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To think if you've killed & raped women we don't give a flying fuck what you think on any given matter

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pisacake Tue 27-Feb-18 16:41:10

Lord Patel has invited rapist killer 'Karen Jones', who says he is a woman to Parliament. Jones killed his partner aged 17, then raped a woman five days after being released and was sentenced to 'life' in 2002.

Now he has been released and Lord Patel has invited him to the House of Lords to advise on some matter that I can't really be bothered to mention. AIBU to not give a shit what he says and think he shouldn't have any kind of voice least of all in Parliament?

Lord Patel thinks he has paid his debt to society. I think this is a grave insult, both to the man he killed and the woman he raped who thought she was going to die during his attack.

CuriousaboutSamphire Tue 27-Feb-18 16:45:46

Five days after being released early on licence in 2002, Jones brutally assaulted a female shop assistant after gagging her mouth with a lemon and trying to rape her. She was sentenced to life in prison. Why don't we just throw away the key? Murder of a man and rape of a woman... nobody is safe!

She said the attack was as a cry for help so that she could go back to prison and have the sex change operation she had needed all her life. Oh! I see. That' all right then!

FUCKING HELL! That Pit of Despair had better be deep! I need somewhere to hide!

bellasuewow Tue 27-Feb-18 16:50:20

Can’t they find any decent trans people to advise them can they only find male to female ones with violent criminal histories against women. What about asking a female to male trans person or are they just not interesting enough because they are too female.
Beyond a joke.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 27-Feb-18 16:52:00


pisacake Tue 27-Feb-18 16:52:55

No it's really important what rapist killers think, we should really pay it the fullest regard.

Never mind inviting rape VICTIMS to the House of Lords, far better to invite the rapists.

Paid their debt, blah blah blah.

How about having Black Rod castrate the bastard.

SuperTimbs Tue 27-Feb-18 16:53:24


seetherange Tue 27-Feb-18 16:53:28

Fucking joke this is

Eltonjohnssyrup Tue 27-Feb-18 16:54:01

It was on the criminal justice. So presumably he was pressuring for TIMs to go in female prisons.

pisacake Tue 27-Feb-18 16:57:01

Labour has a number of peers who are super-chummy with rapists.

There's Dale Campbell-Savours, the 'rapists friend'. He used Parliamentary privilege to name a rape accuser in Parliament.

He's strangely silent about the names of rapists.

Welshmaenad Tue 27-Feb-18 17:04:54

So strong was his desire to become a woman that he decided to use his male oenis to try to rape one?

Can someone unpick that for me, I've had s tough day.

Chugalug Tue 27-Feb-18 17:14:55

Are you fucking having a laugh op....I'm so hoping this isn't true

BitOutOfPractice Tue 27-Feb-18 17:16:41


pisacake Tue 27-Feb-18 17:16:53

Yes and then the lunatics running the asylum moved him to a women's prison to encourage him to rape more women.

derxa Tue 27-Feb-18 17:17:01

It's disgraceful. Is this what people call a tolerant society?

TheQueef Tue 27-Feb-18 17:18:43

Ah the abyss.
Let me peer....

CapnHaddock Tue 27-Feb-18 17:20:01

From that Standard article: "lashed out on her release saying she was angry that her victim was a woman and she was not."

That sentence, quite apart from being a grammatical abomination lays bare the whole fucking house of cards. A) He hates women because he isn't one. Like so many TIMs and B) he knows and the journalist knows he's not a woman.

pisacake Tue 27-Feb-18 17:21:33

And then they reduced his sentence because you know, raping and killing people isn't such a big deal if you can blame it on your gender feels.

Valentinesfart Tue 27-Feb-18 17:23:47

What about asking a female to male trans person

I think they're hoping no one will draw attention to the idea of putting a femaled bodied prisoner in the men's prison. Because that wouldn't be horrific.

Anniegetyourgun Tue 27-Feb-18 17:24:45

Wouldn't it have been a little simpler to have cut out the whole murder, rape and imprisonment thing and just approached the GP for a referral? Radical suggestion I know.

Huntinginthedark Tue 27-Feb-18 17:24:50

fuck me
a cry for fucking help.
and he murdered his partner because he renaged on an agreement to pay for a sex change.
for the love of fucking god.
I don't have twitter, but can someone else tweet lord Patel that he is a total cunt.

Basseting Tue 27-Feb-18 17:24:56

This is crazy.
It's offensive to Rape Survivors.
It's offensive to genuine trans-people (not representative)
It's offensive to me as a member of British 'democracy'.

ClosDesMouches Tue 27-Feb-18 17:25:54


And we repeatedly get posters here who want to shove discussions like this one to less traffic areas of the site.

Hastalapasta Tue 27-Feb-18 17:26:38

What Valentine said with bells on.

TerfsUp Tue 27-Feb-18 17:27:06

Has someone started a petition about this? If not, they should.

stitchglitched Tue 27-Feb-18 17:28:16

No sex offender should be allowed to legally change sex or enter a women's prison and this man being referred to as a woman and having his violent sexual assault described with female pronouns is further abuse of his victim. But this sort of stuff never happens right? TERFs are just making it all up.

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