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The happy Place Café is still open

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sashh · 24/06/2023 03:48

Morning, just starting a new thread for when the last one fills up.

OP posts:
Mummaluma · 24/06/2023 06:47

pops head round door Hi!

Flubadubba · 24/06/2023 06:49


sashh · 24/06/2023 07:36

Welcome, welcome.

OP posts:
ScottBakula · 24/06/2023 09:59

Oooh @sashh you have built a extention !

>>looks around admiringly, nods with firm approval <<<

I have ordered some crepes at the old counter , will they be there or can the kitten bees bring them to the fancy new extension ?

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket · 24/06/2023 23:26

Hello 👋 I'm so glad this place is still open. It is VERY noisy and hot at my house, but it's lovely and cool and quiet in here. I think I'll sit by the pond and watch the kitten bees and the frogs. I'm quite hungry so if there are any crepes left can I have some? Banana and Nutella if pos! Or if not, maybe a sausage sandwich? I'd like one of Fernando's cocktails too, whatever he's making.

MinnieMountain · 25/06/2023 04:53

It’s sticky in my house again, so I’m going to wallow in the pool for a bit.
I presume there’s coffee and croissants as usual?

sashh · 25/06/2023 06:26


Well I'm melting still so I'm making fruit sorbets and water ices. Fernando is back in the ice bar and Florence has a BBQ near the pool.

OP posts:
sashh · 25/06/2023 06:27

I posted at about 3am but the post didn't post if that makes sense?

OP posts:
Myn · 25/06/2023 21:02

Checking in here (hi all) think I'll be needing lots of coffee from the cafe tonight. Screw you teeth!

Mummaluma · 25/06/2023 22:07

Oh no! What happened? Caffeine makes pain killers work faster...

sashh · 26/06/2023 02:46


It is, at last, a little cooler here so hot chocolate all round with mini marshmallows.

Florence is making hot pastries so sausage rolls, bakes and cheese twists.

Fernando has a selection of liqueurs to add to the hot chocolate.

OP posts:
mondaytosunday · 26/06/2023 03:10

Yea I'm in. Thank G the weather's broken.

sashh · 26/06/2023 04:28


Yes, I don't do hot very well. I cannot understand people going to hot countries to sit by a pool for their holidays.

I've been to Australia and South America but I did it in their winter.

OP posts:
TokyoSushi · 26/06/2023 04:49

Morning! Hot chocolate and a sausage roll would be perfect, thank you!

Findyourneutralspace · 26/06/2023 05:08

Oh, I’m so glad to have found you here! It’s been a long night, but a pot of tea and a sausage roll would go down a treat.

My cat has followed me in. I hope that’s ok? He doesn’t really hunt so the kitten bees are safe, but he’s very partial to a marshmallow.

MinnieMountain · 26/06/2023 05:53

A cheese twist and a coffee please.
I agree re the heat. The south of France in early June this year was perfect.
Does your cat mind being stroked by strangers @Findyourneutralspace ? I’ve left mine as the cooler weather has put her in hunting mode.

sashh · 26/06/2023 06:19

Cats are welcome, there are some dreamies about and some of those little ice cream cone type things you get in Japanese cat cafes.

OP posts:
Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket · 26/06/2023 07:41

Morning, it was a long hot night here. Mango lassis made with honey mangoes are for breakfast IRL. In the happy place cafe, it's cooler so I'd love one of Florence's sausage rolls and a massive pot of Assam tea.
@sashh I love what you do with this cafe

Findyourneutralspace · 26/06/2023 11:32

Oh yes, he’s very happy to be fussed, especially if there are marshmallows. He’ll be very grateful for Dreamies and ice cream cones too. He’s purring his head off at the very thought…

sashh · 27/06/2023 03:34


Still warm if a little cooler so lets head to India for puris, chapatis with salted yoghurt, oats idil, dosa and of course chai.

Obviously there is fruit and lassi and Fernando is making spicy cocktails.

OP posts:
Octavia64 · 27/06/2023 04:11

Chai sounds lovely. No cats of my own right now but very happy to have cuddles with any cats that anyone else brings....

Lovely cool early morning out by me. I'm going for a morning swim in the river with a friend, since I'm so often awake early thought I might as well make use of it...

sashh · 27/06/2023 05:16

This ridiculous creature would probably curl up on you and go to sleep @Octavia64

The happy Place Café is still open
OP posts:
Octavia64 · 27/06/2023 05:28

Ohh adorable! Yes he'd be very welcome
for cuddles while I drink my chai.

NoTeaNoShade · 27/06/2023 05:36

A masala dosa please and a cuddle with your cat please sashh, what a handsome creature 🐈‍⬛

sashh · 27/06/2023 05:37

No problem, she is a bit of a tart so will probably sleep on one of you and then move to the other.

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