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FGS!!! Come and tell DH that toilet brushes are DISGUSTING

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thebrownstuff Sun 05-Sep-10 21:43:18

I know that we've had this toilet brush conversation numerous times....but, Please come and let DH know that I am not being unreasonable to have put our toilet brush in the outside shed.

The sight of toilet brushes makes me feel sick. I bought those clip on flushable toilet brush thingys which I think is the more hygenic and pleasant approach to getting rid of the shit as it were grin DH claims that everyone he knows owns/uses toilet brushes hmm

Namechanged for this as I don't want DH (yes you) to know my regular name. Go easy on him as the argument has come up while he's making himself useful cleaning the bathroom, so it's not all craziness from him.

Meglet Sun 05-Sep-10 21:44:37

They are foul. I get the creeps if I use a loo with a toilet brush in it. <<boak>>

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Sun 05-Sep-10 21:47:27

I own a toilet brush.

It is very nice and matches the rest of the bathroom "furniture".

It does NOT go inside my toilet, it stays in it's little pot looking pretty.

THAT is what toilet brushes are for.


NitchyIpple Sun 05-Sep-10 21:47:29

Toilet brushes are vile, germ breeding, shit laden things. Squeeze some bleach around the sides to get rid of skids!! all!

lovechoc Sun 05-Sep-10 21:47:37

I use a toilet brush to clean the toilet - how else do you clean the toilet when there's poo stains that are stubborn and don't come out when you flush?

Do you put your hand down the toilet and scrub it??


elterwater Sun 05-Sep-10 21:48:30

Yes they are disgusting. The flushable stick thingies are the only way to go.

BellaEmbergsLovechild Sun 05-Sep-10 21:49:00

Dear Mr Brownstuff

Loo brushes are lovely things - until they've been used.
Then they have poo stuck to them that no amount of flushing, shaking, covering with chemicals will ever get rid of.

warthog Sun 05-Sep-10 21:49:18

toilet brush good.

thingy leaking crappy chemicals into our water system, completely covered in germs anyway, not good.

here endeth the lesson.

dinkystinky Sun 05-Sep-10 21:49:20

They are foul - we used to use one but we disposed of it shortly after our 1 year old DS2 decided to use it as loofah on DH. barf. now use the hygenic clip and flush ones.

Valpollicella Sun 05-Sep-10 21:49:41

<vom> at toilet brushes


That little pool of water that collects at the bottom of the holder....

cat64 Sun 05-Sep-10 21:50:01

Message withdrawn

Claw3 Sun 05-Sep-10 21:50:04

Yuck you have a poo stick!

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Sun 05-Sep-10 21:50:37

lovechoc -

I use a Toilet Duck flushable loo cleaner.

Is there any other way?

scurryfunge Sun 05-Sep-10 21:51:14

They are disgusting things that harbour germs and there are far easier ways of cleaning the toilet without having that festering thing in the corner. (appealing to OCD readers).

No one these days uses them outside a council estate (appealing to classist readers).

Is that helping? grin

sloanypony Sun 05-Sep-10 21:51:25

They are gross, but I have one, and you dont actually have to touch them if you dont want to.

I know a bit of bleach does wonders BUT I like to give it a jolly good scrub to loosen any debris, and THEN make sure it is clean with bleach. Its psychological.

Those toilet duck flushable ones are crap - you can't scrub enough with them. They just kind of fold up and die, emitting a promising looking blue fluid which doesn't actually do anything.

Give me the scrub, flush, bleach, flush again later method any day.

I do soak my brush in bleach as well fairly often so it is shiny white - quite disconcerting when you see one covered in decayed poo. With orangey tinge. And limescale. And a pubic hair intertwined within.

curlymama Sun 05-Sep-10 21:51:25

Toilet brushes are minging.

How are you supposed to clean shit off a toilet and then make the brush clean enough to just be sitting there in your bathroom. Oh yeah, you can't! Yes you could bleach it, but then you could also just bleach the toilet in the first place.

HamsterPoo Sun 05-Sep-10 21:51:54

I'm with warthog

lovechoc Sun 05-Sep-10 21:52:11

have never heard of that timothy how long have they been around? next time I'm doing the supermarket shopping I'll have a nosey down that isle then...

sloanypony Sun 05-Sep-10 21:52:15

People who live in council houses dont say "jolly good scrub" so explain that grin

werewolf Sun 05-Sep-10 21:52:31

I don't get it - those clip and flush things - is there a holder that you have to stash somewhere while you're not using it?

elterwater Sun 05-Sep-10 21:53:24

What sort of poos are people having that the duck thing cannot cope with FGS?

Minxie1977 Sun 05-Sep-10 21:54:22

Why are you keeping it in shed? [bemused and nosey]

Foul things - who mentioned the water puddle!?! - <boak> - clinkers in the bristles <double boak>

gorionine Sun 05-Sep-10 21:55:23

Ditto cat64.

sloanypony Sun 05-Sep-10 21:55:28

The thing is though, you only bring it out when you do cleaning. Its got a lid and a vessel it lives in, you dont have to touch it. The outside of it is no dirtier than say, your roll of loo roll which also lives in the same room. Yes inside the vessel which harbours it is dirty but it only comes out to loosen debris.

You THEN clean the toilet after loosening and flushing.

So its akin to getting one of those Dettol automatic hand wash things because you couldn't POSSIBLY touch the soap dispenser, because its MINGING, even though you are about to wash your hands hmm

I dont blame people for going "eww" at the thought of them but if I haven't given the loo a bit of a scrub it doesn't feel clean to me, bleach or no bleach.

BubsMaw Sun 05-Sep-10 21:57:08

YANBU, I threw DH's out before we moved in together, many years ago. They are nasty.

We have the toilet duck disposable toilet cleaning thingie, and if you attach a value scouring sponge it works better and more cheaply than the specially intended pad things. Fold them in half, scouring side out, and away you go.

try sponges like these

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