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To be devastated at losing an envelope with £500 cash in it?

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northernlights0710 Sun 24-Jun-18 13:37:41

Short version: On Friday a friend gave me £500 they owed me in cash, in an envelope. Within the space of 24 hours I have no idea where it is.

My memory is terrible and I often wonder if I've got early onset dementia (I'm in my 50s).

I was nervous getting this money in cash as I don't like having large sums on my person. I would have preferred it put straight into my bank account. But the person who gave me the money didn't want to do that.

I had a feeling that I was going to lose the money. Perhaps I manifested this thought into reality.

I'm gutted and feel sick.

What's the largest sum you've ever lost and how long did it take you to get over it?

I'm sure you're not interested but if you are, here are further details:

When my friend gave me the money (in my home) I was rushing to get out of the house and so I think I left it at home (I live alone) then went to the dentist and then to work.

I remember counting it so that must be when I came home from work. But I just cannot remember where I put it! I had a builder I didn't know coming the next day so started to put credit cards away etc. I still don't know what I did with the cash.

Next morning I looked for the cash in the place I thought I'd left it and it wasn't there. This was before the builder got here, so he's not responsible.

I have looked in all the places it might be, and even went through the rubbish and recycling but it is nowhere. I rang the dentist and the pharmacy but they said nothing had been handed in.

Finally, lesson learnt. I will never again accept cash payments in a large sum. I will insist on a bank deposit.

Butterflykissess Sun 24-Jun-18 13:39:54

just had fraud on my account of £720 luckily i got it back but it took a while.

hope it turns up for you. atleast its indoors so more chance you will find it.

northernlights0710 Sun 24-Jun-18 13:41:16

Thanks Butterfly. Glad you got your money back - it must have been stressful though!

CantankerousCamel Sun 24-Jun-18 13:41:19

It sounds like it is in the house so you’re just due a ‘yay I found loads of money’ moment very soon

lizzie1970a Sun 24-Jun-18 13:41:32

How upsetting for you. Did you put it somewhere for safekeeping which you've since forgot? Is it in your handbag or a coat? I hope you find it. Not nice to think but does anyone have access to your home or could the person that gave it to you have taken it back when your back was turned? It's got to be somewhere. Very upsetting though if someone you trusted turned out to have stolen from you.

AjasLipstick Sun 24-Jun-18 13:42:45

It's not where you thought you put it. It's somewhere else. Possibly, you slotted it somewhere "safe" such as between two ornaments or books...or under something to pin it down.

MyOtherUsernameisaPun Sun 24-Jun-18 13:43:18

Was anyone other than you in the house in between you getting it and you realising it was lost?

If not, it must be in your house somewhere. Check under seat cushions and under furniture, tucked into books and magazines you had around, every bag, every pocket, every drawer and cupboard, on the tops of your cupboards, bookshelves, with your other post etc. Retrace your steps and look anywhere along the way that you might have set it down. It has to be there somewhere!

Grilledaubergines Sun 24-Jun-18 13:43:26

Oh poor you. Hope it turns up around the house. Somewhere which at the time you put it seemed logical.

I’ve done the same, albeit not so much money. I felt so sick for days. And then I found it. Hope you do too.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 24-Jun-18 13:43:30

Have you checked your bins inside and out.
It's very easy for these things to be accidentally discarded.

Hassled Sun 24-Jun-18 13:43:51

From what you say, it's somewhere in your house. Just when enough time has elapsed that you've forgotten about it, you'll find it.

Cornettoninja Sun 24-Jun-18 13:43:53

I hope it turns up for you. Is it worth doing a massive clean of the whole house - that’s usually when I turn up lost stuff.

blackteasplease Sun 24-Jun-18 13:44:10

That's awful OP I hope you find it

Not the same, but I was really upset to lose an envelope with Zara vouchers in once before!

Wishiwasonholiday1 Sun 24-Jun-18 13:44:41

It sounds like it's still in your house and that you put it somewhere you wouldn't usually think of.
Look under piles of books, drawers anywhere out of the way. Maybe look close to where you put your credit cards.
I hope you find it.

endofthelinefinally Sun 24-Jun-18 13:45:38

Keep looking.
Do each room thoroughly working in sections.
We had to do this for a lost passport. Eventually found it inside a book.
Chances are you tucked it out of sight so look under cushions, down the sides of sofa/chairs, under your pillow. Check under and behind furniture, in drawers.
I have this constantly with DH's glasses. They always turn up.

icelollycraving Sun 24-Jun-18 13:45:45

I’d be saying a prayer to St Anthony.

northernlights0710 Sun 24-Jun-18 13:45:57

Cantankerous - let's hope!

Lizzie1970 - I'm sure my friend didn't steal it back. We are close and she would never do that to me.

There's an outside chance the builder came across it as I did have to go out a couple of times and leave him alone. But I'm sure he didn't find it. I know my home intimately and if I couldn't find it during a search before he got there, I'm sure an outsider wouldn't have a chance. He seemed an honest guy anyway and charged me a very fair price, so he wasn't a crook.

I'm starting to think I took the money out with me and have lost it.

AJPTaylor Sun 24-Jun-18 13:46:10

it sounds like you put it somewhere hard to find deliberately and now have brain freeze. i did this with dhs car keys when i was locking up the house for a holiday. it is the only set. i had a complete panic because i couldnt remember and it would cost hundreds to get new keys.after much acrimony and searching i gave up and went to sleep. got up the next morning and walked straight to the cereal packet containing said keys.

Birdsgottafly Sun 24-Jun-18 13:46:36

You've put it down somewhere. Check the bins, I've got a habit of throwing money away. I'm also 50.

I'd suggest having bloods done. Since I've been taking supplements and getting Vitamin B injections and doing memory games, it's improved.

If you honestly suspect dementia, go to your GP. They can delay it.

Mogleflop Sun 24-Jun-18 13:46:45

Use a torch to search the house: seriously, it makes you look carefully through and over everything!

ScreamingValenta Sun 24-Jun-18 13:47:02

You must have put it in a super-safe place when you were hiding your cards etc. Try doing a forensic sweep of your house - move round very slowly and look absolutely everywhere, no matter how seemingly ridiculous. Try all wardrobes and cupboards, handbags etc - anywhere where you might have slipped it inside.

Mogleflop Sun 24-Jun-18 13:47:50

And the fridge and the freezer!

endofthelinefinally Sun 24-Jun-18 13:47:55

Is your friend completely trustworthy?
Sorry to ask that, but are you absolutely certain you had it when the friend left your house?
Did you leave together?

MouseholeCat Sun 24-Jun-18 13:48:20

If you have a handbag, check the lining for holes. Had a near miss with my passport that way!

icelollycraving Sun 24-Jun-18 13:49:11

Ok. So, think back to when your friend gave it to you. What were you doing? What room were you in?
Also have you asked them if they saw where you put it?

ShatnersBassoon Sun 24-Jun-18 13:49:29

Have you checked your glove box? I found my lost passport in mine once.

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