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How would you feel if your 16 year old DS wanted to become a 'young conservative'

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BigSandyBalls2015 Tue 03-Oct-17 09:18:58

That is all!
Opinions please.

ChoudeBruxelles Tue 03-Oct-17 09:19:32

Disappointed and confused

EmilyReallyKnowsHerStuff Tue 03-Oct-17 09:20:16

Meh. Up to him isn't it.

Can't dictate someone else's political views.

Seeline Tue 03-Oct-17 09:21:20

I'd be pleased that a young person was showing an interest in the country and their future. Political views can easily change once people start taking an interest.

thecatfromjapan Tue 03-Oct-17 09:21:28

I'd be amazed. Isn't the average age of Conservative Party members 71, or something?

And I'd sit him down and explain that if he, or his friends, are tempted to start making Nazi jokes on Whatsapp, to resist. It never ends well.

Tamatoa Tue 03-Oct-17 09:21:50


BertrandRussell Tue 03-Oct-17 09:21:54

I would be really upset - and suspect he had been abducted by aliens. And it would cause even more political debate than we have in this family already!

ShatnersWig Tue 03-Oct-17 09:22:06

Wonder where I'd gone wrong?

But after that, probably pleased they were interested enough in politics to get involved in some way.

Andro Tue 03-Oct-17 09:22:44

Pleased he was taking an interest in politics.

Wavingkitten Tue 03-Oct-17 09:22:45

as we talk openly about politics and current affairs and are left wing I would wonder where I'd gone wrong tbh. I would be extremely upset.

Floisme Tue 03-Oct-17 09:23:28

I would still love her.

sharklovers Tue 03-Oct-17 09:23:41

Very proud indeed.

5rivers7hills Tue 03-Oct-17 09:23:52

IF he is a good kind and compassionate person I might think it could be a good thing and he might rise through the political ranks being a moderating voice in the conservatives.

EmilyReallyKnowsHerStuff Tue 03-Oct-17 09:23:58

...because he has different views? Really?

Fannylodger Tue 03-Oct-17 09:24:23

Extremely upset that someone doesn't have the same political views, really? hmm
I'm as left as they'd come and I'd be looking forward to interesting thought provoking debate

woundedbutwalking Tue 03-Oct-17 09:24:56

Like I hadn't really brought them up to be a caring & empathetic child. But then at that age kids believe they can conquer the world and everything in life is easy. Hopefully they'll grow out of it...

RandomlyGenerated Tue 03-Oct-17 09:25:01

I’d feel the need to enrol him in a critical thinking course.

M4Dad Tue 03-Oct-17 09:25:12

I'm just amazed that he's gotten through the system without being brainwashed into an uber lefty.

Fair play to him and I wish him luck

PebblesFlintstone Tue 03-Oct-17 09:25:26

Privately horrified but I would encourage their interest (and have some discussions about what it is about Conservative policy they admire).

sinceyouask Tue 03-Oct-17 09:25:51

Also somewhat intrigued. It would make dinnertime interesting.

opheliacat Tue 03-Oct-17 09:26:26

I'd be absolutely fine with it, but then it is only the liberal left who hate everyone who isn't like them.

Peanutbuttercheese Tue 03-Oct-17 09:26:26

Glad they were interested in politics.

I find the whole my family and everyone are staunch whatever political party slightly odd. My family vote across the entire political spectrum pretty much.

thecatfromjapan Tue 03-Oct-17 09:27:15

To add to my comments earlier ...

I would be pleased that my child was taking a serious interest in politics.

However, I think there are issues with the Young Conservatives. There have been horrible instances of bullying - very, very serious - and I would honestly talk about that. They weren't dealt with by the Party, so I would consider it down to me to talk about it.

Likewise, the Nazi thing, which I think is linked to the above.

I wonder if the Whatsapp debacle is linked to the desperation the CP currently have about attracting young people.

SloeSloeQuickQuickGin Tue 03-Oct-17 09:29:43

Rather better than being a fully paid up member of Momentum I'd have thought.

Pansiesandredrosesandmarigolds Tue 03-Oct-17 09:30:56

The only one I've known well was a kind, clever and well meaning young man. I disagreed with him on almost everything.

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