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To ask for an explanation re: toilet brushes

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Eliza9917 Thu 22-Feb-18 15:52:36

I keep seeing them mentioned and wonder whether I am supposed/not supposed to have one.

I personally like those things where you attached a wipe that then flushed away but I don't think they sell those anymore.

myusernameisnotmyusername Thu 22-Feb-18 15:54:53

I keep wondering about this as well. I agree they're a bit gross but what else do u clean the toilet with?

drinkswineoutofamug Thu 22-Feb-18 15:59:35

I've got a loo brush. It seems I'm the only one in the house that knows how to use it though.
Other posters may say marigolds and a scrubbing brush , other may say not to use those flushable wipes as they aren't really flushable.
It's what ever suits and I don't think there's a law against them, apart from in here wink

LakieLady Thu 22-Feb-18 16:02:47

I use a bog brush and I don't care what anyone thinks about it.

We have very hard water and if I didn't scrub the lav daily, the limescale would soon reach such epic proportions it would form stalagmites.

MargoLovebutter Thu 22-Feb-18 16:06:24

I think toilet brushes are minging and can't bring myself to have one. If someone in our house does a massive turd and leaves poo skids all over the loo bowl, then I squirt a bit of bleach down and it goes. Once a week I bleach & a few days later but again only once a week, I used a descaler as we are in a really hard water area.

Loonyluna16 Thu 22-Feb-18 16:10:09

As someone who cleans houses for a living I hate when people don't have a loo brush. My company asks them to buy one if they don't have one as no one wants to put their hand down a strangers toilet bowl. As long as they're regularly bleached I don't see the problem with them.

Pancakeflipper Thu 22-Feb-18 16:15:05

We have loo brushes.
If you had the wonderful ownership of my 9yr old and his digestive issues you'd have one (or several). Disinfectant don't shift his glue like poop.

I know they are evil according to MN but my loos appreciates them.

I am currently wanting a really strong one so feel free to recommend your loo brushes to me.

OutyMcOutface Thu 22-Feb-18 16:17:23

They are disgusting but s necessary evil. Just cost them with bleach each time you use them and replace the head each month at most.

OutyMcOutface Thu 22-Feb-18 16:17:47

*as in don't keep one for more than a month.

BetterEatCheese Thu 22-Feb-18 16:19:11

I have one and cannot understand how people manage without. Mil does not have one and when I stay at hers I cannot poo as I have no way of getting rid of skids if they occur. Very inconsiderate to house guests.

I have mine sitting in diluted bleach, clean it regularly (flush toilet onto it with products in bowl) and replace regularly. Don't see the issue.

speakout Thu 22-Feb-18 16:19:46

I need a toilet brush.

When it gets grimy I stick it in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

APontypandyPioneer Thu 22-Feb-18 16:20:44

I am a loo brush owner.

I bleach toilet, scrub, flush and rinse the brush in the flushing water so as not to leave any mess on the brush and return to its holder which is enclosed with a bit of disinfectant in the bottom.

I couldn't be without a good sturdy bog brush.

I will be reading on with interest to find out how those with a brush clean the inside of the toilet and how limescale build up is avoided? confused

Eliza9917 Thu 22-Feb-18 16:21:07

So people that don't have them think its more hygienic to stick their hands in the toilet with what? A scrubbing brush? But surely that's just the same as having a toilet brush? What do they do with the scrubbing brush after? Why is that better than a toilet brush? And as for just pouring bleach down there, that can't be as hygienic as giving it a good scrub? Who'd have thought there could be so many questions!

I've got a toilet brush but after I've cleaned the toilet I flush with the brush in the line of water and then pour toilet cleaner round the loo to sit/steep/whatever. I also then put bleach/water in the brush holder, it's the same as barbicide for scissors etc most probably.

Deux Thu 22-Feb-18 16:22:15

John Lewis do neat and tidy loo brushes that are completely enclosed in a holder. Only £4 each and you can replace the brush heads.

frasier Thu 22-Feb-18 16:23:33

Replaceable head ones, yep. Loo brushes are the stuff of the the devil.

Bluelady Thu 22-Feb-18 16:23:41

Vile things. I keep a pair of rubber gloves specifically for cleaning the loo. A toilet brush in the dishwasher? Words fail me. That has to be a joke.

Deux Thu 22-Feb-18 16:24:01

This thread will probably run to 20 pages and someone will come along to say they clean their loo brush in the dishwasher. wink

MargoLovebutter Thu 22-Feb-18 16:24:11

Limescale remover removes limescale in my loo. I've yet to find a brush that is effective on limescale. You don't use a brush on the inside of a kettle, so why do people think you can brush limescale off a loo?

TinselAngel Thu 22-Feb-18 16:24:33

@speakout You are taking the -ahem- piss? Surely? shock

I have a toilet brush but only use it in combination with bleach and rinse it in the clean water as the toilet flushes.

It's never occurred to me to change it monthly!

Thistlebelle Thu 22-Feb-18 16:24:38

speakout please tell me you are joking, please

frasier Thu 22-Feb-18 16:24:45

Oh not like the ones John Lewis do, still minging, this type

Faze84 Thu 22-Feb-18 16:24:59

When it gets grimy I stick it in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Wtf? I'd rather buy a new one

Deux Thu 22-Feb-18 16:25:01

Bingo someone’s already done it.

almostgotfreemilk Thu 22-Feb-18 16:25:10

@speakout you must be kidding

lorelairoryemily Thu 22-Feb-18 16:25:49

@speakout please tell us you're joking?!

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