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Where shall we have grown ups Pony Club Camp?

65 replies

olderyetwider · 21/07/2011 13:45

Following on from the camp thread, we do need an adults camp, and Mitchie HAS to come and coach us all in sideways showjumping. Where shall we hold it, and what else shall we do?

OP posts:
Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 24/07/2011 22:14

Well, if we dont want fierce ladies, we need to butter up my riding school friend! She spends her life watching showjumpers, and knows many personally. She gets them to come teach her pony club kids, they have had Jeff Luckett and Joe Whittaker so far, Im sure she could find us someone nice! (I can personally vouch for Joe, he is dead gorgeous! And a very good teacher!) I reckon Geoff Billington would be quite good fun!

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 24/07/2011 22:15

Although ive seen GBs lecture demo three or four times now, and its always the same, he might be a bit predictable! Confused

SilverSky · 24/07/2011 22:48

True about GB. I could recite it backwards!

JW is too young for me! So is Ryan Prater. Need to think of some suitable male sj flesh to ogle Grin !!

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 24/07/2011 22:58

Ben Maher isnt bad.....

FannyPriceless · 25/07/2011 09:49

Maybe Rupert Campbell Black is free? He would be a pretty good teacher, what with his Olympics SJ experience.Wink

exit There's vulnerable teenage girls involved so best not blab stories. But I can report that apparently the place is all about making money, so there is lots of stuff there for show to impress the generally nouveau parents and the lucrative business clients who use the place in the holidays. And they do nothing to stop the bitchy competitive materialism that is rife. Some girls end up quite depressed with it all, but this gets brushed under the carpet as it doesn't fit their marketing image.Sad But then I'm sure some girls have a brilliant time there - you know what school is like!

AlpinePony · 25/07/2011 09:51

fanny You've just described boarding school - the school's general "ennui" about the welfare of their pupils in combination with frequently "shit parents" does not well-rounded young gals make! However, had I had a ponee and a go on RCB I'd probably have been a bit happier at mine! Wink

FannyPriceless · 25/07/2011 10:33

Fair comment alps! I mean, if you have to endure boarding school then I suppose having a pony to accompany you has to make it slightly less bad than it could be otherwise!Grin

So are we agreed on RCB as our pony camp trainer?

ExitPursuedByAGryffin · 25/07/2011 10:40

I'll vote for RC also.

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 25/07/2011 11:50

How about Captain Cholly Sawcutt? Hes a thoroughly nice man, he has been lovely to my friend Jill, gas been to the olympics, and will bring his beautiful horse Petronella with him. Smile

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 25/07/2011 11:51

I think that if we had RCB, there might not be much training going on? (well not on horseback anyway!) Wink

FannyPriceless · 25/07/2011 11:59

Captain Cholly Sawcutt! Brilliant! He can do the day time training and RCB can do the nights.Grin

saggypussy Will your friend Jill be coming? Will we get lost on the moors during our night ride and end up rescuing an old lady in a remote house?

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 25/07/2011 12:10

She is away at the moment, on a book tour with her mother. Sad
Seriously though, Joe Whitakker has a seriously nice arse! And* he managed to get me^ over several 18 inch showjumps! [equestrian genius emoticon]

olderyetwider · 25/07/2011 12:19

I vote for RCB to come along. Can we share him, or do we need plenty of male totty to go round? Let's have Joe Whitaker as well, and can I bring Mark Todd please (I'm quite old so it's not wrong to fancy him)

OP posts:
asecretlemonadedrinker · 25/07/2011 12:24

[nostalgic lurk]

I loaned out my pony 7 years ago, not been on a horse since :( and it was my life...

FannyPriceless · 25/07/2011 13:07

secret Come and fantasize with us! Several of us are sans horse at the moment.

AlpinePony · 25/07/2011 13:11

Can we have Lysander Hawkley as our groom/barman/general handyman?

I'm thinking some hot, young, tanned Argentinan "thing" to teach us SJ.

older I'll allow MT, he is getting on a bit, I mean wtf? his CHILDREN are at university and I do wish he'd move over and let the youngsters play - but he does have that certain je ne sais quoi about him. Blush

FannyPriceless · 25/07/2011 15:58

alps and older MT was my teenage idol (along with Simon le Bon, obv). I have even got Charisma's autograph, i.e. a hoofprint complete with an actual little fragment of his shit. I kid you not.

I once attended a charity gymkhana where all the ribbons and rosettes were donated by MT's mum, i.e. his old Pony Club prizes. I was so dark that it was the one day when I won nothing. (I also wondered whether he was quite cross with his mum for giving them away - I know I would be.)

AlpinePony · 25/07/2011 16:04

I don't know, he's probably got so many he burns them on cold nights.

Pixel · 25/07/2011 21:53

Nah, never went much for RCB, I preferred Jake, he loved his horses. Smile
Funny someone should mention Captain Cholly-Sawcutt, I was watching a show on saturday and there was a chubby little girl there on a round pony, making a hash of the jumping but not minding at all. I said to my sister that she reminded me of a Cholly-Sawcutt!

Pixel · 25/07/2011 23:45

Ha ha Saggy, I've just realised if Jill is your friend, you must be Mercy Dulbottle! Grin

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 25/07/2011 23:49

Nah! Im the faithful Anne Derry! Grin

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 25/07/2011 23:49

Actually, theres a good chance I might be one of the Cholly Sawcutt girls! Confused


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Pixel · 26/07/2011 00:29

What's the cousin's name? Cecilia or Clarissa or something?

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 26/07/2011 09:12

Her cousin was Cecelia. Wasn't Clarissa Dandleby one of those snooty kidsqith the showy ponies who knew Susan Pyke?

FannyPriceless · 26/07/2011 09:33

I think Clarissa Dandleby was a friend of Cecilia's. From memory she was a loud braying type who favoured the 'hunting seat' of yore.

I think it's essential that all of the characters mentioned attend our camp!

Which one of us will finally manage to get off with James Bush?Wink

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