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Due May 07- UK- got your first scan appointment?

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glitterkitty Tue 10-Oct-06 10:23:09


The May thread is so long, thought I'd start another about the SCAN!!!

I am 10+4 and just got my appointmentfor 25 October- I'll be 12+5 then. I can't wait! It seems ages away, just dying to relax and enjoy this but I wont let myself until I know all is well.

Oh, and for those who have done this before, I hear the midwifes tell you off if you get too fat in first trimester- how fat is too fat? I have put on about 5lbs already- will they expect me to diet?

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redbullbloodandbump Tue 10-Oct-06 11:09:54

got mine letter on fiday having my scan on the 24th of oct allthough i will be just over 10 weeks my midwife said its fine they will beable to pick up everything still, cant wait

redbullbloodandbump Tue 10-Oct-06 11:11:11

and this is my 2nd pregnancy and i never got told of about my weight on the first and i pilled it on!!

twelveyeargap Tue 10-Oct-06 13:52:13

I think I put on about 3 stone with my first and they never said a word. Am already about 1 to 1.5 st overweight so I'm tryyying to watch it. (She says, reaching for the ginger nuts.)

Scan is Nov 1st. I'll be 11+4 that day. Cannot wait! This is my hubbies first baby and he actually gets emotional thinking about the scan. How sweet is that?

Also have my first midwife appt just before the scan. I didn't have my last baby in the UK. What happens when you see the midwife for the first appt? Is that when I tell them I'm thinking of a home birth? Want the midwife to calm Mr. TYG down and tell him I'm not crazy for considering it.

MKG Tue 10-Oct-06 14:10:38

Scan in two days I'll just be hitting 8 weeks then. My new doctor is weird. I don't have an appointment until after my scan because they want to have the results. I thought they would first want to verify that I was pregnant before sending me for bloodwork and a scan.

Jonah- I'm in New Jersey. I've only beein to the airport in vegas. It's great they have a 24 hour gym there, with sauna (not that you can use one) and everything.

Can someone tell me why cottage cheese tastes so good. For some reason I bought it yesterday and I never buy it. It is pure heaven.

I gained 60 pounds with ds (I don't know what a stone is, sorry ) They kept yelling at me for gaining too much. I think I put on a lot of water because two weeks after ds was born I had lost 30 lbs. With ds I had terrible eating habits and I could not eat anything that wasn't covered in grease. I also had terrible nausea and the cure was to eat. So I ate all day. So far (fingers crossed) I don't have that with this one.

Glitterkitty-don't go on a diet. I knew a girl who went on a diet in her fifth month to try to lose a couple pounds she put on and she ended up miscarrying. Who knows if they were related. If they tell you you're gaining too much just do small things like cut out salt and oil.

charleymouse Tue 10-Oct-06 14:11:55

I am 6+6 and have got my first scan on 15 November when I will be 12 exactly. (I think!)

My GP wrote to me last week and told me to make an apt, so I went this morning and he was useless.
He wanted to know why I was there, so I told him they had sent me a letter, he asked who I had seen at the hospital last time (I had a home birth) I told him I would like the same again and he just blurted out "home births are dangerous" I must have looked at him a bit like he was mad because he started backpeddling massively and saying things like if everything is straightforward a home birth is fine, it is only if something is wrong that a home birth is dangerous etc. Talk about needing to improve on his bedside manner.
Anyway will forget all about silly GP and regale MW with his panic stricken face at my booking in apt on Saturday. She will find it hilarious as she delivered DD at home.
I can see how this could be off putting to first timers now though, I thought his attitude sucked. DH said after if we had seen him first time round he wouldn't have been so keen on a home birth.

Ms TYG I had to convince my DH first time round about a home birth, at the booking in apt my midwife said "well obviously the safeest place to have your baby is at home" that kind of sealed it for DH. Talk it through with your MW at your first apt then they can at least give you the options for your area. He thought it was brilliant as did I. You are not mad

twelveyeargap Tue 10-Oct-06 14:34:30

Brill, thanks Charleymouse. I'll speak to her then. I doubt the Mr will be coming to all my appts, so best to get it out of the way! Hoping they agree to the home birth. I'm moving a bit further away from UCLH, though it's still on the "choices" for the area I'm moving to. (I checked when I was choosing.) Hopefully it won't make a difference.

I cannot BELIEVE your doctor! <think Victor Meldrew response> How very dare he! I'm appalled. I know doctors are overworked and it must be very hard to be a GP as everyone expects you to be an expert in all diciplines... but still. I really think that's uncalled for. <tuts>

Juicylucythe2nd Tue 10-Oct-06 14:42:01

Hi, newbie to this thread. I'm 7 weeks today and have another scan in 2 weeks.

Do you think I need to contact the midwife now, or can I wait until after my scan.

Don't want to have the whole thing planned in case I mc again, but don't want to leave it too late and miss my appt. IYSWIM

twelveyeargap Tue 10-Oct-06 14:42:19

Oh and MKG, a stone is 14 pounds, so 60 pounds is 4st 4lbs. I suppose it prob seemed like a lot to the medical staff, but then if you lost half straight after the birth then your body must behave differently.

I've read in some places that a gain of 4lbs in the first trimester is about right, but then I've also read that around 11 is normal. I think up to 35 in total is considered "average" and I have read that if you're overweight before you start, then around 25lbs is about right, whereas if you're underweight before then up to 40 could be better.

Bottom line, is that as long as you eat the right foods in the right amounts, you'll be fine. I mean, none of us are blind to how bikkies, sweets, fatty foods are not as healthy as fruit, veg and wholegrains. Better not to worry about weight and (once the nausea is gone), concentrate on putting the right nutrients in.


Scan 20 October and I will be 12 + 2

HalloweenSucks Tue 10-Oct-06 14:54:24

Hi all,

I am only 8+5 so haven’t had my scan through yet (booking in was at 8 weeks). I did have two early scans last week though as I had a bleed and thankfully everything was fine- good heartbeat and yolk sac etc.

Talking of insensitive doctors, the one who did my 2nd scan last week was bloomin’ awful. He barked ‘lie down’ and ‘get up’ at me, not once did he look at my face and he threw a tissue at me afterwards so I could clean myself up. I asked him if the baby was okay and he said ‘8wks is very early and miscarriage is common.’ I repeated the question ‘is the baby okay now’? He said ‘it’s as expected.’ Charming. This was in an EPU full of scared mothers and fathers to be. The poor woman who went in before me obviously had bad news, she and her dh came out crying and were shown to a side room where I could hear her sobbing. My heart broke for her anyway, but after having my scan and seeing how cold and callous the doctor was, I hoped to God that he had been nicer to her. That poor woman, I keep thinking about her.


PS Hi Juicy, I'd contact your midwife now. Good to see you on an antenatal thread!

twelveyeargap Tue 10-Oct-06 15:14:54

What a horrible man! That's awful.

Juicy - agree. I would make midwife appt now.

Everything crossed for you both.

Juicylucythe2nd Tue 10-Oct-06 15:15:35

Thanks SoH, have done as instructed and am waiting for a call back.

It's good to be on the antinatal, but still a bit nervous about being here.

Juicylucythe2nd Tue 10-Oct-06 15:17:28

What a horrible doctor.

The nurses at my EPU are lovely. The doctor was more "direct" and less touchy feely, but she was still kind and considerate of my feelings when I had my missed mc diagnosed.

Nasty man.

JonahB Tue 10-Oct-06 15:47:35

MKG, 24 hour gym!!! I’m having problems finding the energy to leave the house at the moment, let alone making it to my gym. I usually go 2-3 times a week. Not any more. My only exercise is going to the fridge to get yet another peanut butter sandwich. It okay though, the multigrain bread negates the fat and grease in the peanut butter.

Maybe I’m being a bit blase about the weight issue, but I put on 2 stone 2 with DS (30lbs), all but half a stone fell off in the first two weeks and the rest went when I stopped b/f. I ate like a horse for the entire 9 months. So, I’m kind of thinking, if it worked that well the first time, I should be okay this time too. Plus, as I’m planning this to be my last pgy, it’s also my last opportunity to eat chocolate every day and not feel guilty as it’s not for me, it’s for bump Obviously, these words will haunt me when I go and put on 4 stone!!!

There really are some awful dr’s out there, aren’t there. I’m really shocked at some of your stories.

MKG Tue 10-Oct-06 16:31:55


I didn't mean that you should go work out. I was just explaining how big it is and all the cool stuff there is to do there. (I got stuck overnight there when I missed a connectiing flight.) It's just nice to know that there are things to do if you have a few hours to kill.

Halloween--if I were you I would sooooo have given that doctor a piece of my mind. Is there anyway you can complain to a supervisor? It's one thing for doctors to give you medical facts and not be too involved in your personal feelings. It's another to be callous like that. You don't have to put up with crap like that. You should try to find another doctor.

mummymelling Tue 10-Oct-06 16:40:48

Afternoon ladies,just a quick hello,as im trying to cook tea ,get ready for ds 1st parents evening etc,etc.The toe is fine today although yesterday was very sore and throbbing,the op was ok once he topped up the local half way through.Glad everyone is okay at the moment, ive got my nuchal scan on the 1st nov when il be 11.6 weeks xx

jessinwa Tue 10-Oct-06 20:57:00

i am having a hard time keeping up with who said what here. i love that there are so many of us, but please excuse me if i repeat something or ask something someone already asked. my pregnant brain has trouble with way less complicated things than this thread!
johahb and tyg, i live in seattle, washington. it is a lovely place and i love living here but my husband got a job offer in perth, western australia that we just could not pass up. i will be six months prego when we move. i am not looking forward to that plane ride. my ds will be seventeen months old and i won't have much of a lap for him to sit on. my poor hubby is really going to have his hands full!
jonahb, i once spent the night in the vegas airport by myself because i just had to see the band underworld and vegas was the closest stop to where i was living at the time. that seems like a lifetime ago. no more flying here and there for concerts anymore!
all of these stories about horrid doctors makes me so happy to have my doctor. i love her. she is the perfect balance of no nonsense and nice lady. just a very good doctor. and the staff at her office is incredible. i feel very lucky to have found her. i have a lot of anxiety about moving so late in pregnancy and finding a new doctor.
scans! how exciting! i had one a couple weeks ago and i have another one on friday. the one on friday is part of the "quad screen" that looks for abnormalities. my insurance pays for it so i thought i might as well go for it. it tells you what the chances are that the baby will have downs or spina bifida. dh and i would not ever terminate based on the results of such a test but i definitely see the value of knowing ahead of time. there are a lot of things you can do to be more emotionally and physically prepared for a special needs child. sorry, i am rambling. anyway, i am excited to see that little heart beating away.
can someone refresh my memory, please? when will we start to feel these little guys and gals fluttering around in there? i seem to remember seventeen weeks is when i felt ds for the first time but i could be wrong.
hope you are all feeling well tonight.

MKG Tue 10-Oct-06 21:01:03

Jessinwa--I almmost never felt ds moving. He was a weird one. I would only feel him once or twice a day, I would yell for dh to feel, and ds would stop. My midwife at the time told me he was probably facing towards my back a lot which I why I didn't feel anything. I think 18 weeks is the norm.

MKG Tue 10-Oct-06 21:03:31

Here's a question. Who is going to find out what the baby is? I know it's too early to tell, but I think about it every day. I'll say it. I want a girl. I already have a ds, so a dd would be wonderful.

jessinwa Tue 10-Oct-06 21:07:32

mkg, we are not going to find out. we waiting until delivery with ds and i was so glad we did. after days of labor and intensity it was so nice to have that incredible surprise to look forward to. i go back and forth on whether i want a girl or a boy. sometimes i think it would be nice to have a girl to even out or family but them i think it would be so nice for my ds if the new one if a boy because they will be so close in age. i know it goes without saying, but, as long as it is a healthy child i will be happy.

MKG Tue 10-Oct-06 21:46:26

jessinwa, I know what you're saying about having another ds. My ds is so sweet, I think "wouldn't life be great with two like this". But, I don't think I could handle anymore testosterone in the house.

glitterkitty Wed 11-Oct-06 09:11:17

Oh I'm glad to hear people talking about homebirths- although this is my first I'd really like to have the baby at home. Not keen on hospitals, and I understand theres less chance of infection/ intervention, and better change of quick birth if your at home. I'm psyching myself up to tell midwifes at my booking in appointment.

I'm so relieved to hear I'm not the only one whos put on more than is recommended in 1st tri! I was overweight already which sort of makes it worse- I'm only 5ft and got on scales this morning to see that I am 10 st 11lbs, which was so so depressing. Nothing I own fits. Trying to stay positive but I feel like I'm doing it all wrong, and that the midwifes will say how fat I have got in front of my DP and I'll be embaressed. Doom!

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WaspElly Wed 11-Oct-06 09:42:42

Hi all - another newbie - scan on the 19th, EDD April 30th, but ds was the full 9 days late so not sure where to put myself really!
I say 9 days late but he arrived at home (unplanned) in 2.5 hours from first contraction (I LOVE my midwife-led team - totally proffessional and I was so in the zone by the time they arrived) No wonder I was in shock! I'm hoping for a little less of a rush in the end to be honest this time round!

I've deffo gotten fatter quicker this time - I only discovered I was pg at 9 weeks last time - this time there's no chance of missing the bump! At least with the ms gone now, I'm back to eating nearly normally instead of constantly!

Anyway, hi to all hope everyone's scans go well.

pebblemum Wed 11-Oct-06 10:46:15

Morning all. Sorry feeling too lazy to read all the thread so if what i say doesnt tie in with what you have all been discussing, please ignore me.

I had a visit from my midwife yesterday, a very nice lady ( a lot better than my previous one) who heaped a load of leaflets/booklets onto me. As she said a pregnant woman is an advertisers dream. Ive got leaflets on clothes, tens machines, saving bonds, scans etc. Ds2 has had fun playing with them so i guess they came in handy for a little while. She tried to take my bloods yesterday but my body didnt want to give any up. Dh was sat there laughing at my screwed up face and ds2 looked like he wanted to hit her for hurting his mum. In the end she gave up, didnt see the point of causing me any undue discomfort plus i think she was worried i was going to faint, i hate needles. I have now got to have my bloods done when i go for my first scan. It should be in about3-4wks, i cant wait
Ive got the builders in today, demolishing my kitchen, it is hectic. We only have a small flat so everything is piled wherever it would fit. Because its the council that are doing it, it could take up to 3weeks to complete. Im going mad already. All our food is boxed up, we have no cooker or washing machine and even the simple task of making a cuppa is a pain in the bum.
Hope everyone is feeling ok and their little beans arent causing too many problems on the sickness, tiredness front. My nausea seems a bit better but now and again it returns with a vengeance. As for putting on weight some days i look huge but others i dont look too bad, dont know whats going on there. I cant wait to look pregnant though, as it is at the moment i just look like im getting fat

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