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To ask what's the weirdest/strangest/creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?

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fruitysmoothie Thu 15-Sep-16 23:31:52

As the title says...

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 15-Sep-16 23:51:29

Ooh I love a woo thread.
I was reading a haunted Liverpool book and my dd was around 2.5.
Anyway she was playing around, and she looked at me and said. Mummy the man in your story hurt his neck, didn't he. I was reading Bernie with the broken neck.
My dd could not read and even if she could. How would she have known what I was reading.
This isn't really woo, but I'd like to share.
When my mum passed. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of peace when me and my dd went back into the room. It was as though the whole world and time has stood still. Like we were the only 3 people in the whole world. If that's what heaven is like. I'm not scared of death any more. And incidentally i saw a rainbow that morning. It wasn't raining but I swear I saw it or at least imagined it. Anyway mum's favourite song was
Somewhere over the rainbow, and when we went back into the room. Some where over the rainbow was playing on the radio. Abd. It's certainly not an over played song by any stretch of the imagination.
If I think of anymore. Ill certainly contribute further

fruitysmoothie Fri 16-Sep-16 00:08:20

Awww, that's a lovely story PP thank you for sharing flowers

Sweetdreamsaremadeofthis Fri 16-Sep-16 00:22:05

Place marking I love these types of threads

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Fri 16-Sep-16 01:02:38

Shameless place marking


SatansLittleHelper2 Fri 16-Sep-16 01:31:31

Bit of a.strange one but but a lucky escape with a potential respite carer who.I took my ds to meet.

It was via a friend and he came highly recommended, nice attitude, he volunteered at youth clubs and had worked in many roles with children over the years.

We arranged to meet at a sn soft play so I could have a chat and he could observe my ds (( ds very complex and there are few people I trust him with )) and he was there with his charge, a young child who has downs syndrome ))

To cut a long story short he sent my spidey senses into overdrive, nothing I could quite put my finger on but something was off. So much so I cut our session short and left.

I didnt want to say anything but ended up commenting to my friend there was something about him, not sure what but something. Friend initially laughed ot off but must have touched a nerve as she didnt offer him any hours working with her ds in the end.

Thank fuck she listened as a few months later he was on the.front page of our local paper for being in possesion of horrific images of babies and young children. There's no way of knowing if he abused any children in his care as he specialised in children who were at the.more severe end of the scale, the boy he had with him we met was completely none verbal.

It sickens me to this day and still makes my blood chill just thinking about what a lucky escape we had.

WetPaint4 Fri 16-Sep-16 01:47:41

I remember one morning I left my house to go to work. It was early and quiet, cold, and grey. As I locked my front door I clearly heard a set of high heels walking along the pavement behind me but the woman only took two steps. I figured she'd stopped so turned around immediately and there was no one there. There was no one on the street at all.

Seren85 Fri 16-Sep-16 01:53:38

Not creepy when it happened because it was absolutely normal but I have an incredibly clear memory of my Nana babysitting me and my younger sister. Right down to where we slept, everything she said to me etc. But my Mum is adamant that it never happened and Nana was gone by the time I'm remembering. Not woo, probably a mush of childhood memories but it makes me think.

RockyBird Fri 16-Sep-16 01:54:36

On the 11th Sept the first time I looked at the clock, the time was 9.11. Not much in that but just then I got alerted to a you tube video my DD had posted and the duration of it was 9:11.

Coincidences but made me stop and think.

ScarlettSahara Fri 16-Sep-16 02:29:50

Dreamed about a boy I knew from school days & used to travel to school together. We had never quite gone out- I had asked for help with a physics question & we started exchanging Christmas cards.

So about 3 years later is when I was at Uni and dreamed about him without really having thought about him much & never having dreamed about him before & the very next day I received a letter asking me to meet up for a date next time I came home!!?

Quodlibet Fri 16-Sep-16 02:52:59

My grandmother 'appeared' after she died, separately, to me, my dad and my sister. I was 9 at the time and awoke to find her sitting on my bed. I remember very clearly being aware when I woke that this was strange, as she had recently died, but not to be scared as it would upset her and she meant no harm. I didn't tell anyone til years later, at which point my dad and sister admitted that they'd both experienced the same thing around the same time.
She had also appeared to my grandfather when he was on his death bed, but I imagine that is quite a common experience.

Babasaclover Fri 16-Sep-16 03:56:17

What does woo stand for? Sorry new to mumsnet

suspiciousofgoldfish Fri 16-Sep-16 04:06:20

Like, "wooooo!" As in the noise a ghost makes.

suspiciousofgoldfish Fri 16-Sep-16 04:08:34

An mner on a previous thread wrote the single most terrifying story I have ever read, about her looking after a friends small holding and being chased through the woods while she searched for a runaway dog.....

Perhaps she'll come back and re tell it. It was Poo your pants scary!

53rdAndBird Fri 16-Sep-16 05:25:33

Bloke I worked with years ago. He was friendly, chatty, hard worker, funny jokes, young and pretty good-looking - and I was absolutely terrified of him. And I have no idea why.

He never did anything to cause me any concern, and nobody else seemed scared of him. He was really popular in fact! And yet, I got the serious creeps even talking to him, and I made up all sorts of excuses to avoid ever being alone with him. Something in my head was screaming "DANGER DANGER DANGER" any time he got close.

Never felt that way about anyone else before or since (including clients who were violent and unpredictable for mental health reasons - I took safety precautions but never felt the same blood-running-cold fear). I left that job after a while, and never saw him again, so I still don't know and will probably never know if he genuinely was scary, or if he was the nice bloke he seemed and my fear was totally out of nowhere.

But I could swear sometimes he could tell I was scared of him, and found it funny.

SuperManStoleMyPants Fri 16-Sep-16 06:02:24

At the beginning of this year I was meeting an friend at a local watering hole. It was fairly quiet with only 5 or 6 tables taken. Everyone as usual was sat around the edges of the room in little pockets and the main area was empty apart from two beer glasses waiting to be cleared up.

Friend and I had been sat for a while chatting and catching up when all of a sudden one of the beer glasses on the empty table just exploded. Glass flew everywhere.

Noone I have ever spoken to can explain how this could have happened. The glasses were there for a while, away from any foot traffic (so no one could have bumped the table) and the thing just exploded and shattered glass flew everywhere. It's been driving me crazy all year trying to work it out!

A woo one - a few months a go I was climbing my stairs in my flat. I noticed there was a reflection on the wall at the top facing me. As I got closer the reflection became clearer, by the time I had got to the top it was like looking in a mirror - except the reflection wasn't mine. For some reason I didn't twig that it was strange to have a mirror image of someone else on a painted wall and just carried on with what I was doing. When I did think about it it was like a shock of realisation and I spent the rest of the afternoon retracing steps, playing with windows and light and trying desperately to see the woman again. I haven't seen her since.

NotNob Fri 16-Sep-16 06:14:55

I hope the poster tells her tale of the young boy at the disco in Essex. Chilling, genuinely scary.

KathyBeale Fri 16-Sep-16 06:29:52

SuperMan, I once lived in a flat full (I think!) of static electricity. Glasses regularly explored on the draining rack, and light bulbs blew when I switched on the lights. Wonder if it could have been something like that?

Saying that, the only vaguely 'woo' thing that's ever happened to me happened there (I was woken up by my flat mate coming into my room - my door made a noise when it opened, on a old-fashioned latch - but she wasn't there). But it was an odd flat in a very old building with wobbly floors and wonky walls.

browneyedgirll Fri 16-Sep-16 06:43:15

When my ds1 was smaller, about 2, and had just started playing 'boo'. I was alone with him in a friend's new build flat. He looked down the hallway (I couldn't see down there) and smiled and then said 'boo' with a little giggle. I asked him who he was taking to & he said 'the man' I asked him 'which man' and he said 'the man with the tools' . When those places were being built a young lad was tragically killed in an accident on the building site, gave me the right creeps! Was ages before I could psych myself up to leave the room!

niceupthedance Fri 16-Sep-16 07:01:42

My mum moved us to a house I hated, it had a really bad vibe. I used to feel I was being watched all the time. When the spare room was redecorated, the peeled-away wallpaper revealed it to have been covered with pages of the bible and an exorcism certificate. My mum just laughed it off. She didn't listen when the cleaner said things had been moving around in my room and pictures jumping off the walls. I moved out as soon as I could. She kept the house for 20 years before moving out. It was only then she admitted she and her husband had got home from holiday one day (no one had been in the house) and a big arm chair was sitting in the middle of the hallway in front of the door. CREEPY

wildsapphire Fri 16-Sep-16 07:10:06

I love these threads!

Frogers Fri 16-Sep-16 07:25:34

Love these threads buy need to go get ready.

DinosaursRoar Fri 16-Sep-16 07:28:09

Shamelessly marking on a good old woo thread!!

IfAtFirstUDontSucceed Fri 16-Sep-16 07:35:14

I read that story suspiciousofgoldfish it really gave me chills! Like something out of a horror movie! shock

thestarryeyedsurprise Fri 16-Sep-16 07:39:28

When I was younger I worked at the front of a fast food resturant. There was a man that parked his work van (a well known building company) out the front and came in multiple times to talk to me told me he was down here working, where he was staying, what his name was etc, he asked me what time k finished and stupidly being young I told him. So at 11 when I finish and I'm about to walk home which was a 5 minute walk near a country lane, I had walked for about 30 secs and he pulled up next to me telling me to get in the car, I screamed at him to get away and after a few times he drove off. I phoned the police the next day to report him. The next week, he turned up at my work again, my drove off before the police arrived. Turns out after speaking with the company, there was no one around here, working at that site, staying at a location with that van, he had put the transfers on himself. Since that day I can't walk home alone at night and it was 10 years ago. I dread to think what could of happened.

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