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to lose it at this angry woman who criticised my parking.

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bobbypercy1 Mon 22-Jul-13 14:48:06

So i was in town this morning with the Q7 (or the panzer tank as I call it) and i pulled up to a space. I reversed in a few times but i was always a bit squint. Eventually i left the car squint but still in the bay. I let out my kids and just while i locked the car this woman came over.

she said i should go back and straighten the car out because it was squint. I told her that if she had a q7 i would like to see her park it in such a tight space. She thought i was suggesting that she didn't have a big car because she was poor. i wasn't suggesting that at all. so she went into a long rant about me being disrespectful. i was shocked .

but i didn't shout too much cause i had two kids with me.

aibu to be annoyed at her.

YouTheCat Mon 22-Jul-13 14:50:01

None of her business how you park so long as it's considerately and within the bay.

Silly cow.

squeakytoy Mon 22-Jul-13 14:50:09

if you cant park it properly, dont drive it or at least find a space you are capable of parking it in.. yabu

tabulahrasa Mon 22-Jul-13 14:50:14

Why would you drive a car you can't park?

Sparklingbrook Mon 22-Jul-13 14:51:26

YABU to not be able to park the car.
Woman was BU to comment on it.

CookieLady Mon 22-Jul-13 14:52:16

Agree with tabulahrasa.

ZZZenagain Mon 22-Jul-13 14:52:32

I would have said, yes it could be straighter but I am not having much luck with it. I'll be back to have another go but have to get to an appointment now. I think the heat is getting to people.

Sirzy Mon 22-Jul-13 14:53:00

The woman shouldn't have said anything but I do agree with the "if you can't park it don't drive it" way of thinking.

It really bugs me when people don't park straight in a parking space as it makes it so awkward for others.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 22-Jul-13 14:54:14

Problem is if you park in the bay but all wonky - it does make it hard for others to park next to you. Plus you are increasing your chances of getting your car hit by other car's doors if its hard to get in and out of their own vehicles.

DuelingFanjo Mon 22-Jul-13 14:54:33

were you within the lines? then you were ok.

bobbypercy1 Mon 22-Jul-13 14:54:46

i was in the white lines though and it wasn't blocking the road which is quite wide and 1- way.... and i have 2 friends with q7 and they say its hard to park too.

cheeseandpineapple Mon 22-Jul-13 14:55:56

YABU for having a Q7, agree it's a tank of a car!

ZingWidge Mon 22-Jul-13 14:56:43

oh parking thread

littleducks Mon 22-Jul-13 14:57:35

Hate to say it but perhaps a different car would suit you better, within the lines is acceptable to pass your driving test (at least that was the rule when I took mine) but really in daily life it needs to be straight too.

Do you have electric mirrors would fiddling with these help or maybe even getting parking sensors installed?

Travelledtheworld Mon 22-Jul-13 14:57:52

Why do you drive such a huge gas guzzling vehicle in this country where fuel is expensive and parking spaces are small ?
Suggest you go out on a Sunday evening and practice your parking!

TheCraicDealer Mon 22-Jul-13 14:59:48

Those things are huge- must've been a pretty big parking space if you left it "squint but still in the bay". If you can't park a car that big confidently within a few goes then it's not the vehicle for you. Hence why I have a Fiat 500 grin

bobbypercy1 Mon 22-Jul-13 14:59:48

i need a big car beccause i have 3 kids. and if i need to give freinds a lift its got 7 seats.

it does have parking sensors but they go on the solid tone about 50cm from an obstacle.

parking the q7 is done to the cm!

usualsuspect Mon 22-Jul-13 15:00:43

What's a Q7?

Am I supposed to be impressed by you owning one,OP?

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 22-Jul-13 15:03:07

A Q7 is a very big 7 seater though. I have an s max as needed a 7 seater but found it easier to park.

bobbypercy1 Mon 22-Jul-13 15:03:39

usual suspect - no you're not meant to be impressed. why would you?

mrsSOAK Mon 22-Jul-13 15:03:43

strange that the woman thought you were commenting on her financial status due to the size of her car...!

i have a car I cant park either. Although mine is not a big car.
I am a new driver (under 2 months)

I stay within the white lines and try to ensure that I am parked in a way that is considerate to others and as straight ass possible.
I do get very flustered when parking and could easily spend ages pulling forwards and backwards trying to get straight, in the middle etc....
I have only had 1 person moan at me about my poor parking, which was a direct result of the car next to me and its poor position.

TheSecondComing Mon 22-Jul-13 15:04:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Mon 22-Jul-13 15:04:22

Q7 Bit on the large side. There are smaller 7 seaters I would think.

ZZZenagain Mon 22-Jul-13 15:05:18

Whatever car it is, I think if you struggle with parking, you just have to practise and practise when you are on your own at quiet times so that when you need to do it under stress and in a hurry, you are comfortable with it.

bobbypercy1 Mon 22-Jul-13 15:05:27

mrs campbellblack

i like the s max but we live in a wee place called braemar in Scotland and it is often very snowy up here! so 4 wheel drive is useful.

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