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My bloody neighbours have eight kids and the whole lot of them are out there right now practising their stuppid dance routines.

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MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:31:49

Mum, dad and eight children ringing a bell and dancing around. it makes me want to puke. the racket they are making is unbelievable. should i say something?

compo Wed 18-Apr-07 16:32:52


It's not like it's the middle of the night is it?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 18-Apr-07 16:33:26

You must be in the West Country

PeachesMcLean Wed 18-Apr-07 16:33:30

I'd take photos and laugh loudly. That sounds bizarre.

Carmenere Wed 18-Apr-07 16:33:53

No don't say anything. Are they often out there enjoying something innocuous like a dance routine(yes it sounds annoying but kind of sweet)? Do they do it regularly, can you not just close your windows?

IcingOnTheCake Wed 18-Apr-07 16:33:55

lol, i used to do that. not with 8 people though, on my own!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 18-Apr-07 16:34:19

Ditto Peaches, was going to add, film it for YouTube and give us the link

LadyMacbeth Wed 18-Apr-07 16:34:21

Aaaah. It sounds sweet.

MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:34:41

it is the bloody middle of the night where i am. i hate them... they do this all the time. we have to stay inside all the time becasue of them.

Bananaknickers Wed 18-Apr-07 16:34:44

Nice that a family is doing something together and enjoying themselves. Your not living next to the Waltons are you

fortyplus Wed 18-Apr-07 16:35:15

Is it Irish dancing with their hands down by their sides and feet going 19 to the dozen? That always makes me laugh!

LadyMacbeth Wed 18-Apr-07 16:36:07

So where do you live?

Lovecat Wed 18-Apr-07 16:37:12

My sister used to go to school with a girl who was one of ten who were all in some family singing/dancing troupe. Their mother used to drill them relentlessly every evening - we all thought they were a bit touched, but this girl thought she was the next Bonnie Langford (it was the 70's) and used to give her friends autographed pics of herself for Crimbo presents !

If it's a one-off YABU, if it's every bleedin' day (like this lot were) then I too would be hacked off.

Troutpout Wed 18-Apr-07 16:37:20

middle of the night you say?
kill the bastards have my permission

kittyhas6 Wed 18-Apr-07 16:37:34

I think it sounds nice. There are far worse things they could be doing.

MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:37:40

no, they kind of go back and forth in and out in a circle twirling around. it is a bit like country dancing i suppose. teh mum and dad just stand by the gate cooing approvingly while the kids squeak and make shitloads of noise. it's making my life hellish, we can't use our garden at all when they're in this sort of a mood.

Rachmumoftwo Wed 18-Apr-07 16:38:10

Could you join in?

MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:38:35

it's every day, lovecat. it starts off with a bell ringing and then they're all at it.

MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:38:54

my kids wouldn't be seen dead anywhere near them.

LadyMacbeth Wed 18-Apr-07 16:39:56

But... I don't understand why all this is going on in the middle of a Wednesday night where you are. Surely you should all be in bed?

booge Wed 18-Apr-07 16:40:35

MrsWottinger, I don't know why you're complaining, you are never home as far as I can tell.

MrsApron Wed 18-Apr-07 16:40:48


nice one mrs woiinger wonder how many posts.....

MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:41:24

well it's not the middle of the night, but it's the evening here, it's after 6.30 when my children (and some of theirs, although god knows what age they are they all look the same to me) should be in bed.

booge Wed 18-Apr-07 16:42:18

With 8 children yourself, talk about pot and kettle!!

MrsWottinger Wed 18-Apr-07 16:42:42

MrsApron i expected better from a fellow married woman.

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