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The tack room

Where shall we have grown ups Pony Club Camp?

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olderyetwider · 21/07/2011 13:45

Following on from the camp thread, we do need an adults camp, and Mitchie HAS to come and coach us all in sideways showjumping. Where shall we hold it, and what else shall we do?

OP posts:
AlpinePony · 21/07/2011 17:57

Gatcombe park! :)

Afternoon off to go to joules to touch Mary king range. Cinema night. Indian take-away. Hack on wed afternoon.

Funnily enough I had a couple of lessons last month from my old pony club teacher. She hasn't even seen me in 22 years! She looked me up and down, asked one of her staff to 'fetch the bogbeast in' and off we went with it seemed like picking up where we left off!

MitchiestInge · 21/07/2011 19:41

Oh just come to me, I can follow you lot round boundary farm (you can stay there and keep your horses there quite cheaply) and just fly over everything (straightways, am definitely not in love with sideways cross country) and we can hack for miles and miles and miles, then we can quickly go to Norfolk to ride on the beach (if can cadge a lift in someone's lorry) and get pissed and fall asleep.

Sideways SJ is fun, have finally realised how it actually works. You have to be not entirely sure which jump is next and go in at a very zigzaggy sort of angle.

MitchiestInge · 21/07/2011 19:44

Look horseman's house, sleeps six.

I'd better stop having lessons in case they work and I end up riding normally and jumping properly and you all think I am a fraud.

AlpinePony · 21/07/2011 20:21

Can we have a real loo please with a flush, toilet paper and hot and cold running water?

I'm having flashbacks of dads being presented with a shovel and told to dig a deep hole. ;)

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 21/07/2011 21:16

OOh, OOh, can anybody lend me a big hairy beast for camp? I dont think my big shetland would make the grade!
Im only coming though if I can do the safety talk before we begin, a la flight attendant! :In the event of and emergency, or if you need to exit the vehicle pony in a hurry, exits can be found to the front, side or rear. Please ensure you are wearing your safety equipment, which can be located in the tack room, before you exit the pony.
I can even demonstrate the emergency exits! (Im a dab hand at sudden dismounts!) Grin
Im a demon for tack inspections too. Im in charge of tack and turnout at DDs camp!

MitchiestInge · 21/07/2011 21:22

Oh good, tack inspections. You might have noticed that my reins were about to snap before I went out the other day!

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 21/07/2011 21:24

Tut tut! Grin did you see my post on your other thread about the show?

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 21/07/2011 21:26

Oh, sorry, you just replied! Smile

MitchiestInge · 21/07/2011 21:27

Yeah, replied (I think) - is there a schedule online somewhere? Transport is a minor issue but will ask if can borrow a lorry. Someone might say yes?

ExitPursuedByAGryffin · 21/07/2011 21:29

Oooh - I am Exit. I have not ridden since I exited my mare 4 years ago and broke my heel. But I do enjoy a camp......

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 21/07/2011 22:28

I exited through the side door, off a 13hh NF, turning left at walk! Broke my arm so badly, I had 6 months off work! Grin And I never got a plaster cast either! Confused

Pixel · 21/07/2011 22:37

Agree to proper toilets and hot showers but a house? Not camp without tents.
Saggy, you can ride my hairy horse if you like I'll stay in the tent with the wine but he's never jumped anything so you might be better off with the shetland after all. Grin

olderyetwider · 21/07/2011 23:44

I want tents, but with proper beds and en-suites. Saggy, you can definitely do tack check, as long as it doesn't have to match! Like the idea of showing all the exits. Mitchie, can we have camp fire and get pissed on the beach?

OP posts:
Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 21/07/2011 23:58

It doesnt have to match, Just be clean, in good repair and properly fitted.
If we held camp in my field, we could get pissed on the beach, its only a ten minute walk!

olderyetwider · 22/07/2011 00:06

So, we'll have a bit of riding, lots of jumping involved, comfy beds, some shopping, curries and lots of getting pissed on the beach!!!!! Am starting to pack already.

OP posts:
AlpinePony · 22/07/2011 07:54

After we've been to camp can we go back to school at Queen Ethelburga's ? I was reading the prospectus yesterday and it looks much better than working/parenting Wink - and Karen Dixon will teach us!

My Dream

I begged my parents to let me go there, but there was some stuff they muttered about "money" or "not on your nelly" - didn't quite catch it.

ExitPursuedByAGryffin · 22/07/2011 09:47

Queen Eth's - I always imagined it was Enid Blyton meets the Pullein Thompson sisters, but from threads I've read on here it is far from it!

frostyfingers · 22/07/2011 18:37

No, not a tent - that's for softies. We had to clean out the trailer and sleep in that which was lovely....not.

My memories of camp are sneaking about in the dark trying to get to the boys' tents, and failing miserably as the border was patrolled by dads with torches. I also remember having to go down a jumping grid with no saddle, no reins and arms crossed - god that hurt my thighs and bum.

I think I'm a bit too old to enjoy being shouted at by a fierce lady teacher, but jumping and galloping on the beach and getting drunk sound perfect, count me in.

AlpinePony · 22/07/2011 18:49

You had boys? LUXURY!

Pixel · 22/07/2011 19:07

here you go all laid on for you, And a heated pool too!

ExitPursuedByAGryffin · 22/07/2011 21:33

Ooh - Tony Whipps - sigh

dappleton · 23/07/2011 10:15

now this sounds like fun, very sad I live too far away to join in!(just picturing Dhorse on the plane Hmm and the cost of putting Dhorse on the plane Shock)

FannyPriceless · 23/07/2011 10:35

I vote for luxury tents with king size beds and duvets, so we can kid ourselves we are camping but still have hot showers.

Please can we do a night ride? I have brilliant memories of a grizzly old shepherd type leading us wide-eyed kids up an old track on the farm in the pitch dark, and the ponies jumping over lilttle streams that we couldn't even see.Grin

Then we'll go back to camp and sit around the camp fire drinking wine. And talking about boys.

alps Sorry to pop your bubble but I have a friend who used to work at Queen E's. She said she wouldn't send her own children there in a million years. I have some horrid / sad stories but won't blab details here!

SilverSky · 23/07/2011 16:05

I always saw those Queen Eth brochures fall out of H&H etc and also wanted to go....

ExitPursuedByAGryffin · 24/07/2011 12:23

Come on Fanny - you are safe on here Wink blab away. Camp is all about gossip isn't it?

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