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What was your favourite kids programme when you were a kid?

62 replies

Metrobaby · 14/10/2004 14:52

I used to like so many of them - The Flumps, Fingerbobs, Barbapapa, Mr Men, Mr Ben and Bod

So what was yours?

OP posts:

spykid · 14/10/2004 14:53

ooo, chorlton and the wheelies, jamie and the magic torch, pipkins...could go on for ever!


yingers74 · 14/10/2004 14:55

loved a lot but my all time fave was dungeons and dragons! I loved it.


Momof2 · 14/10/2004 14:57

Saturday Swap Shop! even got my name read out there when they used to do name checks before Tom and Jerry - ah those were the days!


whimsy · 14/10/2004 14:59

There are so many - Worzel Gummidge, Rentaghost,The Flumps,Rag Dolly Anna the list could go on


Angeliz · 14/10/2004 15:00

Fraggle Rock
Number 73

all of whimsy's!!


Angeliz · 14/10/2004 15:00

Oh and Chokee!!


PuffTheMagicDragon · 14/10/2004 15:01

Mary Mungo & Midge

HR Puffnstuff

Mr Ben


Metrobaby · 14/10/2004 15:10

i have to say I hated Blue Peter

OP posts:

turquoise · 14/10/2004 15:16

Catweazle and Follyfoot - am I the oldest codger on here?
Why was it always the same episode of MR Ben every time you happened to see it? (THe caveman one!)


Bunglie · 14/10/2004 15:16

Dr Who
Time Slip
Tales of the River Bank
Bill and Ben
Andy Pandy was a drip!
Magic Roundabout
Captain Pugwash
Blue Peter with Valerie Singleton, Peter Pervis & John Noakes
The Tripods
The Newcomers (sitcom)
I even liked Crossroads as achild and Benny saying "Hello Miss Diane"
Am I sad or just Very sad....
I watch the repeats of Dr Who every weekend on UKgold...wouldn't miss'em!


turquoise · 14/10/2004 15:17

Oh Bunglie - Tales of the Riverbank!!
Amy Turtle was my favourite on Crossroads.


Northerner · 14/10/2004 15:18

Metrobaby I hated Blue Peter too. In my school if you watched BP you were a bit of a geek. It was far cooler to watch home and away on the other side.

I loved Button Moon when really young, when I was older I loved Grange Hill and Why don't you?


Kayleigh · 14/10/2004 15:34

Northerner & Metrobaby, I'm obviously older than you. When I was young it was cooler to watch Magpie on the other side. This was waaay before Home & Away


muddaofsuburbia · 14/10/2004 15:45

Box of Delights at Christmas time - they don't make 'em like that no more


Bunglie · 14/10/2004 15:50 too
What happened to sany in his wheel chair and Miss Tatum, the post mistress...but then there was Ratty who always had the good ideas and they never worked out quite as he planned..
Are we showing are age?
Anyone remember 'Little Mo' she had a flower on her pocket and if she touched it could make a wish, but only had 3 wishes, if she made a 4th all would disappear...everytime she made 4 wishes ....Why?


turquoise · 14/10/2004 15:54

Bunglie you are my twin! I LOVED Little Mo, I had a dress with a flower just like it and kept hoping and hoping that one day it would work
I'm not much of a Dr Who fan, but once got offered a job by the "Unearthly Child", and Tom Baker chatted my up on a no 22 bus when I was younger. He had a very loud thespian voice and the whole bus was listening, I was mortified.


Bunglie · 14/10/2004 16:00

Ah Turquoise, do you think they will believe us if we say we are only 21, I think I have found a kindred spirit.....Have you seen Tom Baker recently...he does look old! Unlike ourselves of course


lilibet · 14/10/2004 16:07

Another oldie here! Jack Wild was one of my very first crushes!

Would love to see HR Puffnstuff again.
Oh yes, Magpie was sooo much cooler than Blue Peter


blueteddy · 14/10/2004 16:18

I loved Jim'l fix it!
Does any one remember those awful mini pops?
I used 2 watch them at the time, but looking back now it was a rather sick programme!


Thomcat · 14/10/2004 16:22

Hartley the Hare
Chorlton & the wheelies (or was it Charlton?)
Play School

When i was older it was Grange Hill & Lassie but I got banned from watching both! lassie made me cry too much and I said 'ain't' at the dinner table and that was it!


Thomcat · 14/10/2004 16:23

OMG - how could i have forgotton my Saturday morning favourites -
Champion the wonderhorse
and Superman series, (in black & white!!!!!!!)
How funny!!!!!!
i'm only 33, honest!


MistressMary · 14/10/2004 16:25

Grange Hill
The Adventure Game
Itsy and Bitsy
Mister Men


turquoise · 14/10/2004 17:01

Does anyone remember one about the Civil War, it was in black and white about the same time as "WHite Horses" "Belle and Sebastian" and "Robinson Crusoe" (I remember the theme tunes to all of those, god I loved them).
The theme tune was something about "You've got to fight for what you want - lalalalala..."
It's bugged me for years - any ideas? It wasn't the Children of the nEw FOrest, I don't think.


JoolsToo · 14/10/2004 17:06

Thomcat - it was Pipkins (Hartley Hare)
and you were right first time Chorlton!
I used to love Five O'Clock Club but you'll all be too young to remember that - it had Fred the Dog and Ollie Owl (puppets)


stickynote · 14/10/2004 17:23

Does anyone remember Barnaby the Bear?

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