting for beds...bad management if you ask me. Some of the staff were really nice and made the stay bearable. It is a very busy hospital with not enough staff to look after the patients.

Jo4syth Sun 19-Dec-10 22:15:13

I have just given birth at Whipps Cross, I was 5.5 weeks early and so my baby is in SCBU. From the first hint of labour all the way through the birth and now into the special care they have been fantastic! I cannot fault the care they have given us and they have been very supportive. The unit is clean and although the hospital was busy the staff have been great.

lausam Mon 07-Feb-11 13:20:17

I read some of the comments here a few weeks before i was due to give birth at Whipps and was a little worried - but am very happy to say that my experience was only positive. I was induced in january 2011 and all the midwives I saw and who looked after me before during and after the delivery were absolutely fantastic - incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, kind, competent, attentive, everything I could have wanted. I had to wait half an hour for an epidural as the anaesthetist was in theatre but as soon as he was out he came straight over and put the epidural in very quickly. If i ever have another baby I would want to have it here

karooo Sun 10-Jul-11 06:04:41

I had a fantastic experience giving birth at Whipps last week. The care of the midwives was amazing, they were thoughtful, caring, supportive, attentive and encouraging. I was induced and spent 26 hours in labour so I really did see how the labour ward worked. My midwives explained exactly each stage of labour to me as it happened which took away the 'fear' factor and calmed my nerves, Back on the ward after giving birth the midwives took time out to show me how to breast feed (I find it difficult but am trying) and were happy to answer questions that I had.

Piggyleroux Tue 12-Jul-11 14:56:41

I had ds there in march last year. Not a good experience unfortunately, but reading the posts on here things may have improved.

It is a very, very busy unit and the midwives are rushed off their feet. Make sure you have a supportive partner who can advocate for you.

Good luck smile

nonikin Thu 16-Feb-12 18:39:40

Hi i had my daughter at whipps cross last september, I thought the midwives on the labour ward were great. I was induced and then had an emergency c section after failing to progress, I was very well looked after through all of that which was horrible experience, I got an epidural very quickly and the theatre staff were lovely. However the big down side was the after care upstairs, or the lack of it. I seemed to have constant round of drips, injections, taking blood , some of which were repeteated due to lack of communication and really no one helped me with my baby or breastfeeding or anything like that. But as i say the actual midwives were lovely on the labour ward and even came to see me upstairs the next night.

Bluebell84 Fri 16-Jan-15 21:47:29

I am due to have a c section there in August and I am feeling apprehensive. supposedly we can't give birth in queens any more

Racheyg Sun 18-Jan-15 21:29:36

Hi Bluebell,
I had my son at whipps in July 2013. Cut a long story short it was long and complicated and I ended up having a emcs. The after care was amazing and the midwifes were excellent as the one I had made sure i stayed in recovery so i could have a private room, which was a godsend as it was a heatwave. I am due to give birth in whipps in May and I may have a csection again. I have no worries about whipps. good luck with your pregnancy.

Gizmo2015 Fri 23-Jan-15 13:56:47

Does anyone know if you have to book their tours in advance? I have been trying to call all day to see if that is the case but there is nt answer and no facility to leave a message.
A webpage I found said that their tours take place on Tuesday at 6pm and my husband is free this Tuesday evening which is great as he works shifts and isn't always available. I am due in 6 weeks so would really like to go soon!

Gizmo2015 Fri 23-Jan-15 13:59:10

Bluebell, I went there a few weeks ago with reduced foetal movement and the staff I saw were really nice, I met three midwives. I was expecting the worse too, not sure why, maybe because they are such a busy hospital but it has calmed my nerves somewhat.

Changedup Sun 25-Jan-15 20:53:48

Bluebell, why can't you give birth in queens? Is it because of where you live?

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