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Reastie Wed 08-Dec-21 06:38:09

Title because the last one’s nearly used up and I haven’t got time to do my usual picking of a title, sorry.

If you’re posting anything specifically for me please do @ me or I may not spot it. It’s helpful if when sharing bargain info you bold it to make it easy for people to differentiate between chat and bargain links.

To follow the thread without using up a post to mark place you can click on ‘watch this thread’ at the top of the first post.

No affiliate links please.

Referral thread here to use for if you’re posting your personal referral link to others.

Vodafone codes thread here

Second message has a few links and info which I’ll slowly build up, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add to it thanks

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Reastie Wed 08-Dec-21 06:38:29

Thought I’d do a ‘how to’ for a couple of things people often post about not being sure of <gets out teachers blackboard and chalk>

To do click links you do this [[ put link in here then a space then the name or phrase you want to go with the link ]] . Don’t put a space between the start of the link or the last word next to the [[ ]] like I have or it won’t work but I had to to demonstrate.

Some top tips from thelegohooverer:

My tips are:
check out companies on trustpilot before ordering
be wary of companies that only have email/contact firms for customer services and no phone numbers or addresses (unless of course you enjoy meaningless replies from bots)
keep a list of what you’ve ordered so you can follow up if something doesn’t arrive. Sometimes it’s a numbers game where they’re betting on people not following up on missing orders.
check where things are shipped from, particularly if you need them quickly. I’ve got caught out waiting for the slow boat from China when I thought I was ordering locally.
I’ve started using Revolut to avoid putting in my main bank details (and it helps me budget)

Aliexpress have lots of stuff very cheap, order early as it’s all delivered from China here . Be aware some items are a bit knock off in quality and safety, check reviews and be aware. Clothes can come up v small and take the photos with a pinch of salt as a guide for what you will get.

Amazon free delivery tool here

Camelcamelcamel is a brilliant site that tracks prices on amazon here

Lisa angel sale is popular when on, apparently arrive nicely packaged too here

Magazine subscription offers here and here

Netpricedirect has discount toys and party bits here

Toys for a pound here

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dawnky1983 Wed 08-Dec-21 06:41:15

Perfect timing @Reastie fsmile

MerylSqueak Wed 08-Dec-21 06:54:08

Well done Reastie fsmile

Lovecrafts have some decent reductions on craft kits today. There are some crochet animals for 6/7 £.

Is there ever a Dunelm free delivery code? There's something I want but it's only £15 so postage puts it up by nearly a quarter!

SapereAude Wed 08-Dec-21 06:59:39

Thanks Reastie!

RainbowPhilosophy Wed 08-Dec-21 07:00:28

I asked this at the very end of the last thread but in case it gets lost: does anyone know any codes or ways to get free postage from Dedoles? I like the look of their socks but £4.99 delivery for a couple of pairs puts me off! Thanks

VikingNorthUtsire Wed 08-Dec-21 07:07:29

Thank you @Reastie for the thread.

@54thaegumathteth sorry I don't have a deal but what about one of those coffrets with different scents so he could try them?

(My godson is 18 and wears one of these)


IggyAce Wed 08-Dec-21 07:30:08

Morning, thanks for the new thread. Missed the end of the last one as I was ill yesterday.
I’m fine apart from a sweet treat for my best friend, I intend to get something while in London at the weekend.

requiredusername Wed 08-Dec-21 07:32:19

Thanks still have a few gifts to get and maybe something for myself so will follow a little closer.

Lovemusic33 Wed 08-Dec-21 07:53:39

Thank you for the new thread. I have finished but still following incase there’s a good bargain and I feel the need to twitch 😬

Froppysue Wed 08-Dec-21 07:56:02

Thanks Reastie!

@thaegumathteth if you’re not sure that your ds would like aftershave, what about getting a discovery/sampler mini set then he’s got a few to pick his favourite from.

Froppysue Wed 08-Dec-21 07:56:26

@VikingNorthUtsire great minds grin

PastelGiraffe Wed 08-Dec-21 08:00:16

Thanks for the thread! I finally got the Papier referral to work and have bought some lovely things.

If you know anyone who likes nice stationery, there are loads of different designs of notebooks which can be personalised and there’s about 25% off at present.

This means if you use a referral link for the £15 off, you can get a personalised notebook for less than £5 delivered, which is a great price for a personalised gift.

I’ve popped my referral link over on the other thread but there’s loads of others there too 👍🏻

mummyof2boys30 Wed 08-Dec-21 08:04:03

Anyone know where to get a ps4 or ps5. I knew ps5 was hard to get but thought i could of picked up a ps4 anywhere. For my cousins child. Im trying to help source onr

MeredithGreyishblue Wed 08-Dec-21 08:07:04

Thanks @Reastie
My Scrawlrbox arrived and is fab.

Catalinabaylor Wed 08-Dec-21 08:08:32

Try CEX if you have one locally, or online. Second hand but come with 2 year warranty. (For PS4)

MsMiaWallace Wed 08-Dec-21 08:23:26

Thanks for new thread'

JingleCatJingle Wed 08-Dec-21 08:33:01


DentalWorries Wed 08-Dec-21 08:33:48

Does anyone have any codes for those pick n mix sweets companies? We have quite a few kids in the family who have requested vouchers but they look a bit sad on their own

Ourlady Wed 08-Dec-21 08:51:59

I have £10 off £50 and £15 off £75 Matalan codes if anyone want them. Expire 10/11

TheDrsDocMartens Wed 08-Dec-21 09:19:08

Anyone seen a cheap Private Eye annual?

MyPatronusIsAPenguin Wed 08-Dec-21 09:20:16


Does anyone have any codes for those pick n mix sweets companies? We have quite a few kids in the family who have requested vouchers but they look a bit sad on their own

I've got some big bags of movie mix sweets from B&M, I think for £1.99.
Could you get something like this and buy some paper Christmas cups and lids to fill yourself?!

CapBarnacles Wed 08-Dec-21 09:26:50


Anyone seen a cheap Private Eye annual?

Thought this was ok for £6.99

Justonedayatatime11 Wed 08-Dec-21 09:40:44

@DentalWorries I believe 'jellybean10' gets you 10% off at Treatboxx

Merrya Wed 08-Dec-21 09:44:12

Can anyone recommend some decent LED strip lights for DC bedroom that can be controlled by Alexa? Thanks

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