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I think there should be a bloody support group for parents of 3 year olds

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Limelight Mon 04-Apr-11 20:11:21

It's like DS woke up a couple of months ago as a completely different person.

'Trying' incidents today:

1) Complete refusal to even consider wearing any clothes. I mean, would genuinely have been very happy if I'd agreed to send him to pre-school in the buff.

2) Running out into the road.

3) Massive screaming kicking throwing things level tantrum because I'd dared suggest we go out with his friends to a club he normally loves. Because the children are naughty and it's all soggy. Apparently. Needless to say we didn't go because by the time he'd calmed down it was too late. So he had another massive tantrum because he couldn't go.

4) Massive sulk because a kid he didn't know decided to play on the wrong slide. Apparently.

5) Complete refusal to eat the dinner he helped me make because it had (completely imaginary) green bits in it. I wouldn't mind except it's normally one of his favourites.

Now admittedly he's very recently had chicken pox and is still a little irritable but when I think about it, he's been like this for a few months. I also have a 10wo DD which isn't helping. He loves her but is not hugely happy with DH and I for changing his life.

Totally exhausted. Going for a bath and a lie down.

Cattleprod Mon 04-Apr-11 20:15:22

Now I'm scared - DS turns 3 at the end of the month. I thought it was supposed to be the terrible ^twos - I was feeling quite relieved that I'd got off quite lightly!

bitzermaloney Mon 04-Apr-11 20:20:57

When ds1 was three he used to have a tantrum every breakfast, lunch and dinner time, because when he started eating it the food got smaller. I don't mean a few sniffles, I mean a full-on screaming fit. He barely ate anything for weeks, then it gradually petered out.

At the same time he hated getting any part of him wet or dirty (more tantrums).

Ds2 arrived the week before ds1 turned three, and although it was starting before then, that's when it got REALLY bad.

(He's 4.5 now, and a lot better grin)

CrapBag Mon 04-Apr-11 20:38:50

Oh god! Yes!!!!

DS is 3 and we are having some 'trying' issues as well. I also have a 8 week old DD but he does adore her so thats a good thing. Its the attitude that gets me!

Caz10 Mon 04-Apr-11 20:43:04

If you start can I join?! too weary to even post the details!

littlemisslozza Mon 04-Apr-11 20:44:12

Sorry Cattleprod but in my experience it's more 'terrible threes' than 'terrible twos'! I too thought I had got off quite lightly....

I have a friend with the most amazingly placid little boy who is now 5 who has hardly ever tantrumed but she had quite a shock when her DS2 more than made up for it!

DuplicitousBitch Mon 04-Apr-11 20:46:22

support group!!!! arf. it does get easier

LoveBeingKnockedUp Mon 04-Apr-11 20:49:39

Bitz you have made me laugh so much.

Dd who is three (just) has done the following in the last few days; cried because when she put all the ice cream in her mouth she had none left, crying to get out of her room
(whilst I ironed in mine) and then jumped into bed s d cried when I tried to take her downstairs, cried cause she wanted to brush her teeth I wasn't goi g to make her as she was sooo tired a d then givi g me the toothbrush back as she is too tired, tried to bite me bacause I td her she didn't need a straw for the enosed cup she was drinking from!

cookielove Mon 04-Apr-11 20:50:49

I have no children of my own, (work in a nursery) but your day reminded me of a 2 year old in my care. So you can see it happens to the professionals to.

- tantrum cause he didn't want snack

- tantrum cause he missed snack

- tantrum cause he wanted his comfort toy

gave said comfort toy

- tantrum cause he wanted toy put away

all children went in the garden attached to room.

He stood by the other door, cried off and on, we tried to engage him, he was having none of it, but was calm mostly, was looking at the garden but wouldn't come out

We called them all in, cue massive tantrum he wants to go in the garden, hanging off the handles screaming 'garden now' try to calm him down and say later, begin to strip off clothes for lunch, he wants to do it himself, great, by the time he is undressed he is smiling and happy to listen to the story.

<shakes head in wonder>

LoveBeingKnockedUp Mon 04-Apr-11 20:51:36

Oh yeah and crying cause she's got yogurt/food on her

Again Mon 04-Apr-11 20:55:44

So happy to read this!

TheSecondComing Mon 04-Apr-11 21:01:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WMDinthekitchen Mon 04-Apr-11 21:02:45

My DD would scream the place down every time I stopped at a red traffic light. We live in a congested city...

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Mon 04-Apr-11 21:10:27

cookielove Do you work at my DS1 nursery? It sound just like him hmm

I got talking to the Pharmacist today who said she had two boys 4 and 6 and I actually asked her 'it does get better - doesn't it?' I was buying Barocca at the time so I think she knew I wasn't joking!

doormat Mon 04-Apr-11 21:15:30

thatwould no it doesnt get any eldest is 26 and my youngest is 10 and they still all have tantrumsgrin

cookielove Mon 04-Apr-11 21:16:06

Well you never know smile <Wonders if thatwouldbeans ds has a comfort toy>

oooh tantrums are so fun grin

Kleftico Mon 04-Apr-11 21:18:17

Ah the joys! DD 3 in 20 days. So far today we have had crying because she wanted to ride her bike to DS school, then cried because she didn't want to ride it back. Cried because I picked a dandelion for her on the way home and she really wanted a daffodil (daisy in her world). She cried because she got yogurt on her top, the dog and hair on her spoon. Stamped her feet because we had to go and pick DS up from school, cried because she couldn't play out with DS. Cried because she couldn't sleep in the same bed as DS. Yelled "no! I no like BEDTIME ARGGGGGHHHHHHH!". and we'll do it all again tomorrow. My life is one big negotiation.

Limelight Mon 04-Apr-11 21:20:26

Hurrah! I haven't produced a fledgling Gordon Ramsay then! Consider this support thread opened then...

My name is Limelight and my 3 year old has gone MAD!

toddlerwrangler Mon 04-Apr-11 21:20:41

No no no no NO. It gets easier at three. EASIER I tell you.

[sits in corner shaking at the thought of it going downhill from todays episodes at 23 months]

Chaotica Mon 04-Apr-11 21:21:29

You're actually making my 3 year old DS sound quite reasonable. (Which he really isn't.) But I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow needing to vent.

thefirstMrsDeVere Mon 04-Apr-11 21:21:35

My three year old has recently turned menkle. Proper full on menkle.

He is my fourth child (of five), I should have been prepared, I have another one who will also turn menkle in two years.

What have I done?

Chaotica Mon 04-Apr-11 21:22:32

Actually there were incidents - I just block them out.

NessyBay Mon 04-Apr-11 21:22:42

3 is so much worse than 2 ime!

3.5yr old DS is a 'mare at the mo grin.

Esp bad whilst on the school run and doing the food shop. Grrrrr!

lucykate Mon 04-Apr-11 21:23:53

this might cheer you up the toddler song

BeakerTheMuppetMuppet Mon 04-Apr-11 21:24:34

DD (4 in june, if she's lucky) today refused to eat her dinner as she was 'far to busy'

then threw a massive hissy fit as i'd let it go cold hmm

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