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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

London's Comic Con pulls Harry Potter discussion panel to keep transgender fans "safe"

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IwantToRetire · 27/09/2023 01:24

In other papers but behind paywall, so DM version:

The MCM London Comic Comic Con has cancelled a planned Harry Potter themed panel from its October event after an LGBT group claimed it would not be a 'safe and inclusive environment'.

Activists from the LGBT group Switchboard threatened to pull out of hosting the first pride lounge if the panel was allowed to partake in the event due to author JK Rowling's historical 'transphobic' remarks. 

The National LGBTQIA+ helpline claimed they had been 'compelled to express their concerns about the potential impact on the community' the panel would have in relation to 'trans individuals.'

It said that the panel's presence would not equate to MCM Comic Con providing the 'safe and inclusive environment' that it had promised but others have argued that the event's decision to cancel is a 'capitulation.'

The group claimed that Comic Con had been 'receptive' to its concerns and that their own space at the event would be a 'sanctuary' where LGBTQIA+ people could 'connect with one another, and recharge during the event.'

Comic Con pulls Harry Potter panel after LGBT complaint

Activists from the LGBT group Switchboard threatened to pull out of London's MCM Comic Con if a Harry Potter themed panel was allowed to partake in the event.

OP posts:
MargotBamborough · 28/09/2023 21:02

ATerrorofLeftovers · 27/09/2023 01:41

Safe from what??


MargotBamborough · 28/09/2023 21:10

Meanwhile, in the real world, things that are actually unsafe:

  • locking male rapists in women's prisons
  • attending a Let Women Speak event
  • playing in a women's rugby match with a male player on the opposing team
  • using gender neutral toilets
  • taking puberty blockers
Daniella100 · 17/01/2024 00:25

Insane -

Cancelledcurio · 17/01/2024 00:37

FFS I will say this and I know I will sound like ma auld da but ffs ,bring back National Service ( yep, I know , it was ineffective, costy and the military hated it but just for a month for this fecking lot please!)

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