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Astrophe · 25/06/2008 20:59

Shout when you've found us

OP posts:
Astrophe · 25/06/2008 21:07

Re your last message on the other thread Showofhands - Yep, I agree that some 'pledges' (tee hee!) would be a good idea.

maybe if we each write our weight loss goal, then our personal 'rules'? Also what do you think of a weekly weigh in day? Or shall we say we will weigh in over the weekend? Whats best for you all?

OP posts:
moodlumthehoodlum · 26/06/2008 07:45

Morning all.

So far so good. Lets be honest, a bowl of special K isn't that much of a struggle in the morning. Its just defining how big that bowl should be

For the first time in ages ds was up all last night, and I always eat through my tiredness so today promises to be tricky.

From now on I must...

  1. Drink more water
  2. Keep off the booze just for a while
  3. Have a proper healthy lunch
  4. Not eat my dcs leftovers
  5. Fruit is an acceptable snack. Mini Carrot cakes from sainsbuggers are NOT

I'm undecided about a weigh in. I think either Friday or Monday, in the past I've done better weighing in on a Friday, but on the basis I fell off the wagon of weight loss, obviously I wasn't that conscientious, so I'll let everyone else decide.
mustrunmore · 26/06/2008 08:24

Found you.

I weigh on a Friday as a rule, but not every Friday. My logic goes that if I dont think I've improved, I dont weight myself incase it demoralises me I just do more exercise, and wait a week or so to weigh myself.

I got a good friend to take an objective look at my food habits last night (always keep a food diary), and although I know the fat isnt too bad, he's pointed out things with too many cals eg pitta. I've had a real drive on cutting out sugar, so thats pretty good. And we both noticed how much more I eat when I've been exercising, which is ok but not ok IYSWIM!

RubiMama · 26/06/2008 08:38

Hello all. Ok, first my vital statisitcs: I weigh 71kilos, which is 11.1 stone. And I need to loose just under a stone,or about 8/9 kilos to get to my target pre pregnancy weight. Had DS in Feb. Everyone commented on how I didn't seem to put weight on during pregnancy, but it sneaked on all over and I cannot fit into any of my pre pregnancy clothes apart from tracksuit bottoms. Feels yucky. Have bought some new stuff but didn't want to spend loads of money on clothes when really I want to wear the old ones! Going to a wedding in September, so that's a bit of a goal.
I'm with you Showofhands, really want to loose weight but I know myself and I cannot survive by denying myself - I think you spend all your time obessessing about what you want to eat, and its just not sustainable. I LOVE FOOD. But I did have to loose some weight to get pregnant with DS, as I have PCOS and irregular cycles, so here is how I did it:

  1. Eat NOTHING processed
  2. Eat NO refined sugar or white flour, white pasta etc.
  3. Do eat lots of wholegrain foods for slow release carbs, wholewheat bread (but always limited amounts of bread) brown rice, oatcakes etc.
  4. Do drink loads of water. When feeling hungry, ie snacky, try drinking a glass of water first.
  5. Do snack, because it keeps yr energy levels up, but snack on fruit, or dried fruit and nuts/seeds.
  6. Do as much exercise as you can - I was in the Gym for at least an hour at least four times a week.

Finally, I also took supplements of Chromium and CoEnzyme Q10 because I read they can boost the slow metabolism associated with PCOS and I did notice that on the days I took them, I could go for longer without wanting to snack, or felt more satisfied from my food.
Also I have had success in the past from Food combining, where you don't mix carbohydrates and protein in the same meal, and you always eat fruit on its own. Most vegetables are neutral so they can be combined with carbohydrate or protein. Its good because its another diet where you don't have to worry so much about how much you eat, as long as you eat the right combinations. And you never have that bloated feeling of bad combinations, like sausages and mash, or pasta with creamy cheesy sauce. I'm not sure which approach I'm gonna do yet, but I am gonna go out and buy those supplements again. Exercise is a total challenge, I am looking after DS all day, can't really get away from him in the eves, and where I live it is really hot, so can't take him out in day for a walk either. Its making me feel V E R Y L E T H A R G I C

Sorry for such a long rambly post
I agree about some pledges
How about Monday, so we are encouraged not to over indulge at the weekend?
RubiMama · 27/06/2008 12:53

oh no....where's everyone gone? How is everyone doing? I'm having no problem with the eating today as we have no food in the house and the only option is water!

Astrophe · 27/06/2008 14:16

We'll wait for showfhands and sillybilly to tie break re the weigh in day - it makes no difference to me. Mustrunmore, I don't generally weigh every week either (don't even own scales, I have to use my friends!). If we set a day, then whoever wants t can, and whoever doesn't can wait for the next week.

Right - my pledges:

GOAL: 80.9kg to 77.9kg by 4th August (Thats 3kg in 5 weeks - is that ok you think? reasonable?)

Longer term goal: 75kg

  1. 2 slices of bread/muffin/crumpet per day only, and not in the afternoon. Am going to switch to low cal bread too.

  1. Cut back on carbs generally, and especially at night.

  1. If I'm hungry I will drink water or a cup of tea, and then eat fruit or something else healthy (still need help with a list girls!).

  1. Eat proper lunches rather than snacking endlessly.

  1. Cycle twice a week either on the excersize bike or real bike.

  1. Walk to nursery to collect DD every time its not raining.

  1. Ony eat when I am actually hungry, stop when I'm full.

I am going ok so far. Have said 'no' to lots of things I would normall say yes to.

For breaky I had a potato farl, which is alost 100cal, but really filling - much more than two slices of toast, so I might get some more of those.

Lunch I had a tuna sandwiches, only a scraping of mayo, but still not ideal really. At least it filled me up properly though, so I've not been snacking.

Any thoughts for my snack list?

I like fat free yoghurt, but its quite high in sugar (and calories). Plain fat free yog is ok. Any other ideas?
OP posts:
RubiMama · 27/06/2008 15:37

A two weekly weigh in sounds like a good idea, especially as I'm weighing in kilos and they're harder to shift than in pounds! Whichever day is fine by me, I have to borrow someone else's scales too. Apostrophe, I think 3 kilos in five weeks is a maneagable target if you really stick to your pledges, especially the exercise bit! Good luck. Ok, my pledges are:

  1. No Sugar
  2. No processed food
  3. Don't combine carbs and protein in same meal
  4. Drink 2 litres water a day
  5. Only snack on, fruit, nuts, seeds and plain yoghurt (not all at once!)
  6. No eating after 9pm!! If I can manage this for a week, I might bring it forward another hour...
  7. 15 mins on exercise bike every day.

I vow to you all and to my wobbly belly that I will do my best to keep my pledge

As for snacks, I really get stuck for ideas beyond the fruit, nuts and seeds option. I sometimes make up a bowl that sits in the kitchen so I can take a nibble when I need to.
Olives are good though, because they're so salty you can't eat too many, but the strong flavour makes you feel like you've really eaten something. Unlike a hunk of bread which just disappears and then you want another one...........
mustrunmore · 27/06/2008 19:09

Arghh! You're all working in metric!

Off for a run now.

sillybillybee · 27/06/2008 21:10

Right I've found you, sorry for the delay been working or sleeping lol.
I weighed myself yesterday and am apparently 71 kg, I think the scales are wrong though and I weigh more, we'll see when I try replacing the battery. I don't know what my goal is really, I want to aim for about 10 stones but I was that when I came out of hospital after having DS and looked really ill, my bones were sticking out everywhere, so I may stop before 10 stones if that makes sense.
Re the weigh in day, I'll go with the majority for it, any day will do for me.
I am going to cheat for the first week as |I really need some motivation, I'll do slimfast this monday to friday and will then do:
Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day.
Limiting my bread intake.
Resisting the urge to buy chocolate when I go shopping.
Eat fruit when I need a snack.

Don't really know what else, I know my problem is that as a single mum, I get bored in the evenings so eat Does anyone have any tips on a fitness dvd I could buy to keep me occupied?

As for today well the bread intake was too high, I had 2 slices of toast for brekkie, eggs on toast for lunch and salad for tea, I've had 1 slimfast snack bar and 2 french fancie cakes as well.

I just hope I can stick to this I'm really fed up of my weight at the moment.

Astrophe · 30/06/2008 23:03

Not a great weekend for this diet, had chinese out with DH on Fridy, and then had KFC on Saturday night at the hospital while we were waiting for a doctor to see DS who had fallen off a wall and landed on his head A good excuse, but not good for the weight. We have my Brother and SIL here this week, so lot of eating happening, but am trying to be a bit careful and not over eat.

How are you guys doing?

Shall we say Fridays for weigh in then?

OP posts:
sillybillybee · 01/07/2008 11:02

Glad to see you back Astrophe, I thought I'd killed the thread
Hope DS is okay?? I don't blame you for cheating and going to KFC.
This weekend wasn't too bad for me, no alcohol (don't drink at all during the week, but often go out with friends at weekends) I had salad on friday and saturday but did have McD's on sunday, I couldn't eat all of my burger though and ate about 3 chips . I'm not sticking to the slimfast, first time I've tried one of their milkshakes and it was horrible. I've got a Roast dinner tonight so will be making sure I fill my plate with vegetables and have boiled potatoes not roasted which doesn't really bother me.
Friday is fine with me for a weigh in.

RubiMama · 01/07/2008 15:19

Hello All, I've been doing my best to curb the eating but been making cakes for DH's birthday all day and as we're offering them to fifty guests, I couldn't serve them without sampling them! Feel yucky now though. I don't know how anyone can make it through the day without snacking. I had fruit salad and muesli for breakfast at 8am, and by 11 o'clock I was starving - had a bowl of Special K. Moodlum does the Special K diet work if you eat it in between meals? Sillybillybee it looks like we have the same weight and the same target - come on we can do it! I am so determined not to weigh 11 stone for the rest of my life!
I don't know a good exercise DVD I only have a post natal pilates one, which is good but I know I need to BURN calories. I didn't mention in my pledge to do 15 mins on the exercise bike every day that I don't actually own an exercise bike , I think MIL has one in storage and I'm working on retreiving it... Friday for weigh in is fine with me too xx

RubiMama · 01/07/2008 15:21

P.S. Oh dear I seem to be getting a bit carried away with my faces

RubiMama · 04/07/2008 07:46

hello girls! just a quickie to say i won't be weighing in today as have no scales athome and going away for long weekend. been getting lots of compliments that i look slimmer this week though, so i must be doing something right, or maybe its just i've seen people who last saw me a few weeks after pushing DS out! Anyway, hope you're all feeling good and the scales are kind to you! xx

sabire · 04/07/2008 12:35

Hi all,
I've got a stone to lose. Right now I'm 10 stone 8 and I need to get down to 9 stone 8. I want to lose it because
a) Apparently I'm at higher risk of diabetes - had gd in my last two pregnancies and have been told that being even a stone over my ideal weight increases my risk of developing type II diabetes quite considerably.
b)I'm about to go from a size 12 to a 14, and I can't afford a wardrobe full of new clothes. Most of my clothes don't look very nice on my right now - serious spillage of tummy over the tops of my trousers. Erk!

I've been dieting since Sunday, and my strategy is:

Eat a good breakfast - porridge with nuts and dried fruit, made with skimmed milk. Or a large slice of granary bread soaked in egg and fried in a dry non-stick pan, served with a teaspoon of jam/icing sugar
Also - making my own greek yogurt with skimmed milk and skimmed milk powder. Make yogurt then strain overnight. Result is lovely, thick, creamy yogurt, but very low fat. Serve with dried apricots and nuts.

A piece of fruit in between each meal, or a small handful of nuts.

Lunch - vegetable soups, sardines on toast, prawns and salad. Lots of fish.

Dinner - whatever anyone else is having, usually grilled meat, pasta, veg. I have a smallish plate and use that ensure small portion.

Nothing after 7pm.

Treats: tin of smoked oysters/mussels, a couple of slices of smoked salmon, a handful of olives, mango

Lots of 'detox' tea, which is licourishy and nice.

Exercise: 40 minutes brisk walking a day. Should be doing much more but not sure how to factor it in right now.

Does this all sound quite sensible?

wulfricsmummy · 04/07/2008 15:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Astrophe · 04/07/2008 16:34

welcome new folk
Sabire, I like your food ideas. Wulfricsmummy - what will you eat to equal 5/7 WW points? I'm always looking for new ideas...

Good news re the comments this week Rubi.

I can't weigh in either - will borrow my mates scales on Tuesday though. This week has not been great as I've had bro and SIL here for the week from Australia, so lots of eating out, BUT, I did have salads a lot and shared desserts with SIL and things like that, so hopefully not too bad. Went for a 4 mile walk, ut have not done any cycling.

Went to the GP today who has prescribed a new medication for migraine, which apparently can make it hard to lose weight hOPEFULLY i WONT HAVE THAT side effect, but I will need to be very careful for the next month while I try and see if it works on the migraines, then decide whether to continue.

OP posts:
sabire · 04/07/2008 17:40

wolfricsmummy - we're more or less the same weight now, and have the same target!

I've been very complacent about my weight. I was thinking I wasn't overweight because I was looking at unisex BMI charts. Found a weight chart for women and realised that at 10 stone 8 I'm actually well into the 'overweight' sector, which shocked me a bit.

The hardest thing when you're this weight is that when people find out you're dieting you sometimes get treated like a neurotic fuss-pot. I get 'but you don't need to lose weight' comments from everyone (except DH, but then, he's the only one who's seen me naked!). It annoys me. There are so many really big folk where I live and within my extended family that people like me are seen as quite slim, but I know what's healthy, and what's healthy is NOT having a flipping roll of blubber round my middle or thighs that rub together.

Sorry. Rant over.

wulfricsmummy · 04/07/2008 20:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Astrophe · 05/07/2008 10:01

I know what you man re. the 'you don't need to lose weight' too. I think am heavier that you guys, but my BMI is 25 / 26, so I'm not huge, and am quite tall so can 'carry' it. I still don't feel healthy though. I do feel like I seem neurotic or, worse still, like I am fishing for compliments like "oh, don't be silly, you look fine !"

OP posts:
Astrophe · 05/07/2008 10:04

oh, thatks for the meal ideas

OP posts:
sabire · 05/07/2008 18:51

I think as a society we're over tolerant of overweight, because obesity is so common these days. I feel very depressed when I see how many teenagers have spare tyres now. When I was a teenager there was one fat person in each class and the rest of us were like rakes. Now it's the norm to be carrying an extra 20lbs on top of your ideal weight........


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mustrunmore · 06/07/2008 16:02

I was always that one in the class Sabire

I weighed myself on Friday and have lost 1lb last week. Its slow but steady, as have been doing a lb a week for the last few months. 16lbs to go. But once I lose one more lb that'll be a 2stone loss totoal, which will be a boost to morale!

I managed to do 4x1hr aerobics last week, plus one 5.7km run and 3 little ones with a friend (2.5km each). I need to really increase the runs though. I used to do a minimum of 45km a week before I had the boys! Me ansd dh are going for a run together in a while, as have got a friend to babysit; its a real treat, as hardly ever get chance.

RubiMama · 09/07/2008 07:55

Hello I'm back! Welcome Sabire and Wulfricsmummy. I agree about people saying you don't need to loose weight. Everyone around me seems to cmment that I'm now the same as before I had DS but weight has creeped on all over, i tihnk it must be like the ready brek line, everything in same proportion but bigger! Like you Sabire, I seem to be creeping into 14/16 from size 10/12 and can't afford to buy new clothes. Also decided that fitting into old clothes will be alot more satisfying and cheaper than buying new ones!
Well I still haven't weighed myself but I'm feeling good. I think the Chromium supplements are really boosting my slow metabolism and I've started to go on a bit of a raw food diet. Not all raw, but aiming for at least 70% raw, the exceptions being cooked grains and yoghurt. Just made a raw walnut pate with sun dried tomatoes and it is YUMMY! By the way, DS (who used to only ever sleep for half an hour at a time in the day has been asleep for over an hour!!! He managed it a few times over the weekend too, v excited as this means i can spend more time while he naps making yummy healthy food and doing a bit of exercise

mustrunmore · 13/07/2008 16:27

Where are you all? I've lost nothing in the last 9 days

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