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Due March 2010 - "Hello Baby... Goodbye Pelvic Floor"

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Arcadie Wed 20-Jan-10 12:27:44

Welcome to the March Preggos. Here's hoping we see nearly 1000 posts before anyone pops!

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mummyscrummy Wed 20-Jan-10 12:32:20

Ooooooh a new thread!
Hope everyone pregnancies are going well, I will have a look at the old thread and try and catch up with whats going on!

itwascertainlyasurprise Wed 20-Jan-10 12:50:22

Message withdrawn

mumbot Wed 20-Jan-10 13:18:58

well done arcadie

keep us posted shroomer put your feet up x

itwas hope you can leave work soon

bump shape has changed here - think baby is now on the longitudinal

ilovegreenbeans Wed 20-Jan-10 13:26:05

just marking my spot- thanks Arcadie

only other thing to add is that sleeping on your back is only bad if you start to feel dizzy/breathless. If you've got a couple pillows under your head/shoulders anyway it's totally not a problem!

JasHook Wed 20-Jan-10 14:31:59

New thread, lovely

Shroomer take care of yourself...and that goes for anyone else injured or anxious in the cause of pregnancy!

DrSkidaddle Wed 20-Jan-10 14:34:26

just marking, back later to read properly

pureeandpearls Wed 20-Jan-10 14:51:41

Bonjour- marking thread. MW 'forgot' to come yesterday so was round this lunchtime (annoying as I waited all day yesterday to eat a Mars Bar, then ate one midmorning today only to have to pee in a cup!) Last preg I was all about the Creme Eggs. Appears to be Mars BArs this time.

ON the plus side though it looks like babypearls has decided to get head down (must be the severe talking to I gave her at some unGodly hour this morning.) On the minus side me mischievous little DD has figured out how to climb out of bed so every time she down for a sleep she gets out, knocks on her bedroom door and calls my name until I come. if she's like this at 18 months, how will I cope with the terrible twos. Other minuses:
1.laptop no longer stays on my lap unless my feet are up
2.DD no longer stays on my lap unless my feet are up
3.Maternity clothes don't cover the bump.
4.DH working from home when I have arranged for an unauthorised purchase to be delivered (double pushchair)
5. Evil oven (very long story, most of which is on [[ my blog]] if you are bored) killed chocolate cakes in ten minutes. I hate it.
6. My mother arrives at the weekend and will be 'on hand' for the next ten weeks (she has taken compassionate leave to help me as i have a 'disability')

Other pluses:
1. DH has finally given permission to get evil oven fixed
2. Booked flights for summer hols (though odd as I had to give a name for unborn baby)
3. It rained instead of snowing
4. Have more Mars Bars arriving later in Tesco order.
5. My mother arrives at the weekend and will be 'on hand' for the next ten weeks (she has taken compassionate leave to help me as i have a 'disability')

Bet you are glad I popped by now......[wanders off shame-faced to sit back on SPD sofa]

rebeccacad Wed 20-Jan-10 14:59:24

Lovely new thread - very exciting! Could someone tell my baby that I don't want her to arrive until the next thread though?!

I had a weird night last night - the Braxton Hicks were constant from afternoon onwards, even when lying down and they started to feel a bit achey. I felt really restless and tearful and was beginnning to worry things were kicking off. Was getting the odd funny pain in strange places like my left hip too.

I did eventually get to sleep (after mammoth 2 hour back rub from DH) and though am still having loads of BH's today (every time I stand up) it seems better.

Don't see there's any point in ringing the MW though - but will do if it gets any worse.

puree sorry about all the things in your minuses list - but yay for holidays, fixed ovens and Mars Bars

Shroomer hope all calms down with you - do ring them if it doesn't go away though.

IWCAS sorry about middle of night sickness - hope it goes away soon.


Pingpong Wed 20-Jan-10 15:33:25

well done head girl Arcadie wink. Still concerned about annamamas whereabouts and manda come on and tell us you are okay.

Shroomer not sure about light brown discharge maybe you will lose your plug soon? I never was aware of losing a mucous plug last time but I def have discharge and am always wearing panty liners now.

IWCAS sorry to hear you are having a bad week. Puking is horrible whatever stage you are at, especially if it keeps you up at night. I've not spewed for a wee while <touch wood> but I would rate this pregnancy as quite a sicky one. Sometimes my heartburn is so bad I do think I will spew but I've got an XL bottle of superstrength Gaviscon by my side so I'm a bit happier now smile
chuckle at puree considering mother's imminent arrival a + and - !!! I would love my mother to be here right now but know she's got other stuff to be getting on and she will be here in just under a month (yes I am counting the days!) Glad your baby listened to the 'head down' chat!
rebecca your DH deserves a medal for a 2 hour back rub that is v impressive!
Right need to get on and do some work while DD is napping.

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 20-Jan-10 15:36:40

Message withdrawn

angfirsttimer Wed 20-Jan-10 15:38:17

Just marking my place.

Great title by the way!

Rebecca - envy at the 2 hour back rub from your DH - wish I could get mine to do that but obviously sad that you struggled to get to sleep. I had a wierd night too. I had these strange pains all over my bump, they went eventually but slightly worrying at the time - no idea what that was.

rebeccacad Wed 20-Jan-10 15:46:29

Thanks for all the BH reassurance - I guess I'm just extra touchy after last week's bleed/mucous plug loss but good to know that it sounds normal to you all.

DH was an angel last night (though he has perfected the one handed back rub whilst still 'playing' on his computer) - I think he was a bit frightened too bless him.

evitas Wed 20-Jan-10 16:02:25

Arcadie thanks for the new thread. Lovely photos on FB, it seems it was a nice party

puree I had a quick look at you blog. I'll start to read it on a regular basis. The Sweet Spice Cookies look amazing (I'm really wish I could eat some !)

rebeccacad I also have Braxton Hicks, and today they have been on and on...

This morning I had an appointment at the hospital with the gastroenterologist and he was keep saying "Oh... hopefully you'll be better in 3 or 4 weeks", and I was thinking "no... I'm still 33 weeks, at least I'll be better in 5 or 7 weeks". I really want this baby to stay inside a little bit longer. Just took some blood and I'll wait for the results.

MummyElk Wed 20-Jan-10 16:31:56

<mummyelk glances sideways at arcadie> <and dashes into lovely new thread, whirling around with arms out in the style of Julie Walters at the beginning of Sound of Music, opens mouth to sing, thinks better of it...sits cross-legged on log in attempt to keep thread dry>

Afternoon all
Sorry to hear people are still throwing up iwcas poor you - though at least it wasn't on the street this time?!! can't believer you are still being poorly sick, that is rubbish. hope you are home and tucked up in bed now...
envy at purees oven, i think my cakes are affected by my rubbish oven too (and lack of eggs), am going to try the Hairy Biker's Mums Know Best Victoria Sandwich this week and see what difference weighing the eggs makes.... will read your blog, i like the idea a lot!

Anyone get BH when rushing about? I'm not sure I do exactly but my whole tummy gets very painful and sort of stitchy if i rush to the train or whatever...

currently watchign The Karen Carpenter Story on True Movies 2. It can only end in tears.

I reckon I have two months of this bump only getting bigger.... which is a SCARY thought..already some trousers won't go on.... blush anyone else feel at max capacity already?!!! (emlou hope this isn't utterly inappropriate, i bet you have a lovely bump) MW app next weds, I must hold in there and avoid Any Talk of Growth Scans, mine last time was so utterly wrong.

right better get on. this place is a tip.

hecklephone Wed 20-Jan-10 17:04:54

Nice new thread, folks.

Emlou thinking of you and hope you and LO continue to get top-notch care.

donttry what a nasty fall - glad you and LO are ok though

Braxton Hicks - yes, lots! And yes, elk I especially get them when I'm rushing someplace or even just walking around - they're getting quite strong now so it feels quite uncomfortable and I usually have to slow down a bit. Back also now getting a bit achey if I stand for too long.

Clingy DD - was awake and shouting for me at 6am "but Mummy I just NEED you". So feeling pretty shattered even though I grabbed a 20 minute power nap after lunch. I just can't help thinking there's only about 7 weeks to go til DD2 arrives and what if DD1 is still waking early...sad

Now wandering about feeling a bit zombie-like and useless - I can't work cos DD is around and wanting me to play but I reeeeally don't feel like playing either. DH is here too but using the computer on and off - another reason why I can't get back into work stuff. Ok, I guess I'd better get something ready for the tea. Oh, and it's definitely time for a glug of Gaviscon - I can feel that familiar burning feeling....

PS thanks ang for alerting us to the M&S cardy - it looks v nice, and I think I'll be investing in one (for BF-ing purposes, of course wink)

Arcadie Wed 20-Jan-10 17:35:08

MummyElk grin grin grin and also loving the idea of Julie Walters performing in the Sound of Music.

Caitni fraid "annamama" is the de facto Head Girl. I'm just the swot at the back of the Further Maths A-level class....

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snowflakesarahandco Wed 20-Jan-10 17:41:36

hey all- well done on new thread,

saw midwife today all well- however she had no knowledge of my infection so called the hospital who informed her they would look at my notes and call me at home- they did and it has gone!!!!!!1 lol no i dea how or why but no infection on sundays sample!!!!WTF????

not really got much to add but hope everyone is ok- i am going to catch up on the old thread bbl!!!

MandaHugNKiss Wed 20-Jan-10 17:52:17

Aw, smac I'm feeling the love! blush

All I can say is my absence (and the lack of my usual address to everyone who has posted... ever, in this post) is due to my exhaustion. I'm happy to do my civil duty but I guess jury duty could have come at a better time. Like, at least a year ago when I wasn't even ttc and it would have been a doodle!

Hats off (I don't actually have a hat, but if I did...) to those of you still working and managing to post anything coherent!

So, my second case just finished today when we returned our majority verdict.

Another sexual assault case. I'm not sure if they ('they' being the Powers That Be in the judicial system) have been spying on my earlier posts pre sex ban and matched me to cases according to my personality. Wait. I sound really paranoid now! :p Anyway, as judgement has been passed I am now free to tell you about it.

So, this time, it was even more of an 'uncomfortable' case, despite the fact that the actual offense was 'minor' compared to my last case. This time, it was touching over clothes in the (her words) 'private parts' area. For about 30 seconds.

What makes it particularly 'nasty' was the senario. She was 17. He was 62. He is the step father of her best friend and had offered to take her for a drink when she was at a loose end one evening which she accepted (in her naivety?) as 'it was xxxx's dad, he's a normal bloke, it seemed normal'.

Ok. Is it then normal to ask her if she's ever tried sherry before, and when she answers in the negative (hmm, not sure many 17 year olds even know what sherry is, let alone if they've tried it!) he tells her he has some at home she can try? Maybe...

So he takes her back to his place. There is only a small two seater settee so they have to sit side by side (thighs/arms touching, obviously, as the settee is so small). He gives her the drink. (oh, I should mention he knows she's underage). He asks if she wants to watch a film and she asks what? He says 'You like dirty things, don't you?' and she thinks this is odd and says no. So he shows her a case that says 'Dolphins and Elephants'. She thinks it's something innocuous so it's agreed they'll watch it. It's hardcore porn. She is extremely uncomfortable and unsure how to react.

It goes on, there's inappropriate talk from him of a sexual nature which she, unsure how to react, is trying to bat away by changing the subject. She says she wants to go, but he says he's over the limit to drive so she'll have to stay. She insists she wants to go to her boyfriend, but he agrees eventually to take her home.

Not before he has rested his hand on her thigh for some '2-3 minutes' which she eventually asks him to move, to which his response is to move it up to her 'private parts' at which point she freezes in shock for a while (says it could be 30 seconds or so) before taking his hand away herself.

There were lots of other elements to it, and admittedly, there were some small inconsistancies in her testimony (which was the basis of the crown's case and as such, the only 'evidence'). But, I felt that despite the small inconsistancies, she was a reliable witness and in that sense I felt comfortable enough to find him guilty. Eight others on the jury agreed with me, the ninth initially was unsure but then decided he was happy to return a guilty verdict. The final two resolutely refused to consider a guilty verdict. One guy because, for him, the inconsistancies in her testimony meant he felt she wasn't a reliable witness. You can't really argue with that. But the final guy - ugh, it was kinda maddening! His reason for 'not guilty' was that there was no evidence. When asked what he would consider evidence, he kept reiterating 'an independant witness'. He couldn't seem to grasp that in a case where one person makes an allegation, and the other denies it, then although burden of proof is with the prosecution, testimony IS evidence. Whether you believe it or not comes down to how reliable you find the person giving testimony to be. I put it to him that in this, and many cases of sexual assualt, there are no witnesses to the crime, so does that give carte blanche to anyone who wants to perpetrate such an act because there is no evidence other than the word of the person making the allegation? 'Well... it's just not proof is it?'

Ok, so if it's your Mum, sister, daughter whom has been sexually assualted, do you say to her it's not happened because there is no physical evidence or independent witness?

He doesn't actually answer this... but still looks unconvinced.


So, eventually we were able to return a majority verdict rather than unanimous. At that point, his previous convictions come out. Starting in 1977, indecent exposure. Again in 1979. In 1984, two convictions of sexual assualt involving minors. In 2004 FOUR convictions of more indecent exposure/sexual assualt.

At this point, you'd think one's reaction would be 'thank goodness, we appear to have come to the correct verdict' but my throat kinda constricted and my heart sank. I'm still not sure why I had that reaction... I think it might be because I allowed myself to overlook small inconsistancies in her testimony because, ultimately, I believed her (and, so, found her credible) but could have easily decided the inconsistancies were unacceptable and argued against her credibilty. I think it's that we seem to have been right in convicting him, but could have easily got it wrong. Which also bought last weeks case to the fore of my mind. Along with all the other times in courts across the country every day where juries are getting it 'wrong'. I guess I'm just oversensitive right now with all the pregnancy hormones/tiredness and the burden of sitting in judgement over people feels heavy.

I apologise for waffling on - I said all this and more on the phone to DP when I came out (words just kept pouring and pouring out of my mouth!) but expressing it is helping me process it, I think. Thanks blush

I have to be back at court even earlier than usual tomorrow so haven't been dismissed yet despite thinking I would be... I really hope I can catch up properly at the weekend. Big un mn-like hugs to you all <emotional>

MummyElk Wed 20-Jan-10 18:08:03

arcadie shit. SORRY. blush grin pghead alert!!! I can't stop laughing at the thought of Julie walters actually doing a better version of it than andrews....dawn french would be an excellent Mother Abbess and jennifer saunders would do a marvellous version of uptight Plummer dontcha think? <mummyelk slinks off, sad that she's ruined yet another Thread Entrance>

manda well done on the court case, sounds like you are putting your conscience well and truly to work there and glad at least to know that juries do CARE....

Arcadie Wed 20-Jan-10 19:39:31

Manda Sounds horrific - so sorry you've had to go through all of that at 7/8 months pregnant and I agree totally - you've done the right thing, all of you, in this case... but what about all the other times where one might have jumped the other way. It's scary / disheartening. But take heart - you've done your job, half the time the law pretty much decides what your verdict has to be anyway and you can rest easy knowing another disgusting old man has been banged to rights. Wouldn't want to be him when he's in prison.

And on a lighter note Mummyelk Chin up! Your Julie Walters image has made my evening.

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mummyscrummy Wed 20-Jan-10 20:40:49

evening all!
ive tried to catch up on the posts from the last thread but there's soooo many so apologies for being out of the loop.

Smac - i know how you feel with the heartburn i seem to be getting it everytime i eat or even drink a glass of water. i just drink the gaviscon straight from the bottle now!

Shroomer - hope everything is ok and hope its not your plug. with DS i lost mine the day before i went into labour and it was like a big piece of mucus snotty stuff (sorry if TMI!). Also agree with Smac, i'm thinking about taking shares out in pantyliners!

Rebecca - feel sorry for you with the BH, not sure I've ever had them if that makes sense sometimes i think i am but then it just dispears! (hmm) hope they get better soon.

I had a scan today as I had lost a little blood yesterday following a colposcopy on Monday and everything seems fine. She is in the breech position which worries me a little but i know she still has plenty of time to turn. Going for a growth scan at 36 weeks also to decide on mode of delivery as had emcs with DS1. consultant worried my pelvis is insufficient for VBAC even though DS1 was an average 7lb 12oz. TBH i would rather a section as i wouldnt want to have a repeat of the labour with DS! plus my pain threshold is a little on the weak side (blush).

and I soooo wish I could start my ML now as i'm exhausted all the time. DS is potty training, and doing brilliantly bless him, and has also just moved into a proper bed so its a little difficult to get him to bed!
Oh and whats with this not sleeping on yer back thingy! I always seem to wake up on my back, although i do fall asleep on my left side!

Sorry for the long post but i havent posted on the thread in a while so want to make up for it!

Hope you are all well, i'm going to put the kettle on and have a wee! (the millionth of the day!)

PacificDogwood Wed 20-Jan-10 21:14:01

Ha! I found you!! And didn't even post on the old thread first wink.

Not much brain power left, so in no particular order of importance:

Good luck to all the driving test takers!

Donttry, your fall sounded horrendous, hope you are ok.

Sleeping on back (google: "vena cava compression in pregnancy" if you dare wink): do not worry too much about it as it will make you feel dizzy or breathless before it does any harm to the baby. It does not affect everybody - I can honestly say that I have never ever had symptoms of it (but then again I still go to sleep on my front shock and usually waken on my back).

Clingy toddler - still tick!
Lots and lots and lots of BH - tick!
Hospital bag - nope
Baby's room ready - nope
Another 6 weeks to mat leave - yep <<sigh>>
A million wees a day - tick!

Anyway, have a nice evening, everybody smile

PacificDogwood Wed 20-Jan-10 21:15:40

Oh, and Julie Walters and sexual assault on the same thread (well, sort of) shock.

You must be glad when your civic duty is done, Manda!

scooby26 Wed 20-Jan-10 21:48:28

Evening-just marking the thread. Been to see avatar today.v impressive but v long! Il b back tomorrow for proper post! X

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