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PegorySpeck Thu 23-Sep-21 16:24:06

My step son and gf have recently called their newborn a really awful pretentious name. I know it’s their choice but neither me nor my husband can bring ourselves to say it in a sentence. Every time we talk about him we say ‘the baby’ or the ‘little one’. We have been very diplomatic and said things like ‘ oh that’s unusual’ but they have started to notice we don’t use his name in conversation and it’s becoming tense.

Any advice on how to move forward?

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ittakes2 Thu 23-Sep-21 18:45:50

Honestly, you need to get over yourselves. I can't believe you are refusing to say your own grandchild's name. My sister changed her very feminine name to a male name - Scott William - and not because she was transitioning or anything (this was over 35 years ago) but basically to annoy my parents and rebel. She gets called Billy now (her choice). Yes it was weird but and I thought it was stupid but it would have been even more stupid to refuse to call her by her legal name as thats what she wanted.

PegorySpeck Thu 23-Sep-21 18:46:09

His name is Stormy-Water middle name cloud

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Brollywasntneededafterall Thu 23-Sep-21 18:46:19

Have they actually registered the baby? Time to see the error of their ways or not?
My dgc is named after theor dgm's ddog.. Who was named after a dead relative...
Their choice..
Just glad the relative wasn't called Rover!!

StrongbutTired00 Thu 23-Sep-21 18:46:37

Is it Jesus?

user1493494961 Thu 23-Sep-21 18:46:42


Underamour Thu 23-Sep-21 18:47:09

1) It’s a boy
2) it’s awful and pretentious.

I think this must be an upper class boys name with traditional connotations which has offended the parents.


I could go on.


PegorySpeck Thu 23-Sep-21 18:47:10

I could live with Jesus

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toughdaay Thu 23-Sep-21 18:47:25

My dads wife told me she hated each of my children's names when we told her (not sure why I carried on telling her after the first tbh). They all have 'normal' names. Guess who doesn't seen their grandchildren now...

user1493494961 Thu 23-Sep-21 18:47:48

You can shorten it to Storm, not too 'out-there'.

MrsSkylerWhite Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:22

It’s Bear, isn’t it?

(Loving Burrito. Many years ago, husband and I were looking into baby names and in the year our eldest was born, children - in America - were actually registered as Cigarette and Nicey Horsey. WTAF ? 🤣🤣🤣)

JackOfGentleman Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:23

Oh dear Lord - Stormy-Water Cloud??! Are you being serious?!

Wiltshire90 Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:33


His name is Stormy-Water middle name cloud

Could he shorten it to Storm later on? I know a male Storm and never really thought of it as weird. Perhaps you could also shorten it to Storm for now...

Dollywilde Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:42

He’ll just be known as Storm, which in the grand scheme of child names nowadays is not a big deal. There were 23 boys named Storm in 2019 according to ONS (ironically the same number as there are girls with my daughter’s name, which is a perfectly normal name).

You’re being precious.

cuppycakey Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:46

So can you not just call him Stormy?

Bluesheep8 Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:51

Yes, shorten it to Storm

Raggedyanabell Thu 23-Sep-21 18:48:51

I don't think people should be pressuring OP to state the name. If the name is that unusual then it will be really identifiable, and hurtful if the parents came across this thread (especially if a paper picks up the story).

Some of the responses here have been unnecessarily harsh but honestly OP, it's not worth damaging the relationship with your family so you should just bite the bullet and say it as often as you can as early as possible and it'll hopefully start to feel normal. The more you avoid it, the stranger it'll feel for you.
I hated my DSs name for a while after I named him (its not an unusual name but I felt forced to name him this by DSs dad) but now it's just his name and hopefully in time you will feel the same and won't notice it as much.

Ellmau Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:03

Is there a way you could use a nickname or shorter version?

BTW, if the SS and SDIL are noticing you aren't calling the baby anything, they'll probably recognise you from this thread even if you don't share the name.

AhNowTed Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:04

Yeah that's a ridiculous name.

WTF are people on.

OP can you shorten it to Storm? It's still naff but at least it's a bit better.

LukeEvansWife Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:12

Fuck - that is hideous, to be fair

ArabellaScott Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:18


SunnyLeaf Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:24

You know this is going to make the tabloids with a name like that grin

Underamour Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:38

Imagines grandoarents in the park…. Thaddeus! Thaddeus! Time to get off the swings and go home now!grin

cuppycakey Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:51

I worked with a girl called Storm. Only a problem because she had a dreadful lisp.

Can't see the problem.

toughdaay Thu 23-Sep-21 18:49:56


His name is Stormy-Water middle name cloud

I mean that's not as bad as some of the guesses on here. It's just a name OP and it's nothing to do with you. Maybe he'll grow into it and be in a class with a group of other creatively named kids. Maybe he'll hate it and change it the first chance he gets. Who cares, it's a name.

TheGrumpyGoat Thu 23-Sep-21 18:50:05

Yeah that’s hideous.
What is their reason for choosing the name?

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