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Thread 5 - Jesus I sent you a pm about a pug hoodie

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Reastie Sat 16-Sep-17 20:51:52

<passes around mulled wine and mince pies>

See post two for some helpful links. Here's to a budget conscious yet amazing Christmas.

Reastie Sat 16-Sep-17 20:52:17

So, info below is hopefully helpful and links below are for some of the frequented websites from the page. If you know of a website that would be good to add please let me know thanks .

Since it's so popular now there would just be too many links in the link post, and I'd go slightly unhinged attempting to get them all in, so I'm fine tuning and doing generic site links rather than specific product links (unless there's something so brilliant that consensus is to add it here). If there's a stupendous code that could do with adding on here let me know bold and big is really helpful for me thanks . Hope you find it useful.

Predicted by fireflygirl the 25%off Sainsbury's dates:
(They were right on all but one last year
19 September 2017
24 October 2017
27 November 2017

From tattyboggle89:
18th October 2017
Looks like this will be the date for Sainsbury's big toy sale this year so save the date! Will update if I hear any different.
It's usually really good instore

And the 15th September 2017
This will be the date for Smyths 20% off all toys instore! (Usually is all toys other than video games etc)

Sockeatingmonster’s top tips about aliexpress:

I have used Aliexpress quite a bit over the last few years. My tips/observations are:

1. Check reviews
2. Be wary of plastic toys. There have been concerns about toxic plastics from China, and I have binned plastic figures for having very unpleasant smells. I no longer buy any 'low-end' plastic items and only ever from sellers with lots of positive reviews
3. Aliexpress refund/complaints procedure is actually way more straightforward than eBay, and stacked in the buyer's favour
4. Beware of mains operated electricals, many of which are supplied without fused plugs. Always message the seller first if in doubt, don't rely on the photos
5. I don't trust dress up clothes to be flame retardant, although I don't believe this is UK law anyway?
6. Clothes can come up very small. Quality can be variable (excellent to awful). Photos are often of similar items, so take them with a pinch of salt and check the reviews.
7. Actually, all photos on Aliexpress should be taken with a pinch of salt. Again, check reviews (where buyers often post photos of the actual item received)
8. I wouldn't trust toys to meet UK safety standards and wouldn't buy anything that could pose a risk (e.g. Paint might not be safe for children to gum, there could be sharp edges/choking hazards, etc)
9. Lego alternatives don't tend to stick together as well as genuine Lego. Minifigures are still excellent value, but the odd one might benefit from a few drops of superglue.
10. Barbie and other doll clothes can be excellent value, but check reviews for fabric quality and finish
11. Stationery is generally excellent value, although paper quality can be lower than expected. Type 'kawaii' into stationery and be prepared to spend a fortune!

Bargain crazy website here an outlet for very and littlewoods

Joules eBay outlet here

Lisa Angel here

Studio have some well priced items but quality on everything isn't amazing here

Toys for a pound

Wonderbly (formally lost my name) here

WreckTangled Sat 16-Sep-17 20:55:36

🎄🎅🏽🎁🤶🏼 thanks reastie!

Chocolatekeepsmesane Sat 16-Sep-17 20:57:55

Thanks Reastie

I'm trying to remember the rule it's only a bargain if you need it.
I do not need a fire engine

lifelongfrugaleer Sat 16-Sep-17 20:59:38

Thanks reastie.

Must not buy more playmobil.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 16-Sep-17 21:00:52

Everyone needs a fire engine, Chocolate!

Thanks for the new thread, Reastie.

LadyFuchsiaGroan Sat 16-Sep-17 21:01:28

Thanks reastie, I seriously need to get started I'm usually more organised than this!

OhHolyFuck Sat 16-Sep-17 21:01:48

Lego advent calendars on 3for2 at boots so 3 for £50...

VaprousDropProfound Sat 16-Sep-17 21:02:38

pentsemon check your mumsnet inbox, I have sent you a M&S code. Still have some left. 20% off beauty, clothes and home online. Valid until Monday.

weebarra Sat 16-Sep-17 21:02:42

Thanks Reastie! Tesco are probably really confused by today's demand for fire engines!

MrsCK Sat 16-Sep-17 21:04:18

Do we know when Argos toy event is?

MrsCK Sat 16-Sep-17 21:04:56

What's the fire engine?!

Jennywallpaper Sat 16-Sep-17 21:09:13

Asda have toy sale online, lots of items reduced including paw patrol big items. Some is in store and more should be coming in to stores from Monday.

cookiefiend Sat 16-Sep-17 21:10:57

Apologies if this is a repeat- I don't remember seeing it on the last thread. Those chatting about an amazon echo- you can get an echo and a dot for £99 from very if you add both to your basket and enter code LLW46

According to hukd. Think that makes it the same price as just buying the echo from amazon- good if you want to give one as a gift or have them in more than one room. For what it's worth though, we have just the dot and it is great. Not sure I would bother with the echo.


Thanks for the new thread. I need to get a move on!

MrsCK Sat 16-Sep-17 21:15:50

Found the fire engine!! Thank you smile

WhirlwindHugs Sat 16-Sep-17 21:17:45

Got ma fire engine! Thanks very much, first bargain thread buy of the year.

Now I have to stock take the things I bought in the summer sales grin

Theimpossiblegirl Sat 16-Sep-17 21:17:53

Thanks Reastie and everyone else for sharing your bargains.
99 days to go!

NeverEnoughSleep1 Sat 16-Sep-17 21:18:28

Thanks reastie flowers

Tattybogle89 Sat 16-Sep-17 21:19:20

Playmobil police truck with speedboat £17.50 Asda online free c+c

Reastie Sat 16-Sep-17 21:20:58

I went to buy the fire engine and it wouldn't let me complete the order as it said it didn't have any left, so think everyone has bought them all up!

singadream Sat 16-Sep-17 21:24:25


Haudyerwheesht Sat 16-Sep-17 21:24:36

Thanks jennywallpaper for the asda toy sale tip - got the barbie boat and puppy mobile which dd has asked for and saved a good chunk of cash!

TobleroneBoo Sat 16-Sep-17 21:26:04

Has anybody used vipon? It's for
Amazon voucher codes, I haven't used
It yet but my brother has been raving about it

TheWildOnes Sat 16-Sep-17 21:29:44

Tan beauty have the offer on where if you spend £30 you get a free goodie bag, the ones I've had in the past have been great plus ordered dd a few bits for her stocking (and some stuff for me too).

christmasunicorn Sat 16-Sep-17 21:31:53

Thank you for the new thread reastie fgrin

Just placemarking with a few referral links:

dorco razor subscription service. £5 credit for both of us and firsts Box is only £1

Emma bridgewater free polka dot mug when you spend £30 (and I get £15 off a £75 spend)

hush £10 off a £40 spend at hush (I think I get the same I'm not sure as they have changed it since last year)

£10 off a £50 spend at Trouva (I think I get the same)

Personalised razor and blades for £4 with the £10 credit. Dh also gets £10 credit

spacenk £10 off a £40 spend (I get £10 credit when 2 friends take up the offer)

*Posted edited by MNHQ. Hi Christmasunicorn - we've deleted that benefit link are requested.*

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