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My vagina stinks

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timewarp6 Mon 11-May-20 17:30:25

I can't live with it anymore, it smells horrible even 2 minutes after showering. I don't use soap down there and I don't have an STI. I have been treated for thrush and no change.

It's worse in the hot weather but I'm feeling self conscious all the time. I can smell it when I'm sitting down on the sofa. People say it's normal to have an odour but when does it become abnormal?

I can't even describe the smell - it isn't fishy but it's unpleasant sad

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StarWars222 Mon 11-May-20 17:31:44

Bacterial vagenosis? I've had this and yes, it reeked. Anti biotics sorted it

MrsSpenserGregson Mon 11-May-20 17:33:05

Have you had a smear test recently?

LoudBatPerson Mon 11-May-20 17:33:11

Have you been tested bacterial vaginosis? If I remember correctly you can even buy tests & treatment over the counter.

Have you got anyone you can ask if they can smell anything, in case you are just very sensitive to it?

peperethecat Mon 11-May-20 17:33:14

Yep, it's probably BV and you need antibiotics. Can you get an appointment with your GP?

Sparklesocks Mon 11-May-20 17:34:03

Yes sounds like BV as StarWars said. Ask your doctor for an appointment (even virtually) and they can probably give you a prescription

AllTheCakes Mon 11-May-20 17:34:57

Any chance you’ve accidentally left a tampon in?

Houseworkavoider Mon 11-May-20 17:35:27

Sounds like bacterial vagenosis to me. You can order stuff from boots/Superdrug or call you could call your gp.

Lockheart Mon 11-May-20 17:36:40

You need to see a doctor.

dayslikethese1 Mon 11-May-20 17:37:25

You can also try drinking way more water and probiotics (Optibac have ones that reach the vagina).

BentBastard Mon 11-May-20 17:38:19

I second the possible tampon left inserted suggestion, just as a possible alternative to BV

timewarp6 Mon 11-May-20 17:38:26

Smear test was 6 months ago and definitely no tampon stuck. BV could be a possibility but I don't have any other symptoms (abnormal discharge etc).

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BentBastard Mon 11-May-20 17:38:32

That will properly whiff

Unravellingslowly Mon 11-May-20 17:39:52

Hang on, when you say you don’t use soap- do you actually wash your vulva with anything? Soap is a def no for vagina but I did read a thread on here about a woman with the same issue and she hadn’t been washing anywhere, just rinsing with water, the smell was from the general area rather than the actual vagina.

“Use plain, unperfumed soaps to wash the area around the vagina (the vulva) gently every day.

The vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural vaginal secretions (discharge).

"During your period, washing more than once a day may be helpful," says Dr Elneil, who points out that keeping the perineal area between the vagina and anus clean is important, too.

"Good perineal hygiene is necessary by washing that area at least once a day using your normal bathing routines."

"All women are different," says Professor Lamont. "Some may wash with perfumed soap and not notice any problems.

"But if a woman has vulval irritation or symptoms, one of the first things you can do is use non-allergenic, plain soaps to see if that helps."

DarylDixonsHair Mon 11-May-20 17:41:13

Another vote for BV. I didn't have abnormal discharge, just smelly.

Onone Mon 11-May-20 17:41:39


HavenDilemma Mon 11-May-20 17:44:55

I have the same issue and antibiotics didn't help. There is a chance a tampon could be stuck. I've tried to investigate to no avail and have nobody to help me. Any suggestions of ways to get a rogue tampon out, should there be one?? Before I take up a Docs appointment! (and potentially ruin their whole day!! 😆)

TR888 Mon 11-May-20 17:46:09

Definitely bacterial vaginosis. It's very common. You just need to take an antibiotic tablet and it's gone wink.

SpillTheTeaa Mon 11-May-20 17:48:10

I thought you could treat BV over the counter? Do you wash properly down there? Also try use femfresh

SerenDippitty Mon 11-May-20 17:49:50

According to this article by a female gynaecologist, using soap on your vulva increases the chance of BV by destroying good bacteria.

SerenDippitty Mon 11-May-20 17:50:13

Sorry forgot link

HavenDilemma Mon 11-May-20 17:50:13

@SpillTheTeaa @Onone You do NOT need Femfresh! That crap is what causes BV!

timetest Mon 11-May-20 17:52:52

Do not use femfresh.

timetest Mon 11-May-20 17:53:50

Sorry Heaven, cross post.

KuckFnows Mon 11-May-20 17:54:03

Make an appointment with your gp by phone - they'll prescribe you antibiotics.

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