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BigMoFos Week 56

112 replies

JackieNo · 03/06/2007 10:44

Fresh new week.

OP posts:
agalch · 03/06/2007 13:57

Emailed this week but you don't seem to have got it Jackieno.

Think LMS said her emails were not getting through either.

Lost 1lb this week.

JackieNo · 03/06/2007 14:31

agalch - sorry about that - I just went back and checked. It did arrive, but Hotmail had put it in the 'junk mail' folder, which is strange, because previous ones from you have come through fine. I've now added it to the 'safe' list of addresses. Sorry about that - I don't use hotmail very much. It was the only message in the 'junk' folder, so at least I haven't missed any others that way.

OP posts:
EllieG · 03/06/2007 19:06

Hello! I celebrated losing a pound by eating pies and drinking wine this weekend really have NO willpower when had a few...oh well.
Did go to gym so hopefully will mitigate some of the calories. Will defo get back on track tomorrow.
How's everyone's weekends been? I've done loads of nice family stuff in the sunshine has been very wholesome and nice.

agalch · 03/06/2007 19:14

No problem Jackieno

I did begin to wonder if i had actually sent it.Had to go back and check my sent messages before i said anything.

I'm not too clever at remembering stuff lol xx

littlemisssensible · 04/06/2007 14:48

Hi All,

Back at work so I must be better

I'm expecting to have put on a bit more this week, what with all the comfort chocolate/biscuits/crisps I consumed last week but I did have a lovely weekend with the family in the sun so what the hey!

I'm off to the gym now to try and counteract some of the 'Summer cold blues' comfort eating!

Kewcumber · 04/06/2007 16:00

blimey completely lost this thread (how did that happen? Something Freudian going on there )

Ds been ill again but thankfully only a couple of days of high temp with me getting about 2 hrs sleep. Thankfully improved in enough time for me to get a couple of half decent nights before working.

Jackie - got the parcel thanks very kind. DS is very taken with the strange clamshell toy, though it doesn't beat his current favorite of an old matchbox car

He went swimming for the first time at the weekend and seemed to get on OK after being a bit scared so if you have a minute to send swim nappies I would use them.

How is everyone else, I've lost touch a bit.

JackieNo · 04/06/2007 16:34

Ah - glad it arrived, Kew. I'll get those swim nappies in the post.

OP posts:
EllieG · 04/06/2007 19:58

Stupid client asked me if I was PG today. Told her that no, was just a bit fat. Damn smock tops.

JackieNo · 04/06/2007 20:14

. I think smock tops are the work of the devil, tbh.

OP posts:
EllieG · 04/06/2007 20:15

Yes am coming to that conclusion. I only bought a load cos I was PG so I didn't mind looking it. Now - post MC - am just a bit chubby perhaps I should stop wearing them.

JackieNo · 04/06/2007 20:17

. But, look on the bright side - it's an excuse to go shopping.

OP posts:
EllieG · 04/06/2007 20:18

True! Silver linings eh?

whoops · 06/06/2007 07:08

Hi everyone

Kew - hope ds is feeling better! I just parked up at the gym yesterday afternoon as I took a couple of days off work and the school rang to say ds wasn't well & I needed to pick him up! I've now decided to keep him off today for my own benifit of not being called out of work again!

Ellie - My m/c made me realise how much weight I needed to lose! I think that is what has given me the motivation this time - not the greatest thing I guess but I have now dropped 2 sizes

My eagerness to lose weight has also rubbed off on dh and he is now eating things I never thought he would!!

JackieNo · 06/06/2007 18:23

Hope your respective DSs are better, whoops and Kewcumber.

I was tentatively wondering (and please feel free to shoot me down in flames if you disagree) whether it might be an idea to scale back these threads, or, specifically, the weighing bits. Might we keep an ongoing thread, mostly for chatting, and people could then weigh or not as they liked, and post their own weights? Just do without the weekly round-up and new thread? It just seems as though fewer people are emailing, not to mention posting in general, and it might be easier all round. But do feel free to say that I'm talking a load of rubbish and we should carry on.

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 06/06/2007 19:48

I will think about that Jackie and post later afetr I've cleaned myself up form the earlier projectile vomiting incident. Of course you might that would put me off my dinner but...

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet · 06/06/2007 22:22

Well I hope the thread does keep going even if we don't weigh in every week. You ladies are too fab to disband

I saw my gp today, she has suggested Xenical to help keep me on the straight and narrow. Really not sure whether to go ahead with it or not. The potential side effects of overeating on it would keep me on the straight and narrow and I need to lose weight for my physical health (I have shoulder, back and leg problems) as well as my mental well being.

Anyone tried it? Would you try it?

whoops · 06/06/2007 22:46

Jackie - I'm happy with that! I'm findig it hard to get on here so much at the mo as I seem to be out most of the time!

Kew - Hope your ds is feeling a bit better! I kept ds off today but of course he was fine wanting to eat all the time!!

Tiger - I have a friend who has just started Xenical she asked for it to help her out. I personally don't like the sound of it but I'm not that keen on things going through me anyway!! plus at the moment I seem to be doing quite well doing ww & going to the gym!

EllieG · 07/06/2007 13:51

Seems fine to me Jackie, my weigh in day is a sat really so would make it easier not having a midweek one

mytwopenceworth · 08/06/2007 11:40

hiya! i know i don't come on bigmofo thread much but i just managed to buy a set of scales that can actually weigh me!! yay! and i discovered that i have lost 6, thats six, stone since i was asked to try to lose weight before my surgery (which im still waiting for a date for! grr!!)

i'm rather pleased about that and have been looking round for someone to tell! i pick you!

littlemisssensible · 08/06/2007 14:47

Well done 2psworth! Thats fantastic!

agalch · 08/06/2007 15:10

Hi all

MTPW wow what an achievement!!! Hope you get a date really soon.

Lost 0.5lb last night so 1st 1lb to go (yawn)

JackieNo · 08/06/2007 15:27

Wow, mytwopenceworth - that's amazing. Well done you.

By the way, I stayed the same this week (double yawn).

OP posts:

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whoops · 08/06/2007 19:06

Well done m2pw that's great!
I lost 2.5 lb this week

littlemisssensible · 08/06/2007 22:07

I put on 2lb this week which is a bit depressing but not too suprising!

AF is about to visit (if my incredibly angry, uncontrolled screaming at dd and dh is anything to go by! )and I've just had the root of my front tooth yanked out and my temporary bridge fitted so have been eating lots of easy to melt in the mouth stuff for comfort. Strangly I've discovered that chocolate works best in this capacity

Never mind, another wewk dawns! with regard to posting weigh ins etc. The only thing I'll miss is the running total of what I've lost because it does help me to not become despondant if I've gained for a few weeks...I can at least remind myself that over all the trend is downwards! That does tend to be a danger area for me, and I tend to start binging if my weight seems to have gone up for a few weeks, which of course just makes it worse!

Never mind, I'll just have to keep a record of my own overal loss and post it somewhere prominent! You'd have thought that'd be easy wouldn't you but I have been there before with not very good results!!! I'll rely on you all to tell me when I'm being daft and over-reacting to a small increase and hopefully that'll keep me on the straight and narrow!

EllieG · 09/06/2007 10:06

Stayed the same this week. Am quite chuffed actually cos ate loads of cake.

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