BOF's Big Bucket List Trip To Anglesey! *MNHQ editing title to say that there is some very sad news contained in this thread. Sending love to all*

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BitOfFun Sat 13-Mar-21 23:19:27

AIBU to ask for some help planning this?

I've been on mumsnet almost forever, and it's my go-to place for wisdom, help and advice. I don't really have a long time alive, as my cancer treatment has stopped working, so I'm hoping that some of you can help me plan a trip to Anglesey, so that I've seen somewhere that isn't these four walls during my Liverpool Lockdown!

I don't want to go much further afield, as I would feel better being easily accessible to medical care if necessary. The plan is to hire a car with my husband, who'll drive, and stay a night or two in B&Bs, taking in some coastal views and sunsets.

I'd love to trawl antique shops.
I'd like to take the dog, if possible, though this isn't really essential.
Outdoors is good, but I'll have to use a wheelchair for more than short distances.
I like the idea of "hidden gems" in terms of places to visit (who doesn't?) but comfort is good too.
I'll wait for the weather to warm up a bit, so in a few weeks is fine (I hope!).

I don't want to annoy anybody, but I'd like to use this thread for a bit of support and encouragement, and keep bumping it for more ideas and I can make this trip as special as possible. As Anglesey isn't all that far from where I live, I could split the trip into a few parts.

So, can you help? AIBU?

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gleegeek Sat 13-Mar-21 23:27:22

I didn't want to read and not post. You've definitely been around here at least as long as me, I'm so sorry to hear your news.
A trip to Anglesey sounds fab but I can't help you much as I've only been once myself! Beaumaris was lovely, lots of coffee shops and independent wee shops. We enjoyed visiting Plas Newydd if national trust floats your boat and Benllech beach was nice and could park right next to it and get an ice cream. Don't bother with Llanfair....unless you want tourist tat!

reprehensibleme Sat 13-Mar-21 23:28:26

Penmon Priory and the toll road to the lighthouse - lovely drive on a sunny day and puffins!
Newborough, the beach is fantastic but maybe not so wheelchair friendly. Beaumaris has some interesting shops.
We enjoyed the walk at Amlwch copper mine and you can get a feel for the place without having to do the full circular walk. Go on a sunny day and the colours in the landscape are amazing.

Red Wharf Bay is very picturesque and there's a pub with a nice garden overlooking the water.

LeaveMyDamnJam Sat 13-Mar-21 23:29:43

I can’t help with planning as it isn’t an area I know, but BOF, I remember you from years ago and I’m so sorry to hear your prognosis.

Take care.

I hope a more helpful person comes along soon.

DramaAlpaca Sat 13-Mar-21 23:30:10

I can't help with your plans, sorry, but I feel I've 'known' you on here for years and I really hope you have the most wonderful trip. It sounds like bliss.

LunaNorth Sat 13-Mar-21 23:31:59

Oh BoF, I’m sorry to hear this. I think your Anglesey trip is a smashing idea.

I can’t really help, as I’ve never been, but I just wanted to add a bit of support and encouragement to a lovely poster, whose been around these parts for as long as I have.


reprehensibleme Sat 13-Mar-21 23:32:09

There are lots of places to drive with views and there's not many places on Anglesey where you don't get a view of the sea. Hope you get there soon and have a lovely break.


LunaNorth Sat 13-Mar-21 23:32:17

Who’s. Dear me.

Redshoeblueshoe Sat 13-Mar-21 23:33:12

BOF I am so sorry to hear your news. You were very kind to me on a thread a long time ago, and I have never forgotten that.
I hope you have a lovely trip flowers gin

weebarra Sat 13-Mar-21 23:35:47

Oh BOF. You were also very very kind to me as a fellow cancer person. I'm ignorant about Anglesey but I hope you have a wonderful time.

grassisjeweled Sat 13-Mar-21 23:38:33


Lived in Liverpool for 3 years, your post brought back memories of Sefton Park and Smithdown road.

Definitely worth visiting Angelesy, beautiful beaches everywhere.

Favouriteworstnightmare Sat 13-Mar-21 23:38:43

Another recommendation for Beaumaris, and then onto Penmon. Plenty of independents to have a mooch round, and the castle of course!

Menai Bridge is lovely, and if it’s a sunny day the view off the suspension bridge is pretty special. There is an antiques shop - if you are on Instagram it’s called hawthorn yard. Dylan’s is lovely for a bite to eat. Depending on how robust you feel, you could book onto a RibRide underneath both bridges or out to Puffin Island. Highly recommended.

If you like NT properties, there is Plas Newydd on the Menai Straights and Penrhyn Castle on the outskirts of Bangor.

Newborough / Llanddwyn is a must see - incredible place.

There is the Anglesey Coastal path that you might want to look into too.

South Stack for sunsets and if you are lucky you might catch the Irish mountain range on the horizon. If you venture to Holyhead for South Stack, you could also visit the breakwater park and also the breakwater itself.

Benllech beach is lovely for a wander and an ice cream.

Agree with pp, Llanfair PG is a bit of a tourist trap but you can’t come to Anglesey and not see the big sign!

ApplesinmyPocket Sat 13-Mar-21 23:45:13

Dear BoF, I've seen you on MN for years and always noticed how kind and fun you are.

All of our wishes will be going to waft you along to a wonderful trip to Anglesey! I don't know it myself, so you will be doing something I've never done smile sunsets and views of the ocean sound fabulous.

We'll be expecting pics!

I don't care if it's unmumsnetty, I'm giving you the best hug.

ZenNudist Sat 13-Mar-21 23:48:06

I'm sorry to hear your awful news. You were a well established well known poster when I joined MN whilst pregnant with ds1, now 10.

A trip to Anglesey sounds fab right now. I wish I could help but don't know Wales well. I hope you get the trip you deserve and can weather this storm for a bit longer.

CoRhona Sat 13-Mar-21 23:52:06

I hail from Southport so could talk to you about that, but as a Liverpudlian I'm sure you've been!

Hope you have a wonderful, memorable time on your trip. Another one who remembers you from many years' posting. flowers

BitOfFun Sat 13-Mar-21 23:56:36

You are all so lovely, thank you! I am making a note of all your suggestions, and gratefully appreciating the hugs and good wishes!

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TheSpottedZebra Sat 13-Mar-21 23:57:42

Ach, BoF you wont know me from Adam, but you have made me laugh on sooo many occasions! Very sorry to hear your news.

Do you like ice cream? If you do, and you can eat it, seek out some of this Really really good.

Do you live near the beach now? If not, do take the dog, as there is nothing more joyous than seeing dog run happily on a beach.

HaveeeeYouMetTed Sun 14-Mar-21 00:01:14

I was born & grew up on Anglesey. Lived there for 27 years before moving (regretfully).

Newborough will always be one of my favourite places. It's beautiful.

Bull Bay is where I grew up. There's a nice headland walk & quite often dolphins or porpoise spotted there.

Benllech is a lovely vast, sandy beach. Also a really good fish & chip shop (the one behind the tesco).

Lligwy is a nice coast walk / beach that usually doesn't get too busy.

Llanbadrig (or known as White Lady Bay) is small beach with a giant white rock in the middle if you like a bit of folklore.

Depending on what's open The Black Seal in Trearddur Bay does amazing food. Slightly on the expensive side but worth it.

I could go on forever.
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I wish you the best trip & some sunshine for your travels x

HaveeeeYouMetTed Sun 14-Mar-21 00:02:44

Sorry - one extra. Beaumaris is a lovely little village. Castle, sea & lots of little quaint shops & antique shops x

thecatfromjapan Sun 14-Mar-21 00:08:48

Hope you have an amazing trip, BOF.

Honestly, you'll never know it but just seeing your name fills me with so much joy - you really have made me so happy by just being here over the years. I owe you, you marvellous woman.

No idea about Anglesey, though. Sounds gorgeous.

Is there an Edwardian pier on the mainland near Anglesey?

BitOfFun Sun 14-Mar-21 00:09:10

TheSpottedZebra, I'm hoping to get the dog to the beach tomorrow with my visiting daughter if we catch some fine weather. I made it outdoors today to the allotment- the first time in ages. I actually feel more well now I'm not on a cocktail of anti-cancer treatment. You've made me sick with laughter some Saturday nights, of course I recognise you grin.

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maddening Sun 14-Mar-21 00:09:11

Benllech beach is easier to get to as you can drive right down and park next to the beach. There is a gorgeous restaurant The Bay Cafe which has parking, I would also book there.

Moelfre is cute and a little car park right in the bay. There is a lovely restaurant in Bulll bay

Just over on the mainland Caernarfon is lovely with a good area for pedestrians and nice restaurants and shops.

maddening Sun 14-Mar-21 00:12:33

And have a stop over in llandudno on the way to Anglesey. The Cottage Loaf is a great gastro pub.

TheSpottedZebra Sun 14-Mar-21 00:12:50


*TheSpottedZebra*, I'm hoping to get the dog to the beach tomorrow with my visiting daughter if we catch some fine weather. I made it outdoors today to the allotment- the first time in ages. I actually feel more well now I'm not on a cocktail of anti-cancer treatment. You've made me sick with laughter some Saturday nights, of course I recognise you grin.

Aww, do you?

I've thought about you a lot recently... as that Manford has been all over the telly again grin

Glad you've been to the allotment. Do you just pose in front of your glorious greenhouse? I would.

maddening Sun 14-Mar-21 00:14:00

Ps so sorry for your prognosis, I hope that your trips are enjoyable an the sea air sweet and fresh x

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