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Donald Trump came over my feet ...

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Laiste Tue 22-Nov-16 17:33:51

AND all over my painting gear last night. Ew!

I mean WTF?! hmm sad envy < (sick) It was repulsive. I've felt out of sorts about it all day.

Why do we have bloody weird unwanted sexual dreams about randoms? And who else wants to share please? Make me feel better grin

ElectricMelon Tue 22-Nov-16 17:40:10

I have them all the time.

The worst one was a few years ago and it involved Susan Boyle doing unspeakbale things to me blush.

The next day I told my mum about it and when I got home from work my bedroom was covered in print outs of Susan and she had written 'Electric loves Susan' everywhere grin

gleam Tue 22-Nov-16 17:41:09


LittleLionMansMummy Tue 22-Nov-16 17:45:27

Fuck me. That is categorically not a dream, that is a nightmare of the highest order. You must be so traumatised you poor thing. flowers

Andrewofgg Tue 22-Nov-16 17:56:31

Is there a support group for people like you?


Only1scoop Tue 22-Nov-16 17:57:56

That's a night terror

Only1scoop Tue 22-Nov-16 17:58:57

Once had one about
Jim Royal <Ricky Tomlinson> blush

Only1scoop Tue 22-Nov-16 18:00:24

Wasn't as graphic as yours Though Op ....phew small mercies.
We just humped a bit and he was on top. Over very quickly unlike the memory....

GreatFuckability Tue 22-Nov-16 18:02:04

I once had a highly disturbing dream about ken AND Diedre Barlow.

It still makes me shudder.

Laiste Tue 22-Nov-16 18:08:40

grin These are great.

and thank you for the flowers

It's good to hear i'm not alone.

RubbishMantra Tue 22-Nov-16 18:09:26

Yikes, that sounds terrifying!

I can't compete, but a woman I worked with had a sexy dream about Rolf Harriss. Before his crimes had come to light.

Oh, here's one of mine. I dreamt I was getting sexy with ddDH. Who transformed in front of my very eyes into his father, (incidentally a Donald Trump type) who was extremely critical of my sexual performance. Bleurgh.

Mynestisfullofempty Tue 22-Nov-16 18:14:13

"Oh, here's one of mine. I dreamt I was getting sexy with ddDH."

Is ddDH your daughter's husband? shock

RubbishMantra Tue 22-Nov-16 18:20:29

Nooo! dd stood for dearly departed, as not alive anymore. DH was alive at the time.

RubbishMantra Tue 22-Nov-16 18:22:25 the time of the dream. I found future gatherings with the in-laws most disturbing.

Thattimeofyearagain Tue 22-Nov-16 18:23:39

Simon Cowell < vomitts at memory >

Sybys Tue 22-Nov-16 18:24:02

Uhoh, I expect the OP will be on the end of a libel lawsuit from Mr Trump very shortly.

He only appears in the best dreams.

ShelaghTurner Tue 22-Nov-16 18:24:04

Fucking hell OP. Serious counselling needed after a dream like that.

BishopBrennansArse Tue 22-Nov-16 18:28:36

I'm envisaging a scene like the abscess drain in Victor Frankenstein. Ewwwww.

SaucyJack Tue 22-Nov-16 18:29:30

It takes a LOT to offend me, but I think having a moistening dream about Susan Boyle might have crossed the line.

VittysCardigan Tue 22-Nov-16 18:31:31

He only appears in the best dreams.

grin grin grin

BlackeyedPetitsPois Tue 22-Nov-16 18:33:42

I'm still heaving at the thought of a sex dream I had involving Status Quo guys. It was 10 years ago!!!!

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 22-Nov-16 18:35:51

I posted about my own in Chat! grin

I had a dream about my boss, and he was filth. I was severely distracted when we spoke on the phone this afternoon blush

Quite enjoying re-running it in my head though.....blush

RubbishMantra Tue 22-Nov-16 18:37:43

Did they give you "whatever you want" though, PetisPois? grin

MadJeffBarn Tue 22-Nov-16 18:48:09

I had a weird dream about the short one in the Horrible Histories TV series (can't remember his name) he was showing me round some Roman baths, we got in, things started getting heavy.. then he unscrewed his penis to use it as a vibrator:S

ArmySal Tue 22-Nov-16 18:57:55

Why did he come on your feet? confused

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