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To think Oasis are; were and always will be, - Shit.

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VioletVaccine Sun 28-Feb-16 19:11:53

DH has just decided to 'wind down' listening to them tonight. I forgot he liked them, but have just been subjected to their 'greatest' hits. I genuinely forgot blocked out the trauma of just how crap they really are.
Wailing music, gobby frontmen, repetitive lyrics, and bigger egos than Donald Trump.

Maybe I'm 20 years too late for this AIBU, but had to ask. They are shit, aren't they?

Hrafnkel Sun 28-Feb-16 19:12:43

shock don't let dh hear you say that.

I was more of a Blur girl.

Blueberry234 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:13:49

Completely agree I went as a favour to see them with a friend just hideous. Especially the bottles full of piss being thrown around

elQuintoConyo Sun 28-Feb-16 19:14:56

I loved their first album. In my defence I was young grin

Other than that... bollocks. Hated Blur, too <runs>

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-Feb-16 19:15:07

I never liked them. Overrated. But they had a huge fan base so they must have been doing something right.

DontKillMyVibe Sun 28-Feb-16 19:15:35

YANNU. The only debate is who the biggest egotistical twat is - Liam or Noel. I think Liam just about wins it.

EatShitDerek Sun 28-Feb-16 19:16:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:16:59

shock Noel Gallagher has got an amazing voice... I'll never tire of listening to him.

YADBU grin

Luciferbox Sun 28-Feb-16 19:17:03

Agreed. Hate their egos and horrid whining voices. They make my blood boil.

WingMirrorSpider Sun 28-Feb-16 19:17:31

I loved them at the time but looking back I think they were a bit crap. Derivative tunes and meaningless lyrics. And Liam is a nobber.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 28-Feb-16 19:18:26

Oh thank Christ.


Savagebeauty Sun 28-Feb-16 19:22:43

I love them.
My DS loves off to see High Flying Birds later this year.
Was in Liam's Pretty Green shop yesterday.

HelloCanYouHearMe Sun 28-Feb-16 19:25:47

10000000000 times YANBU

They were/are shiter than shite

myusernamewastaken Sun 28-Feb-16 19:29:25

I loved them and still do.....and have a soft spot for both brothers x

Ragusa Sun 28-Feb-16 19:31:34

They are shit, and always were. And derivative. Nicked tunes left, right and centre.
And, according to my mum, they give a "terrible impression of the north"

Thornrose Sun 28-Feb-16 19:32:22

I love some of their stuff. They definitely had their moments.

Liam is by far the biggest twat, this I know! wink

Capricorn76 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:34:33

I never really got it either. I liked a couple of their songs like Live Forever and Morning Glory but on the whole their music was very samey. They sounded like pub a band. I think US grunge was better.

I had friends who went to one of their gigs and said it was full of louts chucking piss around.

The way the brothers bang on about newer acts now you'd think they were amazing but they really weren't.

Also hated the celeb culture of the time, Britpop, gobby laddettes falling out of 'it' bars etc. It was so tacky.

LiDLrichardsPistachioSack Sun 28-Feb-16 19:35:04

YADNBU. They were/are the most overrated crock of mediocre shite.

Thornrose Sun 28-Feb-16 19:35:21

They were Northern gobshites but they didn't "represent" <The North.> It's a big place anyway!! I'm northern but Manchester and my area are worlds apart.

Ragusa Sun 28-Feb-16 19:35:23

Whiny voice too. I always wanted to smack him, even when I didn't have PMT but especially when I did grin

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Sun 28-Feb-16 19:35:28

I don't mind Oasis but I'd rather literally watch paint dry than listen to Coldplay, Radiohead or any of those other pseudo-intellectual beige emanating lentil eating knobbers.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:36:39

I thought this was about clothes.

I like Noel, he's a cat person. That means he's ok.

RJnomore1 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:37:26

The first album was decent, they were hungry and it showed. Then they got money coke and fame and it all went to shit.

Though imo Noel is talented while Liam's not. At all.

VioletVaccine Sun 28-Feb-16 19:40:22

Thank you all grin I knew I wasn't BU!

Still listening now under protest
They are truly terrible! Big gorilla men who think we should give thanks, that they've given us the privilege of hearing them play confused

coffeetasteslikeshit Sun 28-Feb-16 19:43:21

I hated them at the time but some of their songs have grown on me, all of them early stuff like Wonderwall.

I saw them at Glastonbury in 2004 and they were shit live.

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