Things you thought were normal/harmless until joining mumsnet

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Antsinyourpanta Thu 16-Sep-21 09:41:03

(Lighthearted )
lots of things that I thought were quite normal /fine/harmless before I joined MM seem to be quite abhorrent to a large percentage of posters. I often find myself wondering about whether my perceived normal is actually the minority. Some examples

Home made food or cakes - I bloody love home made cakes and think they are always nicer than shop bought - my first thoughts when offered one is usually yum, a cake! I've never given a moments thought to whether the person owns cats or dogs or has a hygeine certificate.

Ensuite bathrooms - I've got an ensuite bathroom. It's used for any instance where you may need a toilet. Apparently this is very very wrong.

Eating carbs

Bayliss and Harding toiletries - I would not be offended by this as a gift unless it was from my husband
(I'm with you on Thorntons though - they are nasty)

Answering the door to someone - if I see ex criminals selling stuff door to door, I dont answer, otherwise I dont have a problem with answering the door, and i get on with all of my neighbours.

Speaking to and socialising with work colleagues - i speak to, socialise (outside of work) and am friends with most of my work colleagues. I'd count many of them as friends. We buy each other birthday cards and presents and sometimes bring in cakes. (See point 1)

What are the things you've been educated on since joining MN?

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sittingonacornflake Thu 16-Sep-21 09:42:38

Having a toilet brush grin although I do have the silicone Joseph Joseph one which makes it slightly more acceptable to all but the die hard loo brush hating MNers.

PermanentTemporary Thu 16-Sep-21 09:47:25

Even as a comically typical Mumsnetter I have lots of unacceptable stuff going on. The worst probably my attitude to dogs and animals generally- I think 'kill shelters' are sensible and also most animal charities are hugely overloaded with money.

Mamamamasaurus Thu 16-Sep-21 09:48:37

Center Parcs

Hotcuppatea Thu 16-Sep-21 09:48:51

Wanting money rather than gifts for a wedding present.

RogersVideo Thu 16-Sep-21 09:49:34

Leaving my washing out overnight/for a couple days until I can be bothered to bring it back in.

LaMagdalena Thu 16-Sep-21 09:50:25

Character clothing on children


Sparklingbrook Thu 16-Sep-21 09:50:42

This could turn into an unpopular opinions thread. grin

I don’t think I have been ‘educated’ by MN, more enlightened as to what things people believe to be normal that I don’t agree with.

Brollywasntneededafterall Thu 16-Sep-21 09:53:40

I have a loo brush and leave my washing out overnight..
True rebel me...

Sparklingbrook Thu 16-Sep-21 09:54:24

You see I’ve never left my washing out overnight. I think that’s weird.

Brollywasntneededafterall Thu 16-Sep-21 09:55:58

I saw my dm do it. Makes sense. Throw ddog out for a wee. Hang washing. Go to bed.
Get up washing dry, bring in start day.

Sparklingbrook Thu 16-Sep-21 09:57:16

I left it out by accident overnight once. It was damp in the morning and didn’t smell as nice .

idontlikealdi Thu 16-Sep-21 09:58:32

Toilet brush
Dog bowl in the dishwasher
Not washing towels every day / clean pyjamas / changing bedding every day

I will NEVER leave my washing outside overnight though not because it'll get 'darked' on but because it wont dry or if it does it'll be damp with dew again in the morning

LavenderAskew Thu 16-Sep-21 09:59:07

I didn't realise people doing things differently or having a different lexicon to me was such a horrific crime.

It does come across that for some posters MN is the first time they come across different people, or possibly just other people.

There's so much that can be wrong, sinful and harmful; from the horrific insult of an evening wedding invitation to pegging out your washing.

Nyz9213 Thu 16-Sep-21 10:01:51

Orange squash. I gave my daughter some very dilute stuff when she was little and it was hot to encourage her to stay hydrated. You’d have thought I’d given her heroin.

NuffSaidSam Thu 16-Sep-21 10:02:18

I'm always surprised by how well people seem to know everyone they've ever met/how small some people's social circle is.

Claims I've seen over the years:

'I've never met anyone with the middle name Elizabeth' on earth would you know?!

'I don't know anyone with a tattoo'....again how would you know?

'I've never heard anyone call Santa, Father Christmas'.....really?

I clearly don't ask people I meet enough questions!

Bramshott Thu 16-Sep-21 10:03:22

Having a bonfire in the garden

Lavendersquare Thu 16-Sep-21 10:04:56

Washing bath towels with other laundry, ditto underwear. I always accepted that the washing process and laundry detergent cleaned things, but apparently towels and underwear must be washed separately preferably in a separate machine!

Revertion Thu 16-Sep-21 10:05:52

Men watching porn


daisyjgrey Thu 16-Sep-21 10:06:26


Having a bonfire in the garden

Do you live on the other side of my fence? * closes windows*

EssentiallyDisorganised Thu 16-Sep-21 10:06:37

I frequently put washing out overnight in summer, means its dry by the morning. At this tile of year dew can stop this happening bit it still suits me to do it that way instead of having to remember before work.

Answering the door, knocking on friends and neighbours doors without calling/texting first, evening only wedding invitations all pretty routine here.

Also making friends at the school gate and at work, far from being people with nothing in common apart from children the same age / working in the same place I've always found plenty in common with other people from school / work.

user38572 Thu 16-Sep-21 10:07:12

Being bare foot in someone else house is rude and disgusting apparently! But wearing your shoes that you have walk around outside in is fine.

I also recently forgot and left my washing outside. I found 3 spiders in my clothes when I brought them in!

HerRoyalRisesAgain Thu 16-Sep-21 10:08:33

I have 2 loo brushes... the horror shockgrin

I dont have 50:50 custody arrangements with my ex despite him being a sahd for years while I worked. (He has them as little as possible)

I have indoor cats. Apparently this is cruel.

Sparklingbrook Thu 16-Sep-21 10:10:05

I hang washing out about 7am then it’s dry when I get home from work and smells really nice still. 🌸

AubergineParmigiana Thu 16-Sep-21 10:11:04

Sharing towels sometimes with other household members

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