To be offended by the thing oh said whilst dreaming last night..?

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Peppaismyrolemodel Sun 21-Mar-21 11:21:29

For context he is scared of wolves and often dreams about them.

And also for context my mother has the kind of issues which make her decidedly unpleasant in close relationships.

So should I be offended that last night he turned to me, whilst clearly dreaming, and with quite some anger, said ‘you are really JUST like your mother’.
And then growled. (!)

Do you think I’m being unreasonable to take this personally, or should I tell myself dreams are not to be taken seriously by those who happen to hear..?

Make me feel better: hit me with the weirdo things your partner has told you whilst asleep..😳

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Acesulfame Sun 21-Mar-21 11:26:53

Brew up, maybe get yourself a scone, have a seat, relax, read back the title of your post, step back and think “does this sound like a reasonable thing to do”.

Youngatheart00 Sun 21-Mar-21 11:27:56


YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 21-Mar-21 11:28:10

I awoke to mine about to hit me with a boot because he thought I was a monster.

GingerNinjer Sun 21-Mar-21 11:29:03

I would have laughed my arse off and growled right back at him! 😂 proper freak him out.

NormanStangerson Sun 21-Mar-21 11:29:12

Mine booted me really hard and then laughed maniacally in his sleep.

Chanjer Sun 21-Mar-21 11:29:39


Peppaismyrolemodel Sun 21-Mar-21 11:35:35

I did one growl back.. I can’t say it worked out for me - he immediately woke up and asked why on earth I was growling at him.

.. maybe I will have that second scone..

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MaddieElla Sun 21-Mar-21 11:36:05

Mine told me he'd rather be out in his tractor than in bed with me. He hasn't even got a tractor.

Peppaismyrolemodel Sun 21-Mar-21 11:44:22

To be fair, I do like a tractor 🤣

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Ohdoleavemealone Sun 21-Mar-21 11:58:33

Hmm, if DH judged me on my dreams he would surely have left me by now. I occassionally dream I am in a relationship with someone else.

Give him a break!

TheFuckingDogs Sun 21-Mar-21 12:01:15

Not my DH but my DB with my SIL - he says loads of crazy things in his sleep but one of the funniest was he once sat bolt upright in his sleep and said “I’m Indiana Jones” followed by the theme music 🤣🤣

CounsellorTroi Sun 21-Mar-21 12:03:12

The poor sod can’t control what he dreams about or says in his sleep!

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 21-Mar-21 12:07:05

Oh god, mine used to yammer on in his sleep. The one I remember most vividly was when he shook me awake and whispered "Look in the shadowsssss". I said, "What?" and he did a really creepy giggle and said "I can see it".

Also woke up once to him pressing his forearm down on my neck while trying to pull my nose off. He was dreaming I was a burglar and he was trying to get some kind of information out of me.

NiceTwin Sun 21-Mar-21 12:07:10

My dh fell asleep downstairs. I went to wake him to go to bed.
He said "I'm staying here, the girls are outside sleeping on their mattresses", he was still asleep.
I was a bit more forceful in getting him to move.

He walked past my room muttering that I was a miserable birch 😂

Come the morning he has no recollection whatsoever. He cracks the kids up with his late night ramblings.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 21-Mar-21 12:07:39


The poor sod can’t control what he dreams about or says in his sleep!

OP is being lighthearted...

Asterales Sun 21-Mar-21 12:07:43

Mine punched me in the back of my head when he was dreaming that he was being carjacked at a notorious junction in the city we live in....I'd happily be growled at rather than be punched on my sleep again!

TheOpportuneMoment Sun 21-Mar-21 12:11:22

I once woke up to my DH sitting up in bed leaning on the headboard, trying to order pasta from an imaginary waiter. He regularly talks in his sleep. He's also had a night terror before where he's kicked and hit out at me in bed until he fell off the side, convinced there were burglars in the house attacking him - which was less funny!

Strangekindofwoman Sun 21-Mar-21 12:15:09

Mine was mumbling 'get me out of here' the other night.

AfternoonToffee Sun 21-Mar-21 12:15:10

YANBU. I've made DH apologize for having an affair in my dream. I was really upset and hurt.

Deadringer Sun 21-Mar-21 12:15:10

Not the same, but i had a very realistic dream about my dh having an affair, i was really annoyed with him when i woke up, and was cool with him for days! I knew i was being ridiculous, but i couldn't help the way i was feeling, the dream was so real!

Georgina125 Sun 21-Mar-21 12:15:47

Not my DH but me- I started smacking my DH hard in the stomach one night. Turns out that I was dreaming of the alarm clock going off and I was trying to shut it up.

AfternoonToffee Sun 21-Mar-21 12:16:02

X-posted there. Glad it isn't just me.

CounsellorTroi Sun 21-Mar-21 12:17:53

The poor sod can’t control what he dreams about or says in his sleep!
OP is being lighthearted...*

So was I or so I thought.....

AfternoonToffee Sun 21-Mar-21 12:18:52

I had one bizarre one, where I must have screamed, DH thinking I was about to fall out of bed, reached over to grab me at which point I really really screamed.

It was exactly the same moment in my dream that I was being attacked walking through a dark wood.

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