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This thread is about Trump. You didn't hear it from me. Trump cont

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Orlantina Tue 16-May-17 19:50:33

Only been 4 days since the last one.

illegitimateMortificadospawn Tue 16-May-17 19:53:04

My laptop is safely stored in the hold. Take me with you on this flight of fancy.

Orlantina Tue 16-May-17 19:54:07

Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 4m4 minutes ago
Caroline O. Retweeted Greg Fish
Trump told the Russians the town where a US informant discovered an ISIS plan & told details of US counter-operations in Iraq and Syria. JFCCaroline O. added,

catgirl1976 Tue 16-May-17 19:56:05

I'm sharing this place mark with you because I can. It's not illegal because I'm the president.

cozietoesie Tue 16-May-17 19:57:20

Thanks. smile

SestraClone Tue 16-May-17 19:57:53

I usually just lurk, you guys are awesome at keeping the thread up to date. I am just so gob smacked at the recent developments shock

HelsinkiLights Tue 16-May-17 19:58:13

Fake news.

Stuffofawesome Tue 16-May-17 20:00:13

Two scoops suckers

AndHoldTheBun Tue 16-May-17 20:00:46

Thanks for the new thread. It's been a whirlwind could of days. I find myself wondering about what Obama is going to say about all this in his memoirs, post Trump. I think he had a fairly good idea of what Trump's character was like, it'll be interesting to know how much of this shit storm he anticipated smile

Orlantina Tue 16-May-17 20:00:47

From the Guardian

“As for the Israeli view on this, the Israelis can’t avoid seeing a delicious irony. US intelligence agencies, for decades, have suspected that Israel sometimes passes information to Russia – as part of trading intelligence – and that was the CIA’s reason to be reluctant in sharing everything with the Israelis. Now, America’s allies seem concerned that Trump himself might be passing sensitive intel to the Russians.”

GingerIvy Tue 16-May-17 20:01:42

Thanks for the new thread.

POLITICO‏Verified account @politico 31s32 seconds ago
The ACLU's radical plan to fight Jeff Sessions via @POLITICOMag

cozietoesie Tue 16-May-17 20:04:12

....exploding membership numbers.....? ( The ACLU.)

PainInTheEar Tue 16-May-17 20:04:57

Thanks for thread-starting!

Interesting piece on how pro trump media responds to the crises:

MicrowaveSpy Tue 16-May-17 20:05:11

Thanks for new thread flowers

GingerIvy Tue 16-May-17 20:06:13

Yashar‏Verified account @yashar** 14m14 minutes ago
The latest from @maggieNYT @GlennThrush -- Trump has turned against most of his aides, including Jared Kushner …

Yashar‏Verified account @yashar** 7m7 minutes ago
Replying to @yashar**
Trump's senior advisers don't feel comfortable leaving him alone with foreign leaders. This drives him nuts. He calls McMaster "a pain"

PainInTheEar Tue 16-May-17 20:07:44

Julia Ioffe @juliaioffe

"What Russian hackers? Trump gives American secrets to Russia by himself," sneers the main Russian news cast.

<I can't read Russian so don't know if the tone is indeed sneery>

FurryLittleTwerp Tue 16-May-17 20:09:19

He's a bloody liability. Loose cannon.

Orlantina Tue 16-May-17 20:10:45

Speaking of Fox

Now Republicans, who long claimed to be the Constitution’s defenders and champions of national security, shrug off Russian penetration of our political system and justify the reckless use (following Obama’s precedent) of executive orders by their president—whose behavior would excite outrage if the fingers on the keypad belonged to a Democrat.

And a flatulent Congress cringes and points at the other guy

GingerIvy Tue 16-May-17 20:12:31

ProPublica‏Verified account @ProPublica 1m1 minute ago
.@BuzzFeedNews spoke to 2 Israeli intelligence officials. One said this was their "worst fears confirmed." …

PerkingFaintly Tue 16-May-17 20:19:48

It wasn't Orlantina who linked to this thread; it was MN Deep State to smear her.

honeysucklejasmine Tue 16-May-17 20:19:49

Flabbergasted placemark.

cozietoesie Tue 16-May-17 20:20:00

An Op Ed piece from the NYT - authored by Charles M Blow

Madness invites mutiny

lionheart Tue 16-May-17 20:20:05

Thanks for the new thread. We trust you since you led us here. wink

PainInTheEar Tue 16-May-17 20:24:08

Christopher Ingraham @_cingraham
Wow: Trump admin officials's off-the-record defense: He's not smart enough to know what he's doing.

MrsT2007 Tue 16-May-17 20:27:39

Hiding in bushes, Spicer style. You ain't seen me, right.

How long before Trump shouts

"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

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