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Response from my MP re MM's gender identity bill

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Gallavich · 28/03/2017 23:27

Anyone else want to share here?

Response from my MP re MM's gender identity bill
Response from my MP re MM's gender identity bill
OP posts:
Sallysadlyseescertainty · 28/03/2017 23:34

Such an ambivalent, vague response from your MP Confused

DJBaggySmalls · 29/03/2017 00:00

Better than the one I got. I was called 'ignorant'. I think we're just training them how to fob us off more effectively.

venusinscorpio · 29/03/2017 00:07

They actually called you ignorant? What an arse.

Time4adrink · 29/03/2017 00:10

Why is it "important that Britain is a world leader in transgender rights"?

Genuinely don't understand this.

TheJiminyConjecture · 29/03/2017 00:13

Mine is very similar - almost like there was a script Hmm

Response from my MP re MM's gender identity bill
Response from my MP re MM's gender identity bill
venusinscorpio · 29/03/2017 00:27

Any chance we could dial down on that and only make it the reasonable ones which actually involve real discrimination? Not the ones where everyone has to validate gender identities they don't believe in?

venusinscorpio · 29/03/2017 00:30

Gallavich's MP appears to have more concerns. Only slightly. But they do say that they have concerns about de-medicalisation and how it would work.

Datun · 29/03/2017 07:26

I still don't understand the reasons for de-medicalising gender dysphoria.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 29/03/2017 07:32

Here's mine.

Thank you for getting in touch with me with your concerns about Maria Miller’s Gender Identity Bill. I am aware that this is a prominent issue at the moment and have received several emails from transgender constituents seeking protection from discrimination, as well as a number from those such as yourself who are concerned about self-declaration of gender and its consequences for women and girls.

I hope we can all agree it is vital that transgender people are protected from discrimination. While the UK has made extraordinary progress on improving the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in recent years, unfortunately this pace has not been replicated for trans rights.

However, I also understand that there are legitimate concerns surrounding the possibility that a man could ‘self-declare’ himself to be a transwoman in order to gain access to refuges, prisons and changing rooms designated as women-only spaces.

It is worth noting that the Government has made no definite commitment to changing the law in line with the principles of gender self-declaration. Minister have, instead, said that they are keen to receive further representations and evidence on the availability and use of the exceptions in the Equality Act 2010 from all affected parties, which they will take into account for future policy discussions.

I recently wrote to Justine Greening MP, Women and Equalities Minister, on behalf of several constituents who shared your concerns. I am attaching a copy of her response to this email in case you are interested.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts on this Bill with me.

Kind regards,


Vicky Foxcroft
Member of Parliament for Lewisham Deptford

venusinscorpio · 29/03/2017 07:36

That's a fairly decent letter. She acknowledges that there are issues and mentions other concerned constituents.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 29/03/2017 08:11

Yes, I thought so. I'm quite impressed with her all round, actually.

Datun · 29/03/2017 08:28


Was Justine Greening's response encouraging?

ExitPursuedByUser54321 · 29/03/2017 08:31

My MP hasn't bothered to even acknowledge my letter.

She did infer I was a rascist bigot when I wrote to her about the attacks on women in Cologne, so she clearly has my card marked.

AlistairSim · 29/03/2017 08:33

I would love to share my MP's response but as he didn't bother to reply, I can't.

BMacklin · 29/03/2017 10:34
nauticant · 29/03/2017 10:56

No response here either.

But since the first time I ever wrote to them their office attempted to mislead me (in a very minor matter simply to save themselves some inconvenience) I started off with very low expectations.

JoinTheUnicorns · 29/03/2017 12:52

My MP has said that while he's usually in his constituency that day of the week, he will try to be there for the second reading of the bill.

Nothing on if he'll actually do anything about it, but that's a better response than most people on here seem to have received!

dementedcommuter · 29/03/2017 22:50

Surprised but delighted. It's worth it.

Response from my MP re MM's gender identity bill
venusinscorpio · 29/03/2017 22:56

Wow your MP sounds great demented.

dementedcommuter · 29/03/2017 22:59

He took a while to get back. I sent all the links from here.

Datun · 29/03/2017 23:06


Result !!

Can you copy and post your letter for others to see? It was obviously persuasive.

dementedcommuter · 29/03/2017 23:10

There were several emails. I thought he was ignoring me but found 3 in my outbox last week that hadn't been sent so sent again. I'll share tomorrow nothing great though, but all included reference to links provided by or to threads from mumsnet.

dementedcommuter · 30/03/2017 00:14

Really not impressive, nor are the other two I sent, sorry. From the heart though! Also I didn't say this in the email, but I have been married to a Muslim immigrant for 19 years. Only mentioning on here as referring to trans and muslims negatively in the same post may allow some to assume I'm a bigot. Children being transed are my main concern, so make no apologies for my focus.

"Please note my objections to this bill which threatens women and children.

How can we be giving children puberty blockers when 75% of people with body dismporthia ultimately identify as their assigned birth sex.

This is eugenics and will ultimately be as big as scandal as allowing children to be sexually abused by Muslim men was.

Womens safe spaces are also at risk.

Read the link I agree with all the points and want to be represented by you at the debate".

Datun · 30/03/2017 09:58

Well let's hope that his response is just perhaps the turning of the tide.

Catherine Mayer of the Women's Equality Party is doing a web chat here at 1 o'clock today. If anyone fancies engaging.

Thelilywhite · 30/03/2017 13:57

Have just been on. Questions on sex and gender bared from 13.42 by Mumsnet HQ 'so that the thread doesn't feel focused only on that issue'


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