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Jan 2020 - Thread 3

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mynameisMrG Wed 29-May-19 21:47:22

Brand new thread ladies! We went through the last one so fast! Let’s hope this one brings us lots of lovely scan photos.

MynameisMrG EDD 7/1/20 DC #2

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mynameisMrG Wed 29-May-19 21:50:05

Just following on from your message on the last thread @Mirana, I would have felt the same way. It’s hard to look at someone who is doing something so harmful to that unborn baby and not question things in my opinion.

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NewbieMam Wed 29-May-19 21:56:24

Hello, I'm new here! Due our first child in January, though we're not sure on the dates. I've been on contraception pills for almost 8 years, stopped taking them in April and fell straight away! I have no idea when I first bled, or how long my normal cycle is. I've calculated from first day I stopped taking pill which would make me due around 10th Jan, however we also did a clear blue test that said I was 1-2 weeks from conception, which I recalculated as more roughly 16th Jan. We've booked an early scan (at assumed 9 weeks) to date us! Midwife booking appointment isn't until 11 weeks so god knows when NHS scan will be! Anyone else had experiences like this before, with coming straight off contraception?

mynameisMrG Wed 29-May-19 21:59:48

I don’t have any experience of that @NewbieMam but I wanted to say welcome and congratulations 😊 I’m sure someone will be along who can help

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Mirana Wed 29-May-19 22:02:48

Thanks @mynameisMrG for the new thread!

I know it's really unhealthy and unhelpful to compare yourself to others, but seeing her outside smoking when I was going through so much stress when I won't even eat cheese if I can't see it's pasteurized was really sad sad I do hope she's okay and me glaring at her then bursting into dramatic tears didn't spook her too much (although I imagine others have probably said something by this stage).

DaisyMay25 Wed 29-May-19 22:08:22

Thanks for the new thread @mynameisMrG

EDD 1/1/2020 #1

@Mirana I would've been fuming! Some people take things for granted!

KatheeH Wed 29-May-19 22:21:59

Hi all- I’m going to be a new mama 31/01/20 ☺️

Excited to be part of the Jan 2020 group !

splishandsplash Wed 29-May-19 22:26:14

I have my booking appointment tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect! 😩
Scan isn't until 24th June (although I have already had an early one at 7 weeks😍)

mynameisMrG Wed 29-May-19 22:32:12

It’s a bit dull to be honest @splishandsplash. Lots of form filling and questions.

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SleepingStandingUp Wed 29-May-19 22:49:18

Checking in

DD 14/01/20
2nd DC, first just turned 4

Soph43 Wed 29-May-19 22:49:33

I’m so glad this thread is still expanding. It’s nice to see I’m not going insane and others are experiencing similar bursts of emotions 🙈 hope everyone’s excited for 12 week scans.. I’ve only got 3 more weeks to wait thank god!!!

MrsP4 Wed 29-May-19 23:03:44

Just following from last thread @Mirana I would've felt exactly the same, I'm still in shock I think and can't quite believe I'm pregnant! I feel like I just need a scan so I can believe it's real! We were TTC for 8 months before it happened so we thought we'd never get there I know it's not long but TTC feels like a lifetime no matter how long!

winter138 Wed 29-May-19 23:16:13

Thanks for new thread!

EDD 26/01/2020 #1

Are early scans all arranged privately? Are they expensive?

DaisyMay25 Wed 29-May-19 23:34:09

@splishandsplash I had mine today, lots of questions, urine sample, blood test and carbon monoxide test (just blowing into a machine) was done in about 40 minutes

Soph43 Wed 29-May-19 23:36:29

@winter138 we looked into it and it was around £90 near us and by the time they could fit us in we were 2 weeks away from NHS so decided to just wait.. a few woman here founds scans under £50 i believe xx

Cindy61 Wed 29-May-19 23:45:33

Hi new thread!
DD 11/01/2020 first pregnancy smile

AstroKate Thu 30-May-19 03:34:11

Thanks for the new thread MrG

Currently 9 weeks, EDD 1/1/2020. This will be our first

Had 8 weeks scan last week and all looked good but anxious to get to the 12 week mark like everyone else!

Booking in appt this weekend.

I've also joined the "3am can't sleep" club!! I've never had issues sleeping before but this week I've been lying awake tossing and turning unable to get back to sleep in the early hours! So tiring....

mynameisMrG Thu 30-May-19 03:59:45

Me too @AstroKate. I’m laid here thinking of all the things I need to do tomorrow. It’s not helping

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AstroKate Thu 30-May-19 04:15:33

I'm doing that awful thing of working out how many hours I would have had if I go back to sleep Ok, what if I went back to sleep at 4.30....ok, how about 5.00.

Then I end up thinking there's no point as I've got to get up soon.

I feel like the walking dead this week!!

Never known anything like it. Dead tired in the day but wide awake in the early hours

leclarke91 Thu 30-May-19 04:17:25

Thanks for starting the new thread @mynameisMrG
First time Mum here, EDD 07/01/20 😊

Lyssa91 Thu 30-May-19 04:48:01

First time mom here! Currently 7+6. I have my first 8 week scan with my OB on Friday. A little concerned today because I had a few minutes of cramping, nothing intense,mostly just uncomfortable. TMI coming... Used the restroom and had some blood, not bright red but red, by the second wipe it was gone. By the next bathroom trip the blood was brown and barely there. Weird thing is today would've been the day I would have started my period had I not been pregnant. Still feel sleepy and nauseous and extremely hungry. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this type of spotting ?

Chantalle3 Thu 30-May-19 05:26:01

Just checking in. Thanks for the new thread MrsG!

EDD 3rd Jan, first baby.

Early scan and booking appointment all done and on 3 week countdown to 12 week scan now. Can't wait!

Chantalle3 Thu 30-May-19 05:38:25

Anyone else's boobs throb and sting when they first get out of bed in the morning?

leclarke91 Thu 30-May-19 05:47:12

@Lyssa91 I have been spotting (mostly brown with occasional pink) for a while now and had a heavy bright red bleed with clots. Had mild cramps for the last few weeks too. Had a scan at EPU and baby was fine, heartbeat was seen too. Completely understand your worry though! I'm still a bit worried now as my spotting seems to go, but then comes back a day or two later! Hope yours resolves soon x

LillyLeaf Thu 30-May-19 06:33:17

Checking in, 5+4 today, EDD 26th January. Woke up too early and couldn't get back to sleep, sounds like this could go on for a while.

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