What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten to take on holiday?

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Ricekrispie22 Thu 29-Jul-21 19:51:22

There’s always something I forget! Our car is all packed for the off tomorrow but it feels like I’ve forgotten something.

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Wantingtogetitright Thu 29-Jul-21 19:53:07

Underwear! I can’t relax on the journey until I’ve thought of something I’ve forgotten.

Mrsjayy Thu 29-Jul-21 19:53:31

I forgot my pants I had packed them in a drawstring bag and forgot 😅

BankHolDeclutter Thu 29-Jul-21 19:54:07

Capol somewhere very easy to reach eg glove compartment.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 29-Jul-21 19:54:39

To close and lock the front door. Our neighbours noticed quickly.

We usually do the stupid things on holiday, not before we go.

bloodywhitecat Thu 29-Jul-21 19:54:51

Not me personally but we recently got married and my (now) husband's daughter's boyfriend forgot to pack his suit trousers when they came up to stay.

Chilver Thu 29-Jul-21 19:55:01

Food - on a camping holiday! But I had remembered the G&T and fresh coffee and percolator grin


NakedAttraction Thu 29-Jul-21 19:56:07

A whole suitcase. Didn’t make it into the car.

Bythemillpond Thu 29-Jul-21 19:56:26

Driving licence. Hired a car in the states and remembered just as we were about to land

OoglyMoogly Thu 29-Jul-21 19:56:35

Forgot to pack my contact lens solutions and case. Had to find a supermarket open late as soon as we arrived grin

oprahwindfuryy Thu 29-Jul-21 19:56:58

Razor, all inclusive resort miles from anywhere blush

blackteaplease Thu 29-Jul-21 19:57:30

Pants. But I could easily get some at the supermarket. That Sam holiday we bumped into friends at the campsite, they had forgotten their saucepans

CompleteBarstool Thu 29-Jul-21 19:58:21

Not particularly bad at all but I'm still reminded of it approx 12 years later ..... DC's pyjamas.

They still remind me every time we go on holiday.

Nicknacky Thu 29-Jul-21 19:59:25

My h left my hand luggage outside a shop in Gatwick airport so none of my jewellery, hair dryer etc made it on holiday with us. I wouldn’t have normally bothered but it was a cruise and I have wild hair! We had a big row on the plane when we realised.

Picked it up on the way home thankfully.

WowIlikereallyhateyou Thu 29-Jul-21 19:59:43

My EXH forgot his trousers after i asked him to check his clothes before they went into the case. All he had was a pair of jeans for a hot destination. He even tried to blame me. Twat.

LadyCatStark Thu 29-Jul-21 20:00:10

DS’s full suitcase. He was a toddler and had packed his Trunki. He’d been riding on it in the living room and ridden it around the side of the sofa so DH didn’t spot it when he loaded up the car and I didn’t spot that he hadn’t loaded it up. I had to go to an all night Asda at midnight when we arrived in Scotland (miraculously, it was around the corner) to buy him clothes and underwear. Unfortunately, it also meant he didn’t have his teddy.

Anotherunimaginativeusername Thu 29-Jul-21 20:00:55

My DH forgot to take a shirt when travelling to a very rural wedding.
I once forgot to pack the 5 yr olds comfort blanket. Never again!

Lovelydovey Thu 29-Jul-21 20:02:19

We went away for Christmas and forgot to pack the wrapped presents….

JesusInTheCabbageVan Thu 29-Jul-21 20:02:57

At a festival - remembered the tent, forgot the tent poles. 😬

Chicchicchicchiclana Thu 29-Jul-21 20:03:14

Swimming costume. Not really a problem as was near a large city in the south of France so could go to Decathlon, but still a very stupid thing to forget for a beach holiday in a hot country.

My friends went on a camping trip to Dorset from London. Her dh didn't put the tent in the boot of the car, although he had remembered the tent poles. He had to drive home and back again.

imnottoofussed Thu 29-Jul-21 20:03:31

My child's dummies. We had to go to Walgreens when we got there and buy some but they were the completely wrong shape and I've never been forgiven. She's twenty now but will still remind me at least once a year grin

Woolywolf Thu 29-Jul-21 20:03:47

Retainer. £££ of orthodontics wasted as teeth moved

BrutusMcDogface Thu 29-Jul-21 20:04:15

My anti depressants!! 😳😱😱😱

thelastgoldeneagle Thu 29-Jul-21 20:04:27

I forgot toddler ds's muslin comforter once on a trip to Otis. He'd never got to sleep without it before 😬

thelastgoldeneagle Thu 29-Jul-21 20:04:55

Paris, not Otis, ffs.

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