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To be shocked and disgusted at DH and his strange sexual requests?

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CindyCrawfordsLeftLeg Sun 29-Mar-09 13:29:54

DH has been suggesting we should be a bit more adventurous in bed lately.

I'm up for that, dont mind trying different positions or a bit of role play etc

last night we shared a bottle of chablis and were both a bit 'tipsy', he got a bit amorous and we headed off to the bedroom

Things were getting a bit passionate and he then tells me he has a suprise for me, he opened up the bedside table and pulled out a box, i opened it up and to my horror, pulled out a strap on rubber penis shock

I was too shocked to speak, just sat there amazed, he then started explaining that he wanted me to use it on HIM shock but first i would have to 'loosen him up' shock with my tongue shock he called it 'rimming' [disgusted]

Needless to say we had a big row, after i called him weird and freaky, he slept on the sofa, got up early and went to the office, i am expecting him back soon, but i think this is the beginning of the end, i need time to think, he is not the man i thought he was sad

kulapunka Sun 29-Mar-09 13:31:10

yawn yawn

FAQinglovely Sun 29-Mar-09 13:31:56


Tryharder Sun 29-Mar-09 13:32:00


This is a wind-up right?

CindyCrawfordsLeftLeg Sun 29-Mar-09 13:33:38

why is it a wind up angry if you dont have anything nice to say then please leave my thread

CelebrityMNer Sun 29-Mar-09 13:33:44

I love a bit of rimming myself- receiving, natch, so no sympathy from me: if your marriage is important to you, you need to start kissing some serious arse.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sun 29-Mar-09 13:34:52

I don't see what your problem is Cindy. You're obviously a prude. grin

Tryharder Sun 29-Mar-09 13:35:24

I agree with CelebrityMner wink

CindyCrawfordsLeftLeg Sun 29-Mar-09 13:35:33

Well i have never even heard of this 'rimming' until now

kulapunka Sun 29-Mar-09 13:35:53

but cindy...there's one of these threads at least once a week...they are tres boring..and who really gives a fuck about your sex life?

expatinscotland Sun 29-Mar-09 13:35:55

Are you sure he's at the office and not in the local rentboy park?

independiente Sun 29-Mar-09 13:35:57

Went to the office on Sunday morning?

Tryharder Sun 29-Mar-09 13:36:06

As long as you make sure he has a good bath beforehand, you'll be OK.

SlebMner Sun 29-Mar-09 13:36:13

hmm at getting tipsy enough to do that on half a bottle of chablis each

i;d need a litre of vodka and some crack


kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sun 29-Mar-09 13:37:14

Yes Cindy...he's not at work at all...he's 'cottaging' grin

CindyCrawfordsLeftLeg Sun 29-Mar-09 13:37:47

oh fgs i am not a prude, i have tried doggy and even let him take me from behind

He wants me to give him sex up his...god i cant even say it sad

expatinscotland Sun 29-Mar-09 13:38:49

He doesn't want you to give him sex, he wants the rubber cock to do that.

nametaken Sun 29-Mar-09 13:39:06

what about just fisting him then

Tidey Sun 29-Mar-09 13:39:17

Aren't those the same thing?

CindyCrawfordsLeftLeg Sun 29-Mar-09 13:39:21

Yes he went to 'his' office, he has his own business, why do you find it strange that someone might go to work on Sunday hmm

CelebrityMNer Sun 29-Mar-09 13:39:40


( oi, sleb, who are you then?)

SlebMner Sun 29-Mar-09 13:39:43

if this is something that has come from nowhere, you are not out of order to be shocked, and perhaps disgusted, but you cannot reject your DH and your entire marriage on a drunken misjudgement of a situation

he probably could not verbalise his fantasy without being a bit drunk

but you need to make it clear you are not up for it and there are lots of other things you can do

if he carries on trying to make you do it, then that is a different thing altogether

expatinscotland Sun 29-Mar-09 13:40:10

Well, he might not have gone to work, but he may have hired someone who's since gone to work.

SlebMner Sun 29-Mar-09 13:40:11

<<Lulu! who are you, name stealer?? grin>>

kormachameleon Sun 29-Mar-09 13:40:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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