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Why the use of DH,DD,DS,DC?

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angell84 Tue 28-Jan-20 01:17:52

Why are they used parrot fashion by every user on mumsnet?

It is ridiculous! Where is any independent thought? Every single post is littered with hundreds of DH's, DS's, DD's and DC's.

Who calls their husband, "dear husband"? It is pretentious for a start. But what really annoys me is why does everyone say the exact same "code" as each other on here. It seems like a teenage thing to do

BillHadersNewWife Tue 28-Jan-20 01:21:18

It's a really old hangback from the early days of forums in general. Not only found here.

I didn't like it at first but got used to it. It's faster than writing "My daughter" I suppose.

BitOfFun Tue 28-Jan-20 01:21:39

It's been standard practice on the internet since it began. Take it up with them.

BillHadersNewWife Tue 28-Jan-20 01:22:09

And not everyone uses the 'code' either. Some people say "SO" which I bloody hate! It means Special One!

Others just say "my partner" or whatever.

BillHadersNewWife Tue 28-Jan-20 01:22:45

BOF grin "I'd like to speak to the internet please! I have a complaint!"

LittleChoCho Tue 28-Jan-20 01:23:59

@Bill I thought it meant significant other?!

YouFellAsleeep Tue 28-Jan-20 01:24:18

I don’t like it either. I think it’s pointless. I think it’s probably from years ago before predictive text, it would be quicker to type, sort of like “text speak”. But I see no point now. It’s just as quick to type properly.

KangaFandanga Tue 28-Jan-20 01:24:20

Actually, SO stands for Significant Other...
Can't get worked up about this! It's just shorthand which people can (pretty much...) universally understand.

DramaAlpaca Tue 28-Jan-20 01:27:13

Every chat space on the internet has its own style or 'code' as you put it, which evolves over time. The acronyms have become part of the style on MN, but they are also used elsewhere, they aren't exclusive to MN.

It's just shorthand, you don't have use them if you don't want to.

If you really don't like them, MN might not be the site for you because they are everywhere on here.

Have you come across DDog or DCat yet? grin

ChristianGreysAnatomy Tue 28-Jan-20 01:32:35

DH is good - it cuts down on the number of times I have to read the word “hubby” (shudder).

The others? Just basic shorthand. Can’t get excited.

IvinghoeBeacon Tue 28-Jan-20 01:34:38

Clearly you haven’t been on the Internet very long. Mumsnet didn’t invent these acronyms and they are very common on many forums. Maybe forums aren’t for you?

BlueHarry Tue 28-Jan-20 01:36:04

It's just shorthand. I doubt many people actually called their husband "dear husband" in real life. If it was just "h" and "d" and "s" etc it could easily be mistaken for a typo or misread somehow. The two letter combination just makes it a bit clearer that it's shorthand I think.

BlankTimes Tue 28-Jan-20 01:37:56

FrockFrockFrockityFrock Tue 28-Jan-20 01:38:34

SO is significant other.

And ya, I too wonder who the hell calls someone dear anything. It's odd. It bugs me when someone has a thread along the lines of 'DH is cheating on me.' They really so dear then? I think not.

FrockFrockFrockityFrock Tue 28-Jan-20 01:39:30

I too shudder at 'hubby'.

IvinghoeBeacon Tue 28-Jan-20 01:39:42

Even these threads complaining about the use of the acronyms have come up about weekly since MN started, but I suppose it’s natural to assume you’re the first one to notice...

BumbleBeee69 Tue 28-Jan-20 01:42:49

I too shudder at 'hubby'

me too.. CRINGE

Redglitter Tue 28-Jan-20 01:44:38

I hate all the DH/DC etc and refuse point blank to use them. The worst though has to be DDog!!!! I mean WHY???? Ok DH/DC saves you typing the full word but ffs DDog makes the blooming word longer

KennyRogersWasNotInStarWars Tue 28-Jan-20 01:47:24

@BlueHarryspeak for yourself, I often wander around the house calling out ‘dear husband, please grace me with your presence’ ‘dear husband would one like a cup of tea’ and so on.


Spartak Tue 28-Jan-20 01:48:08

It's just a shorthand that's universally understood. If we all started using CC for our chubby cupcake and LP for little prince, no one would have a clue what anyone else was talking about.

But since we are acting like teenagers, perhaps you could jog on and not let the door slap your arse on the way out.

springydaff Tue 28-Jan-20 01:49:10

Sounds like you're not a dog owner Red..

emmcan Tue 28-Jan-20 01:49:50


MrsTerryPratchett Tue 28-Jan-20 01:50:08

The worst though has to be DDog!!!! I mean WHY????

To quote Parks and Rec, "because I firmly believed it would be cute, and it was."

modgepodge Tue 28-Jan-20 01:56:48

I’m with the OP. I suppose some of them are marginally quicker (DD, DH etc), though in the days of iPhones etc not so much. However, as above, DDog, Dcat, DSis DMIL are all harder to type than the actual word. And frequently autocorrected to something nonsensical making the post even harder to read.

IvinghoeBeacon Tue 28-Jan-20 01:59:57

If you don’t like them, don’t use them (I don’t use them, and no one cares either way). But why assume this is something unique to mumsnet and take it upon yourself to tell everyone off? Just makes you look foolish and rude.

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