Trapped toddler parents: Inspiration and support needed through the summer hols!!

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PinkDaydreams Fri 09-Jul-21 12:59:45

Following on from the previous trapped toddler thread!
Sorry for rubbish title!

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Chocolatetrifle Fri 09-Jul-21 13:36:54

Thank you for the new thread Pinkdaydreams

Motherofmonsters Fri 09-Jul-21 14:16:37

Checking in, thanks pinkdaydreams

prettygirlincrimsonrose Fri 09-Jul-21 17:50:47

Thanks for the new thread.

@motherofmonsters that sounds tough,hope you're doing ok.

@chocolatetrifle good luck with the tomatoes, hope they grow ok. We've got some in the garden but no fruit yet.

DS is much better thanks. Had a nice walk to the farm shop to get bits for lunch and trip to the local park during DD's naps. Still a bit rubbish with both of them though, I just want DS to give me a little bit of a break to enjoy DD when she's awake but he often wants to cuddle me/her and then it's just lots of monitoring to check for wayward feet and elbows, how hard he's being with his hands etc. It doesn't help that some days (like today) I start in a bad mood and don't really help the situation. Feel so exhausted by all the emotional regulation and - does anyone else struggle with that?

Off for a couple of picnics with friends at the weekend. Should be good but I'm not sure how much DS will play with the other children, apparently he does at nursery but I don't get much of a chance to see for myself.

Motherofmonsters Fri 09-Jul-21 18:38:12

I really struggling with emotional regulation as well @crimsongirlinrose. Glad DS is feeling better. It's hard getting the balance right with two.

I've managed two days of no shouting, it's a new record. DS has been on good form to so I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not. We are going to go out somewhere as a family tomorrow as we haven't done it in ages. We've been to PIL but not an activity, I'm not sure what yet though.

prettygirlincrimsonrose Fri 09-Jul-21 19:42:17

@motherofmonsters well done with the no shouting, two days is definitely an achievement (I've genuinely considered making myself a star chart to stop alternating good and bad days). Hope you find somewhere good to go. We've had some nice days at local attractions with really good playgrounds, and currently working through finding new kid friendly walks in the Peak District.

Chocolatetrifle Fri 09-Jul-21 19:53:04

@prettygirlincrimsonrose, yep, totally agree that the mood you wake up in totally shapes the day. I've been guilty of getting up in a bad mood and then really struggling to get going and motivate myself. It's hormonal with me. I'm really trying but some days when you are so tired it's hard.

DS2 has gone to sleep with vapour rub and calpol vapour plug in, he has the sniffles, again. It feels like it's been back to back colds and infections for the last month or so here. Poor thing had not a single cold from when he was born and all through lockdown and then it's one after another now. Got to build their immunity up now I guess after the last year.

We have tickets to the Cheshire Steam Fair tomorrow but if DS2 is still a bit under the weather DH will just take DS1.

I dyed my hair earlier, 'golden henna' it said on the box, DS1 said, 'looks nice, orange on the top and brown on the bottom' grin. Hmmm, not sure that was the look I was going for but it's definitely more blended than that!

Hope everyone has a decent night. Last night was shocking here, was up about 5 times then I stopped counting.

@Motherofmonsters, hope you are not up at 4.30 again tomorrow.


JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Fri 09-Jul-21 23:31:05

@Motherofmonsters well done on 2 days - really! Tonight I read DD1 chapter book and DH put the twins to bed which he doesn't normally do....and er...

So apparently both of them stripped their beds and threw the bedding out and then got naked and that is how DH found them, 20 mins after he'd closed the door 😱😱😱

I am beginning to feel maybe they are not so bad for me. JFC!

DD1 also can be infuriating in her own way. She is 6.5 and bright but does things slooooowly and sometimes I just want to scream - I am not a patient person!

I do a Yoga With Adriene vid most nights after bedtime. It does help with the old BP.....

squishymamma Sat 10-Jul-21 06:33:00

Hello hello!

@PinkDaydreams thanks for the new thread!

@prettygirlincrimsonrose I totally understand the emotional regulation problems and I only have 1...I know in the long run being calm and explaining things and being firm where needed is best, but sometimes I just want to shout and get angry to blow off the steam. If I haven't slept properly I'm terrible at regulation and usually DH gets the brunt of it grin

@Motherofmonsters congrats on no shouting for 2 days! I think I've managed about 3 hours grin DS was trying to writhe out of my grasp while I was cleaning up a particularly soft poo and I just snapped at him to stop. I think you deserve a treat already, like a favourite food.

@Chocolatetrifle Hope DS2 feels better soon, it seems like all these coughs and colds are never ending atm. Here, DS still has a cough - it seems to change sound every week, now it's definitely more mucus related so maybe I'll try the cough mixture I bought again. Wish they had the Calpol diffusers here but Norwegians are rubbish at medicines for babies and small children, not sure why...maybe they don't mind the sleep deprivation and crankiness? Hope you all manage to get to go to the Steam Fair, sounds fab.

@JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff that gave me a good giggle, though I can totally imagine it was not at all funny in the moment. It can be hard too when they're so slow to do things and you just want to be finished. DH refuses to let DS walk on his own outside because a 5 min trip can easily turn into a 30 minute one, he wants to investigate everything. I've heard of Yoga with Adrienne but not tried it, maybe I should also give it a go!

DS had a rough night last night, think his tummy was a bit out of whack and he had some nightmares, bless him. We've been playing with cars and looking at picture books, he then was adamant he wanted to go out but I'm not dressed and it's raining so I'm distracting with TV. We're finally cleaning our old flat so we can hand back the keys on Monday, it's forecast rain all day so a good time to do it. Just need more caffeine first...

prettygirlincrimsonrose Sat 10-Jul-21 08:26:14

@Chocolatetrifle aww, poor DS2. Hope he's okay for the steam fair today (and that you got more sleep)

@JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff you have my sympathy with children doing things slowly, must be frustrating, especially if you know they could be going faster. Have you found anything that helps?

@squishymama good luck with the cleaning, hope coffee helps you power through!

Gave DD her first early evening bedtime in her cot while DH put DS to bed, and both were asleep by about quarter past 8 so we had a vaguely normal evening. I know it's only one night but feels like a bit of a milestone!

Camomila Sat 10-Jul-21 10:10:32

Thanks for the new thread @Pinkdaydreams

Sorry to hear DS isn't feeling great @squishymamma I think everyone likes the kids medicine from their home countries! I bring back infant paracetamol drops from Italy (no flavour, mix with milk or juice - fab!) and my French friend does the same with her DC. Do you have any Norwegian mum friends you can ask what they use when the DC are snuffly?

My plans for the day are to clean the toddler bed as its been in the garage and smells a bit musty (whhhy can both my DC get out of their cots by 18m 😕😆) and this afternoom take DS1 on an adventure...he's jealous because he hasn't been on a bus for like a year - going to let him choose his own summer clothes in town then buy him a krispy kreme. He wants to go on the Pier but its raining so half the rides will be turned off.

Motherofmonsters Sat 10-Jul-21 12:19:58

Morning everyone, DD kindly.woke up at 6 today so feeling brighter this morning. I've been for my first Jab this morning, I've been putting it off as I'm scared of getting ill and having the kids to look after but it's done now. Got an achy neck and shoulder but not sure if that's because I was tense?

Off to run around at an outdoor farm and gardens later so that will take my.mind off it

Chocolatetrifle Sat 10-Jul-21 12:39:57

@Camomila, hope you enjoy the afternoon by the pier, sea air and a doughnut sound like a great plan.

@prettygirlincrimsonrose, glad you managed to get both asleep earlyish. It's good when you feel like you have a bit of time to yourself in the evening.

@JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff, the yoga sounds lovely. Hope twins settle a bit easier for you tonight.

@squishymamma, hope you can finish sorting your old flat. How is going in your new one? Do you feel settled in yet?

Well, 3 out of 4 of us are coughing here, DS2 is completely full of it, cough, I suspect a sore throat too and runny nose and teething dribble, those molars seem to be causing a lot of trouble. So we've done our covid tests which are negative thankfully. DH will just go with DS1 to the steam fair and me and DS2 will potter about at home.

Chocolatetrifle Sat 10-Jul-21 12:41:04

@Motherofmonsters, glad you had a later get up. Hope you feel ok later after your jab.

squishymamma Sat 10-Jul-21 19:24:14

@prettygirlincrimsonrose glad to hear bedtime went well yesterday! Crossing fingers it does so again today for you.

@Camomila that's a good idea. I usually have stocks of Lemsip and random other British medicines, but COVID hot and I haven't been there for forever. DH thought it was weird we didn't use suppositories for paracetamol, that's what all the parents use here apparently confused I vetoed the idea fairly fast.

@Motherofmonsters hope your neck and shoulder are feeling better! I always feel like I have some kind of reaction to jabs, but that's because I expect one and have read up on the common side effects grin sure you'll be fine. I have mine on Tuesday, finally!

@Chocolatetrifle sorry to hear you're all feeling a bit poorly. Hope DH and DS1 enjoyed the steam fair. We're settling in well to our new place thanks, its amazing how much difference adding a room can be...

So we did not clean in the end, we've all been a bit useless really. DH and I have been shattered, and DS has bounced between dragging me (and only me) to play and being really cranky. We made it to the supermarket, but that's about it.

Tomorrow is the final and I'm so excited to actually go to a real live pub! Also the first day we're allowed to physically go to church, so that will also be nice.

Hoping everyone had a good day today!

JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Sat 10-Jul-21 20:14:17

So how was everyone's day?

We did 9.30 swimming which was lovely but then meltdowns for 2/3 children on way back to car - v rainy so home and did DD1 homework. DH took her to gymnastics and I had a really lovely afternoon with the twins. We went to the playground and then Costa on the way home. They haven' been to a cafe since they can remember so it was a very big deal - huge round eyes and lots of "I am behaving myself" and 3 trips to the loo to see the hand drier 😂 there is a small play area outside so they had a go there, then home via the local 24h shop to get milk (again, very big deal!).

DT2 cracked me up - we walked past the village cricket team practising - and there were outraged bellows of "MUMMY! those men are NOT walking nicely! They are running and throwing a ball! Tell them to stop!" There were a bunch of elderly gents with folding chairs and flasks at the side of the pitch in stitches grin

Bedtime not too bad tonight as twins exhausted! also I made DH put them to bed again

Camomila Sat 10-Jul-21 20:49:10

@squishymamma I had both my DC in the UK, so they have been spared suppositories. My mum bemoans the lack of suppositories every time we have to wrestle calpol into DS2 grin I also haven't been back in 2+ years due to Covid so my stash of nice paracetamol drops has run out.

@JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff DT2 sounds hilarious. I love it when pre-schoolers go through their "rules" phase.

@Motherofmonsters hope you're not feeling too bad after your jab. Anecdotally everyone I know has felt fine after their first Phizer/Moderna jab and not great after their second.

I haven't cleaned the toddler bed yet (will do it tomorrow! DS2 mainly cosleeps anyway) We all ended up going out together in the end, and the weather cleared up so the boys got to go on some rides. Both my DC are still up but when they are asleep I'm going to felt tip a big Italian flag onto a white baby vest as I have an England t-shirt for DS1. smile

Chocolatetrifle Sun 11-Jul-21 15:38:26

How is everyone?

We had a bad day in the end yesterday. Ended up in A&E from the walk in centre in an ambulance with DS2 who was diagnosed with croup. His heart rate was fast and oxygen low, he had excessive drooling as he was soaking his clothes. He was given the steroid treatment and it seems to be working thank goodness. We got home at so all having a very very quiet day at home.

Motherofmonsters Sun 11-Jul-21 19:38:40

Oh no @chocolatetrifle that must have been so scary for you. I'm glad the treatment is working.

Ridiculously busy day here, up at 5am spent the morning shifting really heavy things around in the garage and sorting things out. Thought my jab arm was going to fall off. Went to PIL straight after lunch, dropped the kids off and then me and DH went to the garden centre to pick up some herb plants, then went to a clothes shop and DH bought me a couple new dresses and then went for coffee and cake (probably the first time ever). Then back to PIL for tea, bathed the kids there, I bundled them into the car to do double bedtime as DH is staying to do the football. Literally going to bed after DS is in his

JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Sun 11-Jul-21 22:16:43

Oh @Chocolatetrifle sorry to hear that. There's been a few cases of croup at the twins' nursery too. How is he now?

@Motherofmonsters are not watching yourself?

Took DD1 to look for a bike today and unluckily she settled on a Victoria Pendleton one which is heavy and single speed. I told her we'd see and then thankfully found something similar online with gears - gears important here in South Devon!

Twins in bed fairly easily tonight with DT2 sobbing because DT1 had called her "a lady" ("I'm NOT a lady! Not!" - no kidding....). Dd1 stayed up for the first half and I had one of those rare glimpses of what it's like to have an older child - she stayed up till 9.30, chatted nicely, enjoyed the footie, then very sensibly took herself upstairs! Amazing 🤣

Motherofmonsters Mon 12-Jul-21 12:18:03

Hope everyone is having a good day.

The kids are at school and I've been on a 2hour zoom training course, just finding the energy to tidy up a bit before I pick up DS.

Feeling very achy today especially my neck and I've got faint pins and needles in my legs and arms constantly. I hope it wears off soon it's really annoying.

Chocolatetrifle Mon 12-Jul-21 13:00:42

Hi all, I'm still not having a great day. DS2's Croup is slightly better but he won't eat anything and still having fever and coughing episodes in the night. Luckily he is drinking lots of whole milk.

DS1 is ill again, I swear it's been every week since he started preschool 5 weeks ago. He is off today and I've taken him to the Dr again. He has fever and a throat infection now and is on another antibiotic. I've got DS1 asleep on the couch and DS2 asleep in his pram. Getting run down myself now. Luckily my parents are just around the corner so have lots of help. Onwards and upwards and lots of chocolate.

prettygirlincrimsonrose Mon 12-Jul-21 14:49:07

@chocolatetrifle I'm really sorry, that sounds so stressful. Hope DS2 is doing ok and having a quiet day was helpful.

@motherofmonsters hope you feel better soon, that sounds rubbish. And impressed with how much you got done - me and DH are terrible for discussing doing things and not actually getting on with stuff.

@JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff sounds like a pretty good evening (well, until the penalties)

Ended up staying at home pottering yesterday and today DS is back to nursery and was absolutely lovely this morning. DD doesn't seem to be having a great day though, been sick and currently grizzling while trying to sleep. Tempted to try and nap myself (slept really badly) but I'm sure there's something I should try and get done.

prettygirlincrimsonrose Mon 12-Jul-21 14:54:07

Sorry @Chocolatetrifle, started my post ages ago and got distracted so hadn't seen your update. Two ill children sounds really rubbish so sending lots of sympathy (and virtual chocolate)

Motherofmonsters Mon 12-Jul-21 19:05:32

Oh sorry @chocolatetrifle that sounds awful, hope they get better soon. What a nightmare you are having.

Sorry you've got a poorly one to @crimsongirlinrose.

Nursery informed me that DD had a lovely long nap 1-3 so now is bouncing around her cot instead of sleeping....

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