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To hide these items unless she’s visiting....

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Iggy131313 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:08:05

I already know the answer to this really, because I either only display these items when my aunt visits, OR I look like the craziest narcissist this side of “I love myself town”.

My aunt is a beautiful and generous woman, and I love her. She buys me lots of thoughtful gifts at Christmas because she loves to do it, and I am grateful. She also loves to spend time making sure her gifts are personal, but MN, OH MN, this year has been spectacular....

I am 40 years old, I live with my DS who is 9. And this year my aunt has gone onto my Facebook, specifically my profile pictures and for Christmas I got the following....

1) A full length canvas print of me posing in a dress.
2) A mug with my face on.
3) A travel mug with my face on.
4) not one, BUT TWO cushions each of a close up OF MY FACE.


It has made me laugh so much, but was not in any way a joke....ahhhhhh families eh?

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Weebitawks Wed 01-Jan-20 16:10:52

I think you should leave them out all the time just to scare people. Never mention it. Just go with it.

MelroseHigginbottom Wed 01-Jan-20 16:11:44

I think I love your Aunt

Lllot5 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:12:49

You’re not being at all unreasonable, but it is quite sweet. Making me giggle.

TildaTurnip Wed 01-Jan-20 16:12:54

This is brilliant grin

BaronessBomburst Wed 01-Jan-20 16:13:36


RedPanda2 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:15:00

Oh God this is terrific! Sorry I have nothing to add. I do have an idea for my nieces nrxt present though

Nothavingfunrightnow Wed 01-Jan-20 16:15:20

Your Aunty loves yooooo 😁

Iggy131313 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:16:28

Hello, new mum friend from school, sit down, YES that’s my face on the cushion, admire that full length picture of ME Ihave up...cup of tea? Delightful, let me hand you this mug with me on, hold on, let me check my calender, aaaaaaaannnnddd she’s gone.

I keep looking at the cushions, they are in my airing cupboard, when open it, THERE I AM!

Funniest gifts I’ve ever had, Bless her. My best mate is desperate for the calender, but I can’t let her have it hahahahaha.

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Apileofballyhoo Wed 01-Jan-20 16:16:44

I hope you leave them so other people can start threads about how odd you are, despite seeming perfectly normal till they visited your house.

Lionsleepstonight Wed 01-Jan-20 16:17:11

I love it and going to copy it for my sister next Christmas.

Iggy131313 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:19:07

Lionsleepstonight yes, it’s actually a great joke gift, if it wasn’t so expensive! And also, if it was actually a joke...

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sittingonacornflake Wed 01-Jan-20 16:19:51

Ah. That makes it a tad tricky to regift any of these items then. Unless you have a remarkably lovely face?

heath48 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:21:15


AIBU2020 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:21:44

😂😂 please leave them out and let us know your visitors reactions.

IDontDrinkTea Wed 01-Jan-20 16:22:57

This has made me properly giggle 😂😂😂

fortifiedwithtea Wed 01-Jan-20 16:23:38


1) hang in your bedroom.
2) whoops dropped on floor
3) oh dear left on a train
4) pet urinated on them
5) in a years time this is no longer a problem.

Your aunt sounds lovely in a bonkers sort of way.

spingly Wed 01-Jan-20 16:25:07

This is just brilliant!

Iggy131313 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:28:02

Hahahahaha loving you’re replies MN....glad you’re all as amused and baffled as I am, what intrigues me the most is that I have two cats and two dogs and a child....the personalised item would surely be better if it was pics of them? But of course,nowhere near as funny. I will certainly never forget this Christmas.

The poster who said hard to regift made me laugh, maybe I should give these items as gifts to family and friends, that might be even funnier!

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MarinaMarinara Wed 01-Jan-20 16:29:14

Ahh, your aunt really really loves you!

That is incredible though. And hilarious! I now think I might get my brother and soon to be SIL matching his and hers cushions with their faces on. For their minimalist, classy designer apartment....

thinking2019 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:30:04

I am howling! Sorry that isn't helpful at all. Your aunt sounds very sweet. I would have to put them out when she comes to visit or have a couple of things out to make you smile 😃

JaneJeffer Wed 01-Jan-20 16:30:36

I can't read the thread because I'm laughing so much at OP grin

Wendyasbury Wed 01-Jan-20 16:30:56

That's bloody hilarious! How did you react when she gave them to you?

SchoolPanicTime Wed 01-Jan-20 16:31:05

I think you should get mugs printed with your face on one side and a cat on the other and sell them down the covered market.

gamerwidow Wed 01-Jan-20 16:31:17

My FIL bought me and DH cushions with our faces on one year, we put them in DDs room because 'wow, look how much she loves having us in her room with her'. Thank god for the lucky get out otherwise we would have had to hide them between visits too grin

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